Thursday, July 10, 2008

Color Scheme for Design

Have you ever been frustrated at one point in your life being that you are clueless on what color scheme to use? Designer and Non-designer alike.

For those who are color scheme challenged, of which yours truly also falls in the same category, finding suitable matching color for your design or usage can be a pain in the ass. Big time.

If you followed you instinct and just go ahead with the selection of colors according to your gut feeling, you risk of producing something that looks like it came straight out from a horror movie. Although there are times where you get lucky and produced something that is not as grotesque and repulsing.

Anyway, the key to good color scheme is that the colors must definitely be pleasant to the eyes. That is the most important aspect of design that is often left out, even by designers. A good color scheme can make a difference in your design.

However, I am sure that a lot of you out there are yelling that design is very subjective. Good or bad is just a matter of perception and that one man's poison might be another man's food. Oh, almost forgetting that one woman's poison might be another woman's food.
(Can't risk of being seen as gender discrimination. Equality of genders remember? =p)

Before I continue any further, let me introduce a great artist or designer well known for great design and color scheme selection.


Yes, I am sure all of you agree that mother nature is the greatest artist and designer of all time. His works can be widely seen displayed all over the world. Ok, not a He but Her in this case. On the contrary, if you take the God factor into the equation then it is the same. He or She. Anyway, the point here is that NATURE is where you need to get your inspiration from.

Definitely you would not go wrong if you use nature as the base of selecting your color scheme. What can be more beautiful and majestic compared to NATURE? None I would say.

Hence, color scheme based on nature would definitely be pleasing to the eye and would be a good color scheme to experiment with. You don't see people looking at a beautiful and majestic scenery and feel repulsed and annoyed with it, do you?

Now, the question here is how to select the color scheme of nature? That my dear watson, is the focus of this post. You can select or even take photo of mother nature wonders around you and use its color scheme.

For example:

Beach Color SchemeBeach Color Scheme

Desert Color SchemeDesert Color Scheme

Ocean Color SchemeOcean Color Scheme

Plant Color SchemePlant Color Scheme

Mountain Color SchemeMountain Color Scheme

See, you definitely won't go wrong by selecting nature based color scheme. After all, who dares to SAY or THINK that GOD is not a great creative creator? Not scared later being hit by thunder is it? =p

So, next time if your boss or manager criticize your color scheme selection that you choose from nature color scheme, you can directly say to your boss or manager, " Boss, this is BLASPHEMY, by criticizing this color scheme, you are committing a SIN. " =p

Anyway, enough of the jokes already. By now I am sure you are wondering how the heck to convert the nature photos into color schemes.

Simple, just go to Big Huge Labs Palette Generator and upload a photo of your choice and instantly you will get the color scheme. As easy as that.

Click on browse and select the picture you want to convert and then click on the big blue button with big ass word "Convert" on it. Wait for a while and Voila.... Your color scheme ready for usage.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the color scheme that you always wanted from those pictures that you have.

Excuse me while I go take some photographs of mother nature wonders.

Happy Experimenting the Color Scheme for your Design.


  1. not the green !! *holding back from puking* the mountain or even desert however, are pretty nice. :D


  2. All colors of nature I think is nice... =p


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