Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clara Belle and Her Ukulele

Found this on Youtube. Great voice, Great talent and Beautiful. Need I say more? I do believe that she would make it big someday. =p

Now, who exactly is Clara? From her YouTube's profile.Directly quoted.
Clara Belle: born January 1983, raised in Osaka Japan by a Scottish mother and a Japanese father. Her mother, dedicated to a world peace movement, named her for the 'clarity' she would bring into the world. Clara and her 2 younger siblings had a very cross-cultured and unique upbringing.
Her grandparents, who originate from Okinawa, surrounded Clara with the traditional island music and culture, whilst her Jazz-loving father exposed her to a lot of Jazz from an early age. Her mother would listen to The Beatles, Carpenters, Carole King and some Celtic music. Clara settled in Scotland for the latter part of her schooling, and then moved on to study music at university in London.
After graduating, she juggled being a music teacher whilst carrying on with her music projects. She has created her own unique style, developed from blending her understanding of the cultural strands of the East and the West, and reflects her new way of seeing the world in which we are presently living.

There, some info about her. The Ukulele is some sort like a guitar's relative or something and OMG, it has a name. The Ukulele is named Alfred. So, its Clara+Alfred = Great Music. =p

Probably she is named after the famous cartoon cow of which apparently is her favorite.

Enough of that. Lets hear some nice music ya?

Miss Want It All


Summer Face

There. Enjoy.

The following is totally unrelated to this post. Just thought that this is damn hilarious. A must share.
Get it? Best antiVIRUS Protection.
(Will the real author please stand up-Easier for me to give credit-You are one heck of a funny guy)

And yes, I am easily amused.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mushroom Yum Yum BenardCometh Style


This is the ever hungry resident chef of BenardCometh Revelation. Today recipe will be the Mushroom Yum Yum BenardCometh Style.
(Stop laughing at the name. It is impolite. MMMMMkay...)

Anyway, this is one hell of a tasty dish. Heavenly would be the correct word. This dish can be served for vegetarians who would want their dish to look like meat. Yeah, they cannot eat meat being vegetarian, yet they desire to eat things that looks like meat. Oh, yeah. That is no problem there.

Alright, lets have a look at the ingredients.

Abalone Mushroom.
(Fuh yooo, abalone wor)
Kentucky Frying Powder
(this is very powderful, my choice of powder)
Five Spices Powder
(Who on their right minds doesn't like spices???)
Pineapple Cubes
(Fresh pineapple would be better- but Yours Truly just don't bother)

Minor Ingredients
Corn Flour
Cooking oil
Green and Red Capsicum
Tomato Sauce
Chili Sauce
White Vinegar
Now, first things first. The reason why abalone mushrooms is chosen is because this type of mushroom have the meaty texture.

Wash the mushrooms, then marinate the abalone mushrooms with salt and the five-spice powder. Set aside for around 30 minutes to let the spices set in.

After that mix corn flour, and the Kentucky frying powder and some black pepper is you want in a large bowl and proceed to coat the mushrooms. After that, heat up the oil in the pan or wok then deep-fry the mushrooms until golden brown. Set aside the mushrooms and proceed to the next step.
Stir-fry some chopped garlic, tomato, capsicums and pineapple then add the tomato sauce, chilli sauce, some salt, some sugar, white vinegar, and add in a little bit of water to make the sauce. When the sauce boils, pour some corn flour mixed with water to make the sauce thicker and not so watery.

After that add in the fried mushrooms and mix together for a while and then pour to a plate. There, ready for consumption.

One delicious mushroom disguised as meat dish completed. YUM YUM.
Mushroom Yum Yum

Very the nice I tell you.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Caught In The Action

Please proceed no further down this post if you are easily offended with nudity and sex.
And also if you are below the age 18,
Please do NOT proceed any further.
Be warned that the followings contain some nudity and sex.
And again
Please DO NOT proceed any further, if you are easily offended.
Proceed at your own RISK

~~Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~~
You are still here?
you are one persistent reader

Anyway, I think you remembered the following picture from the post Puppies Alert.

dog pregnant
TinkerBell Pregnant

Which is the result of the following. Just one time and the horny bastard hit the JACKPOT. So to say.
Still Stuck
You Stuck, I stuck
Awww, So Shy
but still stuck together
That would teach you NOT to act on impulse again

Now for the uninitiated, normally when dogs fuck have sex mate, the male penis reproductive organ would still be swelling even after they have already unload/shoot/let go of their load, sperm, reproductive juice. Hence, they will be stuck for quite some time.
(Pardon for the censorship, I have been told that there are kids reading this blog. This is a kids-friendly blog afterall. Now, kids please don't read this one post mmmkay. Go play at the corner or something. Go....Shuuu....Shuuu....)

