Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's All In Your Mind

The following conversation is actually MSN chat between yours truly (B) and his friend (C) who felt that she is unfairly treated at work. (Well, what's new? Those who never been unfairly treated at work is either the boss or the ass licker. So there. End of discussion)

C: I am being unfairly treated at work lah. So sien.

B: Oh? How so?

C: My assistant and I have to stay back every time the big boss decided to work overtime.

B: That is normal since you are the secretary and all.

C: But the thing is I am not even his secretary, I am from different department and the big boss actually have his own PA (Personal assistant), two somemore.

B: Then, how come you are required to stay back and not them? They are supposed to be the PA right?

C: That is why I say very unfair loh. Oh cruel cruel world. The reason given is that they are married and the have family and that because I am single so I have to stay back.

B: WTF? Married got family, Single don't have family is it? Married got life, single don't have life is it?

C: Exactly what I am thinking. Some more, another reason given is that they are old and that I am young so I should be the one to stay back.

B: Oh, so old bitches get to go back and leave what they are supposed to do to the young employee who in the first place are not suppose to do the job anyway.

C: Yes. Which is why I am stressed loh. Angry also. So sien. Unfair lah.

B: Then you tell them, You have stress, I have stress, Everyone have stress, why do you have to add to my stress? Why? Why? Why?

B: Then say, You have work, I have work, Everyone have work, why do you have to add to my work? Why? Why? Why?

C: If I voice out later they will say I have attitude problem. They say stress is what you think. If you think stress then will be stress, if you think not stress then will not have stress. It's all in your mind.

B: So, means that it is all in the mind thing that they are saying?

C: Yes. Unfair lah.

B: So, next time when you see them, go and bitch slap them then proceed to tell them, pain is what you think. If you think pain then will be pain, if you think not pain then will not have pain. It is all in your mind.

C: Hahahahaha. Yeah.

B: In their face. Slap the old bitches. And tell to their face you should not feeling any pain. It is all in your mind.

So, people. Remember when somebody tells you it is all in your mind. Bitch slap them then tell them, what? Pain? No lah, it's all in your mind.

Really. It's all in your mind mmmmmmkay....~~~


P/s: If you are offended when you read this, then you must be the bitches asses persons mentioned. Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas mah.... ahem... =p

Sunday, January 17, 2010

13 years old becomes a Dad

As quoted from DailyMail:

He is barely four feet tall and looks even younger than his 13 years. Yet Alfie Patten has just become the proud father of a baby girl.
The schoolboy was only 12 when his girlfriend Chantelle Stedman - who is 15 - conceived after a night of unprotected sex.

The kid is just 12 when he decided to get kinky with his girlfriend who is 15 years old then BAM, he is a dad. Like seriously, 12 years old? Seriously fucked up stuff.

And it gets better,

'I didn't think about how we could afford it. I don't really get pocket money. My dad sometimes gives me £10. 
'I think we'll be good parents. I'll have to work extra hard at school.'
'We will prove to everyone that we can be, and give her a great future.'

Sometimes gives the kid money and the kid says will work hard at school. WTF? By working hard at school, somehow you will have the money to support and raise a family? At the age of 13?

People, this is what happen if you do not beat your kids. Come on, for the sake of your kids' future, beat the muthafucking bastards so that they will have some sense beaten into them and will have great futures. Well, at least maybe will have a great future. Discipline them people.

The blame is on you adults. Coming up with suicidal ideas of giving too much freedom to yer kids. Fuck that. Remember, beat the muthafucking bastards whenever you have the chance. Beat some sense into them alright? This is what you call a necessary evil. Ahem.

Or probably follow what Russel Peters always says, "Somebody gotta get hurt real bad~~, Somebody~~".

Continuing on with the story, it gets even better:
And rumours began circulating in Chantelle's neighbourhood that Alfie was not Maisie's father. Sean Thomas, who lives opposite the Stedmans, claimed Chantelle had already had several boyfriends, who were allowed to stay over in her bedroom.
He said: 'She's been with quite a few lads. They are allowed to sleep over at her house, her parents don't mind. She is treated like an adult and can do what she wants.'
A 17-year-old called Jake said: 'She knows lots of boys and never has the same boyfriend for long. Alfie lives with her and seems to think he's the dad but we all think he should have a DNA test.

Yes, people. the 13 years old kid might not be the father of the baby. Jeng Jeng Jeng. Like I said, this is what happen if you don't beat the muthafucking bastards. Now remember people, beat your kids for their sake. The sacrifice parents need to do... Ahem..

Proven some more by DNA that confirm the baby is not the 13 years old kid's baby. As quoted in this article by DailyMail:

Tyler Barker, 15, was said to fear his life would be ruined by DNA proof that baby Maisie was his daughter.
The teenager wept at the realisation he made 15-year-old Chantelle Stedman pregnant during a drunken one-night stand. After months of speculation, the High Court has ruled Tyler can be named as the biological father.
Tyler now admits losing his virginity to Chantelle during a one-night stand. He said: 'Having sex with her was the worst mistake I've ever made in my life. I wish I'd never met her.
'She asked me out a couple of times but I kept turning her down. It was routine for boys to stay over with her in her bed. But I only slept with her the once.

