Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's All In Your Mind

The following conversation is actually MSN chat between yours truly (B) and his friend (C) who felt that she is unfairly treated at work. (Well, what's new? Those who never been unfairly treated at work is either the boss or the ass licker. So there. End of discussion)

C: I am being unfairly treated at work lah. So sien.

B: Oh? How so?

C: My assistant and I have to stay back every time the big boss decided to work overtime.

B: That is normal since you are the secretary and all.

C: But the thing is I am not even his secretary, I am from different department and the big boss actually have his own PA (Personal assistant), two somemore.

B: Then, how come you are required to stay back and not them? They are supposed to be the PA right?

C: That is why I say very unfair loh. Oh cruel cruel world. The reason given is that they are married and the have family and that because I am single so I have to stay back.

B: WTF? Married got family, Single don't have family is it? Married got life, single don't have life is it?

C: Exactly what I am thinking. Some more, another reason given is that they are old and that I am young so I should be the one to stay back.

B: Oh, so old bitches get to go back and leave what they are supposed to do to the young employee who in the first place are not suppose to do the job anyway.

C: Yes. Which is why I am stressed loh. Angry also. So sien. Unfair lah.

B: Then you tell them, You have stress, I have stress, Everyone have stress, why do you have to add to my stress? Why? Why? Why?

B: Then say, You have work, I have work, Everyone have work, why do you have to add to my work? Why? Why? Why?

C: If I voice out later they will say I have attitude problem. They say stress is what you think. If you think stress then will be stress, if you think not stress then will not have stress. It's all in your mind.

B: So, means that it is all in the mind thing that they are saying?

C: Yes. Unfair lah.

B: So, next time when you see them, go and bitch slap them then proceed to tell them, pain is what you think. If you think pain then will be pain, if you think not pain then will not have pain. It is all in your mind.

C: Hahahahaha. Yeah.

B: In their face. Slap the old bitches. And tell to their face you should not feeling any pain. It is all in your mind.

So, people. Remember when somebody tells you it is all in your mind. Bitch slap them then tell them, what? Pain? No lah, it's all in your mind.

Really. It's all in your mind mmmmmmkay....~~~


P/s: If you are offended when you read this, then you must be the bitches asses persons mentioned. Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas mah.... ahem... =p


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