So, now you know why there are 3 puppies at my house.

Hmmm, come to think of it IF this is the same with humans, then I would think adultery cases would be few/less. Since you would get caught easily during the vunerable moments after you fuck make love. Being stuck together and all.

There. An educational post for all of ya.

Don't HIT and RUN
(This public service awareness is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations, your preferred daily dosage of revelations)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creating Comments Form Below Post In Blogger

Well, this is old news and yours truly am way outdated in the news department but just in case there are some who still don't know that there is a Blogger Draft which includes quite a considerable improvements in Blogger.

One of the improvement is the option to embed your comment form just below the post so that your loyal readers don't have to go to another page or leave the page just to leave comments.
(So, I guess the comments would be more now? Not to mention SPAMS. Die filthy scums...Die.)

Anyway, just to show how to create the comments form to be positioned below the posts, Yours Truly am here to save the day. So to say.

First up, remember to log in to the Blogger Draft first and just tick on the option that will enable the dashboard to be the new dashboard in Blogger Draft. It looks way nicer anyway compared to the previous dashboard. Way nicer.

Blogger Draft
Blogger Draft
Blogger Draft Dashboard
Nice Dashboard and remember to tick the default dashboard option
After that, go to the Settings option and proceed to the Comments section. From there, look for the Comment Form Placement and tick on the embedded below post to enable the function. After that remember to SAVE.

And that is it. Simple and Easy. Sap Sap Sui. Easy Easy Water.

This is the default comment form that you will get.
Blogger Draft Comment Form Placement
Comment Form Placement

There, Happy Commenting. =p

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Enter The Puppeh

***Woof ***Woof***

This is the English speaking puppy puppeh at BenardCometh Revelations leaving my paw print here. ***Woof***
(Yes, I is very the clever)

While the master is away, the puppeh comes out to play. Actually, the puppeh wants to reveal all misery and depression caused by the Master upon the cute and adorable puppeh. Me. ***Woof***
(Yes, I is very cure and adorable)

The Master likes to do weird things and most of the time this puppeh is involved. Today I am forced to reveal to the world the things done to me that makes me feel depressed. ***Woof***

There is this one day when this puppeh is sleeping. Suddenly this puppeh feels very very warm. Very warm. ***Woof***

I is a puppeh cocoon

I am freaking encased in a stocking. A Stocking. What the Woof. Thinking that it's just a dream, this puppeh continues to sleep. ***Woof***

After a while, this puppeh is still feeling warm. Very warm. I is still encased in a freaking stoking. See, how am I not depressed? ***Woof***

I is still a puppeh cocoon

I tried as hard as I could but this puppeh is still encased in the stocking. Arghhhh, Freedom. So near, yet so far. ***Woof***


The trying to get free part is very tiring. This puppeh then decided to just sleep it off rather than waste energy. This puppeh knows that the Master is observing the suffering and struggling. This puppeh will not be fooled. Will just sleep it off. ***Woof***

But, the Master doesn't like this and decided to annoy this puppeh by persistently disturbing this puppeh when this puppeh wants to sleep. This puppeh is very the annoyed. ***Woof***
(Yes, this puppeh also don't know why he refers himself as this puppeh for so many times.)

The Puppeh is sleeping

Still Sleeping

Still able to keep my mah cool. The key is to ignore the stupid human fool and sooner or later, that human fool will get bored and leave this puppeh alone. ***Woof***


Oh, poor is me. The Master is very persistent as hell in the quest to annoy this cure and adorable puppeh. Oh, what have I done to deserve this? ***Woof***


Aha. this puppeh knows of a way to scare off the human fool. Pretend to sleep and when the human fool is close enough, use the shock treatment by showing the menacing facial expression. ***Woof***

Steady steady

Be Afraid
Be Very Very Afraid
I is very Scary

HA, I won against the human fool. The Master has lost. Bet you are all scared too. I is the puppeh. I is the big bad puppeh and king of the WORLD. Sort of. ***Woof***


Now all hail the Puppeh


Sunday, July 20, 2008

BenardCometh Squid Extreme


This is the "Sifu" "Sensei" resident chef at BenardCometh Revelations posting today yet another recipe for all of you.

The name of this dish is the BenardCometh Squid Extreme. It is a dish with squid as main ingredient and anything done by anyone at BenardCometh is extreme, hence the name. Sort of.

Now, lets have a look at the ingredients. Shall we?

