Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I am sure by now you are relaxing somewhere exotic with exotic dancers at the background while enjoying the view with a glass of magically refillable martini or something since your work is done for the year. No need to rush into next year's work aye? After all there are like 12 months to go till your next round of reindeer riding and chimney entries.

Anyway, I just realized that I have not written a letter to you since like forever. Somehow, tonight there is an urge to write you a letter.

I will just make it short.

You know what I want and I know what you want. 

So, do we have a mutual understanding?


Since, Christmas is over. We will just make up for it next year. Alright?

Thank you in advance Santa.

You have a nice day you.

p/s: You can just use the main door since there is no chimney at my house. I am sure you know where the keys are located. Ahem... But, if you want to somehow magically whip out a chimney out of nowhere as an entry point, then I have no objection. Just please don't make it permanent mmmmmkay? You know yourself **ahem** with the chimney fetish and all. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wooden Chicks

Like Seriously......

Normally rubber chicks would be preferred for those loner I guess.

But heck, you can even get wooden chicks in KL.




Now you know where to go if you need some wooden chicks.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Manga Is Good For You while Anime is Bad For You

***Suddenly I got the urge to post something at this blog of mine after a long absence. Maybe the total of you two loyal readers out there been cursing for the lack of updates....Ahem.... so here...curse no more.... Go read up previous posts will ya? Don't expect me to churn out post after post just for the two of ya alright? You weirdo you. =p***

So Dr. BenardCometh reveals.

Why I say manga is good? 

Because reading is good and reading manga is a form of reading also. Correct?

No? Yes?

So, reading manga is good for you just because it can help you relax and laugh. Laughter after all is the best medicine. Aye?

Compared to anime, manga would be much better. I personally doesn't really like anime because I find it to be very time wasting. One facial expression of the character would often takes minutes to complete. Like the part where the character screams "Nooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~", there goes the 5 minutes in my life that are wasted and cannot be gained back. 

Manga on the other hand, would not be time wasting and the most one facial expression would cost you is a few boxes in one page or maybe one page at most which would be like less than 30 seconds to see. Correct?

In manga also there are no fillers episodes as compared to in Anime. You can have like episodes after episodes of anime that tells the same story that are contained in like one or two books (volume) of manga.

So yeah, Anime is very time wasting while Manga is just teh awesomest. Not time wasting is equal to efficient mmmmmmkay????

Something that presents something in the fastest way possible and in the most comprehend-able way possible is called effective and efficient. Nuff said. Manga for the win. Manga pawns Anime. Period.

So, that straighten out already.

Lets move to the top manga that BenardCometh Revelations endorses. 

Endorse here means Yours Truly likey and all time favorite.... Alright?

1. Doraemon
2. Dragonball
3. Slam Dunk
4. One Piece
5. Bleach
6. Naruto

There, just a spontaneous list that came out as I type. There are lots more. Just to name a few. 

The two of you must be like thinking, Doraemon?? Seriously?

Yes, Doraemon. 

Don't tell me when you are small you don't read or don't know Doraemon. You childhood less you. 

What you do? Go read investment books and go for investment meetings when you are small is it?


That is all lah.

This is a spontaneous post. 

Like snap, here it is.

Like that.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010





Friday, November 5, 2010

Male and Female

Somehow I felt that this is a post long overdue.

Anyway, am on leave (Got quite a lot of leave to clear as am only allowed to bring 6 days leave forward to 2011, so trying to take leave every chance I get) hence the existence of this post. Sumimasen my two loyal readers, my bad. Ahem~~~

So, ladies and gentlemen and kiddies. Today's post is on Male and Female differences or maybe should be Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Yours Truly am actually quite experience in this matter so that qualifies me to actually give a piece of my mind and also on behalf of all boyfriends out there.

Before that, let me tell you one male and female differences that relates to this post. Female tend to think a lot. A hell lot of thinking going on in their brain contained in their little skull. This may and may not be a bad thing but when it comes to situation that is going to be mentioned in this post, it can be nerve wrecking and brain cell damaging. Men on the other hand, is a simple creature. Given the choice, they rather laze around enjoying life than go and think so much stuff. Thinking hurts. Hence, there are a lot of times when men just do nothing and stare into space in front or somewhere. Just staring and no thinking whatsoever. 

Female, the key phrase here is that men would just stare into nothingness/space just for nothing. There is a moment of blankness and zen if you would call it that. 
I am sure those boyfriends out there will at one point experience what I am going to mention here. Ever experience a situation where you just do nothing and stare to the open space o just do nothing and then your girlfriend comes over then look at you for a while and then the following conversation took place:

Normal Situation:
GF: "Honey La Ling (The word would change depending on individual, some might be called bear bear, love love, ling ling, ney ney and such), what are you thinking about?"

BF: "Oh, nothing. Not particularly thinking of anything. Why? Wat's up?"

GF: "Eeeee, Honey La Ling~~~~ Why don't you tell me what you are thinking?"

