Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Korean BBQ Sarawakian Style

はじめ まして (Hajime Mashite),

Wait, that is wrong. Suppose to be,

안녕하세요 (Anyong-haseyo),

This is the resident chef of BenardCometh Revelations trying to look cool by uttering few words in Korean.

Which are also related to today's post. I am going to just show all of you how to make a Korean BBQ Sarawakian style or shall I say BenardCometh's style.
(Well ok, not exactly a BBQ but almost the same)

The main things needed are:thing needed is

Iron Plate, TeppanA "Teppan" or Iron Plate thing

Yep, basically the only thing needed aside from the ingredients. This is the electric version. Much safer than the gas and fire version. Small kids should not play with fire.
(Now go away and play at the corner. Go.)

Lets go on with the ingredients, before proceeding I feel the need to remind you that I am a carnivore. I have this fascination with meat that can't be explained. Ever.

The Ingredients

Moo Moo Moo~~~~

Cluck Cluck Cluck~~~~

Oink Oink Oink~~~~

Citrus microcarpa, limeCitrus microcarpa
Lime lah
Limau lah

Chilli, Cili PadiPaddy Chili
Cili Padi

(Even a carnivore needs some fiber to have smooth bowel movements)

Done with the ingredient introduction, lets go to the preparations. The key here is to slice the meat as thin as possible. Don't despair if you fail, I understand that amateurs will have difficulties. =p

Here, I marinate the meats with lemon grass (serai) and garlic to make it more fragrance and tasty.

Chicken SlicedSliced Chicken

Beef SlicedSliced Beef

Pork SlicedSliced Pork

Make no mistake, the meat only looks thick and in reality it is not. It's the optical illusion kind of thing. I am a professional, of course my slices are the thinnest ever. You are hallucinating if you still think the meats looks thick.

Next up is equally important. The sauce. Mix the paddy chili (cili padi) with soy sauce and the lime.

Sauce 1Chili + Soy Sauce + Lime

Not forgetting an important sauce, the minced pork and mushroom sauce. Damn nice I tell you.

minced pork and mushroom sauceMinced pork and mushroom sauce

After that, it is BBQ time. Remember to put some butter on top of the "Teppan" and before that let it get warm first by switching it on earlier.

Korean BBQTeppan BBQ

Now, you must be beginning to wonder, where the heck the Korean BBQ element in this so far. But this IS a Korean BBQ, Sarawakian style that is or BenardCometh Style to be precise.

In Korean BBQ, the meat is wrapped with veggie like a veggie burger right? Here. Have Faith, Oh Ye Of Little Faith.

Vegetable and meat
Veggie Kiap Meat

Put the meat on top of a veggie then spread some minced pork and mushroom sauce on top and then close with another veggie.

Vegetable BurgerVeggie Burger

And that my friends, one Korean BBQ successfully done.

As for the Sarawakian part, well I am a Sarawakian hence a BBQ by me would be Sarawakian Style and also of course BenardCometh Style.


Thank You for reading and by all means, try out the Korean BBQ- Sarawakian Style yo.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.



  1. Chef Ben! :D I'm noticing a pattern here~~ :P

  2. 宝茹: Where where? That is the resident chef... =p

    nux_v: Not qualified yet I think... =p

  3. You keep on putting recipes you do at home. :P

  4. What makes you say that???? ho ho ho =p


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