(Obviously this is needed)


(Green and Red)


Black PepperBlack Pepper
(Local product yo)

That is all for the ingredients. Lets, go on with the preparation of BenardCometh Squid Extreme. First of all, cut open the squid, clean, and slice the squid into bite sized pieces.

squid1Bite pieces

After that, chop the mushroom into small cube pieces. Remember to soak the mushroom until soft, rinse well and squeezed dry before chopping.

mushroom cubedCube mushroom

The next step is to chop some garlic and and onion, then slice the capsiums into thin slices. Next roast or stir fry some sesame seed that is going to be used in later stage of the preparation. After that, mix the mushroom, squid, onion, capsium, black pepper, sesame oil, sugar, and soy sauce together in a bowl in order to marinade the squid.

Mix together

Marinade squidSet for the marinade

Mixture squidNot forgetting the sliced capsium

Put the mixed ingredients aside and let it marinade for around 30 minutes. After that, stir fry the mixed ingredients. Once done, pour into a plate/bowl and arrange lettuce at the side and lastly sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Voila, one BenardCometh Squid Extreme done and ready for consumption.

BenardCometh Squid ExtremeBenardCometh Squid Extreme

BenardCometh Squid Extreme1Closer View

And with that, this chef needs to go off and risk his life to prepare food to feed the crazy mob at BenardCometh Revelations.

Wish me luck.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Macadamia Nuts

*** I am NUTS about NUTS. Absolutely NUTS for NUTS. Get it????? Nuts for Nuts? ***

So, I got my hands on a packet of macadamia nuts with the shells intact and interestingly, it is Rainbow brand macadamia nuts. Great, happy nuts.

Macadamia NutsMacadamia Nuts

It's a package of roasted and salted macadamia nuts which seems to be made in China and it has been in circulation since 1958. Wow, that is some old nuts.

Macadamia Nuts 1Roasted and Salted

Honestly, this is the first time that I actually see nuts being covered by its shells as normally I only eat nuts in its full naked glory. I have to admit that I don't even know that macadamia nuts are actually covered with a damn hard shell. Its sure a tough nut to crack.

Macadamia Nuts 2Hard Nuts

Luckily the package comes together with a tool to counter the hardness of the shell. To make the nut cracking way easier. Its a shiny metallic thing with an odd shape aimed to crack the toughest nuts existed.
(Well, the nuts are already cracked in the first place which facilitates the ease of cracking the nuts)

Nut CrackerThe tool of the trade

Nut Cracker 1Pointy Odd Shape

The tool comes with instructions on how to use it to crack the macadamia nuts. First of all, insert the pointy edge into the crack line of the macadamia nut.

crack nutsCracking

Then with one swift motion, twist the tool to open the hard shell and get the naked nut. When you succeed, then you can enjoy the fruit of your hard labor. However, be warned that amateur twister/nut cracker would break the nut into half and sometimes into many pieces. It does not matter though as it is still edible no matter its in pieces or in whole.

Example of amateur nut cracking job. Please be informed that the following is just an example done by yours truly to show the sample of what amateur nut cracking result looks like. It certainly does not imply that yours truly are in any way, am an amateur in nut cracking.

Macadamia Nuts piecesAmateurish

Macadamia nuts pieceBroken into pieces

Phewww, the length I go through just to show samples of amateurish nut cracking by acting amateurish.

Now, lets proceed to the result of professional nut cracking job. It involve a lot of research and experiment throughout the years but finally yours truly am able to crack nuts professionally.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen. I present you, professionally cracked nuts. Bask in its perfectness and glory you lesser mortals. everyone.

Macadamia Nuts crackedPerfectly cracked

Delicious Macadamia NutsOh yeah, stop drooling

See the difference between amateur and professional? Be patient and learn the way. The force will be with you. May the force be with you, my young padawan.

And oh, I forget to mention how it tasted. Of course it tasted like macadamia nuts, if not what else? Strawberry? =p
(Oh yeah, that is me being lame. A bit.)

Anyway, the key to be professional is practice, practice, and practice.

May you one day crack the perfect nut.

Enjoy your nut cracking, people.
(Somehow, that sounds so wrong.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Youth Today, Economy Contributor Tomorrow

***Notes: I am not a member of the JCI, just posting this to share with all of you. Good things must share mmmmkay? Especially good and free things. ***

Youth Today
Economy Contributor Tomorrow

That, my dear friends is the topic for an upcoming seminar & workshop organized by the JCI Damai. (Junior Chamber International Damai).

Now, a nation strength and prosperity depends on the quality of the people contributing to the nation. Correct?