BF: "Look, I am not thinking of anything alright? Honestly..."

GF: "I felt that we are not communication enough here. There is just no communication Honey La Ling, why are you not telling me what are you thinking??? Don't you love me anymore???"

BF: -_-"

Here is what you should have done or said when you encounter similar scenario:
GF: "Honey La Ling, what are you thinking about?"

BF: "Oh, Darling..I am just thinking of how lucky I am to have met you. This is truly a match made in heaven"

GF: "Awwww, Honey La Laling...So Sweet....What you wanted to eat tonight? I make for you alright?"

BF: "Sweet~~~"

But have to beware that you cannot use the above story too many times as it will become ineffective. So you will have to think of other stories to tell the next time you just phased out and do nothing. 

What does it shows here? Girlfriends want their Boyfriends to lie to them. If you tell the truth they don't want to hear but if you sweeten a bit of white lie and lie directly to them, they would be happier. Sad but true. Female only want to listen what they want to hear. 

This a lot of thinking by female sometimes would turn into thinking too much which is actually quite frustrating or some may find it cute but believe me that it would be more to frustrating than cute..Alright?

One example would be like the followings:
(So, Female thinks a lot and Male don't really think right? So Female tend to have more dreams compared to men. Men seldom dream when they sleep. Female do, and that is when things get ugly)

GF: "Honey La Ling, How could you? I am so not talking to you for the next few days"

BF: "What? What have I done?"

GF: "You know what you have done. Don't make excuses.."

BF: "But But But......I really don't know what have I done to deserve this?"

GF: " You ignore me and went out with other girls last night, you bastard"

BF: "What the hell? When did I ever ignore you and went out with other girls?"

GF: "Yes you did, Last night in my dreams you did. Now apologise"

BF: -_-"

So, that is some of the examples. 

There are actually a lot of stories that can be tell for you female to understand men. 

But that should it for today.

Thinking too much hurts my brain.

Thinking mode off.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As the title implies....

Its ExtraOrdinary

Thank You

Thank You.................

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rajang Lounge OktoberFest Promotion

So, yours truly went to Rajang Lounge a few days ago and tried out the Oktoberfest Promotion where one can drink and bring back a 3 pint mug which is a huge ass mug in case you don't comprehend. Ahem~~~

Anyway, lets the pictures do the talking aye? Lately the brain juice seems to dry up for long elaborated posts. So till the brain juice well fills up, all ya gonna get are pictures and more pictures...... =p

OktoberFest Promotion

 The Deco Hanging Thing

The Beer

The Nuts

The outside view

The Mug's Box

The Mugs

So there you have it,

Pictures taken last Sunday of the Rajang Lounge OktoberFest Promotion.....

Should be every Sundays for the month of October.

I think.

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Format or To Troubleshoot

To format or not to format, that is the question.

Over the course of the years, yours truly have been fixing countless PCs and Laptops and so far there has not been a case where yours truly cannot fix. (Of course if the hardware is broken then that is a different story). And no, this is not a post to self brag mmmkay. =p

Just to express that the skills and knowledge if not updated will become obsolete and again the same old saying, "Learning continues until you are six feet under".

Back to the focus of this post. To format or not to format. To troubleshoot or not to troubleshoot. 

There are some so called "experts" who somehow thinks that only amateur or those who don;t know their stuff would resort to formatting PC or Laptop if there are any software related problems. These so called "experts" somehow have the mentality that the "expert" and "professional" way is to troubleshoot the software problem and find a solution to it rather than resort to formatting.

This somehow is misleading. 
The proper way is to diagnose the problem first to determine the severity of the problem on whether if it is software related or hardware related problem. If it is determined that it is software related problem, the next step would be to check whether the problem can be fixed in 3 hours or less or not. For "experts" this should not be a problem as they should be able to determine or estimate the length of time needed to fix the problem.

If it is diagnosed that within 3 hours the problem cannot be solved then the correct way is to just format the PC or laptop. This would save you much precious time rather than wasting time to troubleshoot and in the end still have to format. Normally it takes around 3 hours to backup, format and install all the software required. It would take even less time if the first fresh format and installation is "ghosted" or backup in a DVD (Or few DVDs) using Norton Ghost then using the ghosted DVD to format and reinstall all your previous format. For the uninitiated, Norton Ghost is a disk cloning software that clones your fresh installation after format for easy restore/format in the future. (Less time required)

There, knowing how to determine when to format and when to troubleshoot is very important. Don't just troubleshoot for the sake of troubleshooting to show "expertise" when it consumes a lot of precious time. Time is money you know. Sometimes it would be better to just format if it is diagnosed with intermittent problem that you know will consume more time to troubleshoot and fix compared to formatting. Mmmmmkay?

So, just format the god damn thing already. =p

Or not, if there is no serious problem or data corruption.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Photography is Not about the Gear, It's About the Story

Yeah right.......

With out proper gear, how can one tell the story efficiently? Only with a decent gear can one tell a good story.