See? Notice what is wrong here? Underage kids getting drunk then have some orgy? Again people, this is what happen when you don't beat the muthafucking bastards. Beat them. Keep them in line. Mmmmmkay? Its for their sake also. Beating is a form of love.  Ahem.

Now the interesting part on why there are so many teenage kids having babies like mushroom growing after the rain. The freaking government is giving benefits out to them. How cool is that? I think I wanna go be a citizen over there lah.....then can be a lazy bum and have wild orgy every day and STILL can get money from the government. Such a great country to be in.


Family can claim £30,000 benefts Chantelle Stedman can claim no benefits until she reaches 16, her next birthday. But state benefits to support her and her baby will be paid to her mother Penny until then.
At a minimum, the family can expect to receive around £30,000 a year - close to £600 a week. Penny, 38, will claim benefits to support herself and her four children including Chantelle.
She will also claim on behalf of new-born Maisie. The family may claim benefits on the basis that Penny's unemployed partner Steve is a live-in member of the household.
If so, their claims may look like this:
Child Benefit: Paid automatically for each child - £72.80 a week.
Council Tax Benefit: Likely to cover the full bill - £30 a week.
Child Tax Credit: Now the main payment to support children of out-of-work or low income mothers. Possible payment for the five Stedman children - £221 a week.
Income Support: If paid to Penny and Steve as a live-in couple - £94.95 a week.
Housing Benefit: Likely to cover the full rent of their council house, together with any service charges. This may be - £150 a week.
Total: £568.75 a week, or £29,575 a year.

Like fuck, £568.75 a week and £29,575 a year???? That is like RM3088.14 a week and RM160,583.19 a year if converted to Malaysian Ringgit. 

This is disturbing. And yet they report unemployment is very high over there. No need to work also can get that much benefits. How cool is that?

I am depressed already.

Don't want to continue already.

That is all lah.

Remember people, beat the muthafucking bastards. Yes, that means your kids. Ahem.

What? Don't agree is it?


Friday, January 15, 2010

Name Your Baby Girl

Starting with B of course....

Why B? B is for Benard which means its awesome and good. So lets, see B for girls name aye?

And of course you need to know the meaning.

Here, a list of names starting with B and their meanings:

Public Servant 
(The heck you want to name your baby girl Bailey? Public Servant? Like seriously)

(This is still acceptable...Kinda)

(This is just weird...)

A Pledge
(Sounds wild...)

The Baptizer
(Future Job guaranteed... =p)

She Who Blesses
(Cool, now who needs church...ahem..)

The Ensnarer
(Sounds Kinky...Ensnare...)

(Let's see, **checking through list..Belinda...Belinda~~**)

(Let's see again, hmmmm..Belle/Bella~~~)


Consecrated to God
(Oh great, a Nun)

Worshiper of God

She who is to be married 
(People, name your girl this...confirm married one...=p)

Last but not least, presenting.....

Useful during war time

Battle Maid
(Fuh yooo..Battle Maid)

Maybe like Valkyrie like that

There you have it. Girls name starting from B and the meaning.


Accident at Jalan Song

At the traffic light...

Motorcycle accident...

Collision with a car.......

Please be careful while driving or riding.......

Be alert on your surroundings also........

Yes, you are a good driver BUT others might not be.......

So, be alert....

of your surroundings.....



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arghhhh Streamyx

Can go and kiss my fragrance ass.....

It's the third day now...

And all they say is,

I am sorry sir, normally Streamyx will be down for 24 hours only and in your case it might only be down till tomorrow.

Tomorrow my fragrance ass.


Fuck it...

Why O Why Streamyx you want to treat me like this....


Don't make me angry....

You don't like me when I am angry....

HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iphone DSLR

No kidding.

Really Iphone DSLR where you can change the lens like a DSLR camera.


So, there is this guy who have an Iphone and suddenly thought, hmmm why my Iphone camera can't change lens like my DSLR camera? Fuck it... I shall do something about this.

Hence, he DIY it and the result is surprisingly good.

Pictures all looks like its taken using a Lomo Camera. Lomography yo..

One Iphone DSLR Lomo Camera.  =p

Go, check how the heck did he DIY it...

One thing for sure, it would not be too "mobile" unless of course if he can fit it in his pockets. =p

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

I know its a bit late...but heck..


and wishing for the new year...


May you have a prosperous new year 2010

Your lucky number is

4D =  6546
6D = 658763

Now, if you kena..Remember me ah...Ahem..

Gary Ng of Singapore Edison Fame Interviews With Razor Tv

In case you haven't seen it yet.

Head over to Razor TV to watch the 5 interviews of Gary Ng with Razor TV (Links below). Heck you might realise that he is your friend by the way then probably you can join him in his conquest... Ahem...

Gary Ng Interview 1 - Meeting with Singapore Edison Chen
Gary Ng Interview 2 - Women wants to be filmed by me
Gary Ng Interview 3 - Tales from the Gary Ng files
Gary Ng Interview 4 - Fans call me Dr Love
Gary Ng Interview 5 - Gary Ng vs the Law

P/s: If you don't know who Gary Ng of the Singapore Edison fame...Then you must be living under a rock or something. Ahem~~~~