And, people are not immortal correct? At least last I checked, people are not immortals which means people will grow old and finally be six feet under. Correct?

That being said, gradually there will be a cycle of life where the old are replaced by the young and this cycle will be the order of nature for time to come. Correct?

Hence, it is of utmost importance that efforts are being made to groom and cultivate the youths in a nation in order to ensure the continuous prosperity and strength of the nation. Correct?

There should be efforts made to encourage, motivate, and expose the youths to all aspects that will lead to the growth and prosperity of the nation.

A strong and stable economy will ensure the strength and prosperity of the nation and thus, youths must be educated, motivated, and exposed to the awareness and knowledge that they will be contributors to the economy of the nation.

One such effort is being made to expose to the public on the awareness that youth today, economy contributor tomorrow by JCI Damai.

There will be a seminar & workshop on the 19th of July 2008 (Saturday) from 8.30am to 3.00pm at the STB Auditorium (old court house), Kuching with the guest of honour, the Minister of Housing Sarawak-YB Dato Sri Abang Haji Adbul Zohari Bin Tun Abang Haji Openg.

Youth Today, Economy Contributor TomorrowYouth Today, Economy Contributor Tomorrow

Youth Today,
Economy Contributor Tomorrow

Seminar & Workshop Details

19th July 2008


STB Auditorium
(Old Court House)

Guest of Honour:
YB Dato Sri Abang Haji Adbul Zohari Bin Tun Abang Haji Openg.
(Minister of Housing Sarawak)

Free Entrance

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benefits of Using Dual Monitors

For this post, I am going to preach talk about the benefits of using dual monitors based on personal experience. Yes, I have been using dual monitors for quite sometime already and it is absolutely remarkable how dual monitors benefits my daily works/computing needs. Think efficient and effective and roughly you will get the idea.

Before I continue, let me show you how does my workspace/computing space looks like. And yes, you are about to journey into my personal space. Be careful as it is not for the faint hearted.
(Of course I have done some cleaning up before I take a pic but generally that is how my workspace/computing space looks like)

In case you don't know, I am currently doing freelance works while trying to complete my studies which hopefully will be the end of this year.

Yours Truly Workspace / Computing Space

Dual monitor check
Watch check
Mobile Phone check
Papers check
Digital Camera check
Snacks check
Drinking Water check
Scorpio check

The most important thing would be the snacks and drinking water. Drink a lot of water mmmkay? It's good for you. Anyway, that is how my workspace looks like with addition of random things as time passed and will only be cleaned up when I could not find the things I want on the table. Once cleaned, it will looks like what you see above and again as time passed, it will be full of junk and stuff. Then cleaning again. Oh yeah, it's a vicious cycle.

Back to the focus of this post. The benefits of using dual monitors. Personally I think businesses/companies that uses computers or should I say all businesses/companies should think of implementing dual monitors for their employees. At least dual monitors for designers, programmers, and those software intensive related field.

The major benefit would be that it will definitely increase productivity as there are studies that claim productivity increase by 20%-50% with the usage of dual monitors. This is because dual monitors means more workspace and would reduce the screen clutter that would normally be evident in a single monitor usage.

For example, when using Photoshop I can put tools and panel in one monitor and the canvas on the other monitor. This would enable yours truly to work faster and more efficiently.

The same with web designs or developments. I can place the web page on one monitor and the codes such as CSS or HTML or PHP on the other monitor which makes it extremely easy to make changes and test the results at once. Testing cross browsers are easier as one browser in each monitor.

Bigger workspace/screen

Aside from that, if you are the type that do a lot of research or comparison then using dual monitors to compare sets of data will become much more easier. For example comparing websites, documents, images and spreadsheets. This is definitely much easier than constantly using the alt-tab keys to switch between windows/documents.

Dual monitors will enable you to have two projects or applications on the desktop at once and in full screen mode. Of course this depends on your machine capabilities and so far after performing the ACER laptop memory module aka RAM upgrade, it have not let me down yet. Working like a charm, so to say.

Running Photoshop and Dreamweaver

A bit of warning though, once you use dual monitor you would not want to use single monitor ever again. You have been warned. =p

And oh, all work and no play makes BenardCometh a dull blog. Hence, one last benefit of dual monitors would be, I can watch movies on one monitor and do my work on the other at the same time. How cool is that? Now, that is balanced work and play in BenardCometh's dictionary.

That is what I call BENEFIT.

P/S: If you want to know the technical part of how to set up a dual monitor, then ask and thou shall receive. And also depending on the resident tech guy's mood. Anyway, ask or email will do just fine.