Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Views On Top Of Mount Kinabalu

CONQUERED Mount Kinabalu a while back and I feel the need to share the pictures taken on top of Mount Kinabalu with ya all. =p

There is only a few pictures and maybe I will post a part two in the future with a more comprehensive details on climbing Mount Kinabalu.

So, here

(click on the images for bigger pictures)


Random Picture Of The Day By Yours Truly

(click on the images for bigger picture)


  1. when saw all the photo which u posted..really make me regret..cos i din join u all to climb mount KK when studied in Labuan...the scenery really pretty and i do believe the feeling really touching when we manage to climb to the top of the peak...

    sure we will have the feeling of satisfaction when we reach the top of Malaysia...

    Benard.. I really cant wait our next year trip to climb mount KK oh...

  2. Yeah, great feeling knowing that you are at the highest peak looking at the majestic nature.

    The plan to go Mount Kinabalu next year is still under planning, will try to get it settled as soon as possible. All the details.

    Might make a post on that particular topic when I am done getting the details.

    So, who else want to go climb Mount Kinabalu next year?

  3. Benard... I really cant wait OUR next year trip to climb mount kk oh... ;p

    Anyway, waiting for it....

  4. LoL, well planning planning...rough estimate without the flight ticket is around rm350 a person =p

  5. This is cool! I want to go!!! Though transportation wise...quite hard.

    We hiked a lot when I was in Taiwan. :D

  6. Transportation can be arranged. heh and with proper planning that shouldn't be a problem. =p


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