Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nu Er Hong (Chinese Rice Wine)

Nu Er Hong is a type of rice wine, Chinese Rice Wine that is. It is a popular rice wine served at weddings for the Chinese. (However, I doubt that nowadays Chinese drinks this at weddings. With the abundant choices of western alcohol such as beer, whiskey, spirits and so on, more choices would incline in favor of western alcohol. =p)

Nu Er Hong if translated directly would be Red Daughter. So, it happens that traditionally this Nu Er Hong which bottles of rice wine would be buried upon the birth of a daughter and would be kept buried until the daughter marries. Then the Nu Er Hong would be unearthed at the wedding and the drinking begins.=p This is the practice since traditional times in ancient China I supposed.

Nu Er Hong have a 17% rating of alcohol level which is not too high. I tried Nu Er Hong in Labuan before and I would say that the taste is quite different. Not that it is that bad but I prefer whiskey any day. =p

The taste and smell is like "Tit Da Jao" like that. Normally "Tit Da Jao" is used as ointment for swelling, joint pains, or even sprains. Like the one I had described in earlier posts. Ultimately, it is not something that I would drink often. =p. On with the pictures.

The Packaging (Box) of Nu Er Hong

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The Bottle

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The Drink

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That is it. Happy Drinking. =p

Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

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  1. Hope i can try it...

  2. The bottle is very beautiful. I'd like to try it also. I have to ask Mum if there's something like that here. :D

  3. today still got Nu Er Hong meh?? i thought tat only exists at long long times ago...i still prefer nowadays wines or alcohols...=P

  4. Sandy: Go Labuan then I treat you no prob. =p

    宝茹: Well, you can always try if you can get it there.

    -et3rnal-: Got, still got. Even have other types also.

  5. Hello! I googled Nu Er Hong, and your blog came up. I recieved some of this wine ages ago, and thought it would be fun to try it. I was just wondering what it tastes like? Like, is it sweet, bitter, or something else? And also, can I drink it cold? Thanks for your help. :)


  6. Hi there Adrienne, traditionally the Nu Er Hong are kept for quite some time before consumption. The longer or "older" the Nu Er Hong, the taste would be better.

    It doesn't taste sweet, have you ever tried chinese medicine? The one they boil in the pot and u get some blackish soup to drink. Well, it taste almost similiar like chinese medicine. I would say the taste is medium bitter.

    At first it might not be pleasant to drink but as you go on drinking, it is acceptable. (When one is drunk, anything taste good... =p)

    Last time, I drink it out of the bottle straight away. Not cold not hot. Shouldn't be a problem if you want to drink it cold. =p

    You can even try to heat it first and try. No need to heat until boiling hot but just to warm it up.

    Hope that helps.

  7. It won't make you vomit? I just opened a very beautiful pot like thing full of it and it's a brown color and doesn't smell good. Very strong smell. I might have to have a chaser :)


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