Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Love or Money

****Note- Some might be offended after reading this post. If you are easily offended, do not continue beyond this point. If you are not then you may proceed... =P****


A friend of mine chatted with me about the above topic a few days ago. Asking for my opinion on this matter. She says that nowadays a lot of girls choose money over love. This is an issue that will have differed opinion, each trying to justify whatever opinion that he or she have. Trying to brainwash other into tuning in to their wavelength.

I personally have mixed feeling about this matter. For me, of course I would hate it if the girl have a relationship with me just because of my money (Not that I have much money anyway, but for the sake of my ramblings...please bear with me on this.. =p). If it is just for fun, nothing serious and both willing, why not? (I am not a saint, I admit to that. =p)

But ultimately I believe no guys would like to be with someone who are after their money their moolah. Unless of course if you are as filthy rich as Bill Gates and money is not an issue then it is alright. Then again, if money is an issue, you would not face this problem anyway. =p. You will just face the problem of being dumped. =p

However, realistically speaking guys doesn't really need to worry about things like this. Put it this way. either way you won't be on the losing side from a guy's perspective. =P. Don't understand? Let me put it this way, lets say you are rich, then you are with someone who whenever sees you the dollar sign flashes in her eyes or sees a bank walking towards her, the most you lose is money and aside from that nothing else. Hey, you get to bang make love to her every night what. =p. So, it's a win win situation. =p

Another situation would be, you are dumped by someone just because you don't have the moolah, the dough, the $. Well, you are a man not a sissy. Live with it. At least you get rid of a money digger. Come on, how many of you like to be seen as a walking bank?? =). So, it is a good thing also and you do not lose anything. Correct?

Now, the issue is with the girls perspective. I am not a girl (*Hello, it is quite obvious I am NOT =p) but I am thinking for the best of the girls so if I am wrong, please feel free to correct me. Girls only, Guys not allowed to correct me. =p

So, girls ultimately wants stability. Be it financially or emotionally. By having financially stability, the emotional part would gradually follow. Agree? So, it is safe to say that in order for girls to have stability in life, they need to find someone they can depend on financially and emotionally.

Now, it is the definition of financial stability that is lost to many. Differs from individual. For instance, having a car, a house, an income is considered stable by some. Some consider financially stable as having BMW, Bungalow, Public Listed Company as stability. In the end, it comes down to what you want not what you need.

The above is from a traditional way of thinking where girls need to marry before a certain age or they will be "expired". I know there are girls who does not agree with me on this as they are girls who are independent and have good income. Why the need to depend on guys, rite?

I am not here to say which is right and which is wrong, I always believe that one can determine for himself or herself how they want the future to be. Trust in yourself and if you make mistake, that is the mistake you made not the mistake that is made because you have done something that someone says.

Beginning to go off topic, back to the main topic. Love and Money, which would you choose. Yes, you would want both but in reality it is often either one not both with the money having the most weight over love.

In my opinion, responsibility is a trait that girls need to look for. Without responsibility, you wont have stability. If you are with a guy who is responsible then the stability is confirmed. If you are with a guy just because of LOVE which I think is rather vague, the definition of love is vague. Responsibility IS Love and with responsibility, the guy would provide his best to you regardless problems that might arise and be together till the end of time. That is responsibility and LOVE. When you are devoted to someone, you have responsibility and love together.

If it it just Love then it would not be long lasting, don't let the movies fool gullible you in thinking otherwise. Albert Einstein once said that:

"men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope that they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed".

There is this quote that is from anonymous writer that i find is quite true. It says:

"A successful man is one who can earn more money than his wife can possibly spend and A successful woman is one who can find such man".

And the last quote will definitely differ according to the needs and wants. By fulfilling needs then it would be easier but to fulfill wants , that is difficult almost to impossible unless of course as I said earlier, you are Bill Gates. =P. Why? Now, you need a car then you want a toyota, then you want a BMW, then you want a Ferari Enzo and the list continues.... Correct?

With that, I end the rambling thoughts of today.

Have a nice day.



  1. i agree with ur opinion..men should hav responsibility n willing to work hard also..even though he is poor now, but as long as he is willing to work hard to provide a better life for his family then this man consider good di...if can, i wan both love and money..coz if only love without money,how can survive in this society..if only bcoz of money and no love, tat girl is making her life suffering..coz tat wealthy man sleep beside you for years n living together for years...

    when growing old, the girl will ask "who is the man she love?" She spent her youth and years on the man she doesnt love but can satisfy her "materialistic" needs..
    So i wan both love and money..hehehe =P

  2. Each to his or her own opinion.
    All opinion are welcomed.

  3. Love vs. Money….This is always a very subjective and sensitive issue which everyone will have different point of view.... There is a saying that' Money is not everything, but without money u can do nothing’. I m strongly agree with that... In my opinion, financial stability definitely is a very good measurement of one girl life security. No matter how deep you love your man or how love deep your man love you, but if both you are suffer because of no money or not enough money to sustain your life. For sure this will bring in an issue and will spoil your relationship.

    But if can choose, I want both (love & money) can ar? Anyway, I dun think such good and wonderful thing will happen to me lor… And girls, I urge you all dun married a man solely just because of his wealth and money and you have no love to him at all... End up you will make your life suffering… But anyway, actually is no right and wrong. The important is you have to very clear what you want in your life…

  4. Of course one can have love and money. It depends on individuals what they expect and want. As I said, need and want is different.

    That is why, in my opinion i think that responsibility is love. By having responsibility, one can be assured that the guy will provide the best and fulfill the needs and the girl would also act the same way. It's both ways.

    If not, by love alone one can easily love another and another and another without the sense of responsibility. Correct?

    It's an open discussion. Anyone?

  5. Who Am I? Koala? Bear?July 10, 2007 at 11:11 PM

    At first, a guy and a gal fall in love...
    They marry when both of them want to be responsible for each other...
    To build a family or marry (or even simply to survive) they need money...
    To able to sustain a relationship, LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY and MONEY must be exist..

    Some gals will do anything for money, even hurting themselves...
    Some men will do anything if they have money, even hurting others ....

    Is that really a win win situation as mentioned above for those who just wan have fun in the relationship??

    Love is Powerful....Of cuz, harmful... Everything got two sides..Money as well...

    Above are my thought when reading Love or Money...

  6. LOL, you said it already. For those who just want to have fun, even more the win-win situation..=p

    Love alone is not powerful....
    Love is very SUBJECTIVE...

    Today one can Love someone, then tomorrow one could Love another...
    And another...
    And another.......


  7. Well, reading this somehow makes me realize something...which i find very true...

    Love is very subjective. everyone inteprets it differently. so it is really up to that one person to determine his or her own feelings at one time...a guy who buys 'love' with money is definitely not a person a girl can depends on...bcoz he will buy another girl whenever he likes...no responsilibity there...

    Money is important. yes. definitely. coz you need money to survive in this world. and i think that it is important to first fulfil the needs before thinking of the wants...a girl who thinks only of the wants is morally incorrect as there are millions of ppl out there who cannot even get what they need to survive...it is irresponsible as well...

    Anyway, from my perspective as a girl with an income, i would choose love over money...but for now because i am working and have an income...however if i do not have an income, money will have to come first to fulfil the needs...things will change as we met different kinds of ppl in this world...and yes, responsibility has to come together with love to have the financial stability so that everyone can be happy...and it applies to both gender...

  8. Hey there tey, thanks for the opinion.... =p

  9. Have money will travel. Love leh? Happy gua... But happiness is also subjective :P

  10. Yes, Happiness is also subjective.... =p


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