Saturday, July 21, 2007

God Of Wealth (Chai Shen Ye)

Yours Truly is the God Of Wealth or Chai Shen Ye (Chinese). All will be revealed later in the post. =p

A little bit of introduction about God Of Wealth. God of Wealth brings wealth (of course), and prosperity and supposed to bless the worshipers. So, normally those who wants to get rich or wealthy will do things like placing the statue in strategic places (Feng Shui)

So, that is it for the introduction. I was the God Of Wealth for the Ang Pao Nite (Celebration for Chinese New Year) for two consecutive years during my university time. So, who want to be blessed come to this blog...=p

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Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Quite popular among the kids and also chased by them on several occasion. =p

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So, Who wants Wealth and Prosperity? =p

Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

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  1. still remember the shirt turn ur body into red

  2. me me me~~i want to be blessed by god of tat u in the "chai sen ye" clothes? n funny...very suit time should be a santa too..i think santa quite suit u too..

  3. This sounds fun!

    We also celebrate the Chinese New Year in our university. [I am part of a Chinese student organization there.] But we focus more on the dragon-lion dance.

    So how does this work? Did you wear a costume?

  4. Loon: Yeah =p

    Et3rnal: Ok, wealth and prosperity here...Yes, it is me in the costume. Are you indirectly trying to say I am fat.... Jolly fat that is to be Santa.. =p

    杨宝茹: We have the dragon and lion dance also... and the main event is Yours Truly...hahahaha Jumping out of the stage and start going around giving ang pao... =p

  5. Weee!!! Ang pao! Ang pao! :D:D 红包拿来!

  6. eh...y last time I din get the ang pao when u jumping out of the stage and start going around giving ang pao?

    Not fair ler....ang pao ang pao..i want nw....


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