That being said, a good gear will enable you to tell a better and efficient story. Kapish?

This guy here mentioned that with just mere Iphone, he can capture a photo worthy of a story.

So, the gear doesn't matter eh?

Try to see if at that point of time you got a Nokia 7650 (the first nokia camera phone) and take the same photo. Would it still describe the same story?

Not about the gear.... Yeah Right...

Yours Truly says, it's about the gear and the story and the luck..... Kapish... =p

And by the way, Iphone costs around RM3K here.

One can get even a Nikon D3100 with that kind of pricing.

Not about the gear my fragrance bottom.... Ahem~~~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Right, so attitude is very important in life. Agree? No?

This would be a series of career/work related posts that should be useful. At least what yours truly thinks.

There are a lot of unemployed graduates especially local graduates and lots has been said on why is it that local graduate are not marketable and doesn't have the quality or skills required. Previous post on local graduates' quality if you wanted to know what yours truly think about that.

So, here I am again on the old but relevant topic. I believe the foremost important aspect to focus on would be the attitude. Attitude towards life and attitude towards work/career.

Your attitude will be the determining factor that determines how successful you will be in your life and career. Of course the know who is very important also in Malaysia..Ahem~~~. So what actually defined as the correct attitude? Everyone would have his or her own definition aye? In yours truly opinion, it is the following:

Being Responsible:
The world does not owe you a living. You yourself have to be responsible for your own life and career success. You have to choice to act upon the choices that you have and mold the path that you wanted to take.

Don't blame anyone if things does not go the way you wanted it to be. Take responsibility towards your life and work and you will be on the correct path.

Positive Thinking:
The mind is a powerful thing that can shape your attitude which will lead to success. Believing that nothing is impossible in your life and career would do wonders and set you on the correct path. Of course don't just jump off a cliff naked in believing that you can actually fly.

That is stupid and suicidal. Believe that any work given or problem that exist can be solved and done. Have confidence and believe in yourself that you can do it. Empty talk without action means nothing. By believing and have confidence in yourself, you are on the path to success.

Positive thinking also means having the "Can Do" attitude. Colleagues who think that the proposed plan cannot be done would be frustrating at times. This will affect the company's morale and influence others on why it cant be done instead of how can it be done efficiently. Don't say no before you even tried to do it. At the very least try to do and if unsuccessful, at the very least you tried your best.

Embrace Failure:
Nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen. You have to learn from your mistakes and only then you will improve. Embrace failure as one of the way to learn by experience. Learning from the mistakes in your work will make you better at your work. Don't complain or blame others or even yourself for your mistakes, admit the mistake, take responsibility and learn from it to move forward.

If you are faced with obstacles or failures, don't ever lose hope and confidence. Never give up as failure cannot be embraced if you give up. Develop a never give up attitude at work and you will have a good work attitude that will contribute to the company.

Abstain from Complaining:
I am sure a lot of you can relate to this. Complaining is very common in every working environment, up to the point that it can be called a 'disease' for it is contagious and will cause negativity. Complaining is a bad habit that must be nipped in the bud. If you are not satisfied with something regarding your work, do bring up to your superior or supervisor.

If your superior or supervisor is the type that does not listen to you then try to explain to him or her that it is important to have the discussion in order to solve the problem or dissatisfaction. Voice out your dissatisfaction to the correct channel instead of the wrong channel as if it falls to the wrong ears, it would even affect your career. Discussing your dissatisfaction is the way to instill a good work attitude instead of complaining.

Working Hard:
There is no short cut to success. One have to work hard by doing extra or going the extra miles to ensure that the work is done with quality and to your best effort. Don't just complete the work given for the sake of completing it. Try to complete the work assigned by giving your best and you will have satisfaction and pride on a job well done.

Willing to Learn:
You have to have the will to self improve. One can never have enough knowledge. By willing to learn and experience, you will be adding value to yourself. The thirst for knowledge will ensure that you will remain relevant and can contribute to your work effective and efficiently. Thus, this will ensure success in your work and life.

Hence, the correct and good attitude is very important that will take you far and be successful. Even if it doesn't, at the very least you will be positive thinking and be happy. Ahem~~~

The following are attitude quotes:

"It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to." ~Annie Gottlier

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." ~Winston Churchill

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same." ~Francesca Reigler

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ~Scott Hamilton

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." ~Ralph Marston

"Believe you can and you're half way there." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." ~ Mary Kay Ash
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. " ~ Thomas Jefferson


Thursday, September 30, 2010

On A Roll


Second post in a single night.

I am back....

Yes, I am BACK!!!!!

I am on a freaking roll here.


So I thought 30 minutes ago before am distracted by being asked to go fix the pipe. Yes, have I not told you all before that I am the Mr. Fix It around here? At least in my humble adobe I am.

Anyway, so 30 minutes ago I have this inspiration to blog on a certain topic that I remembered is a good topic which would make a pretty good post true to BenardCometh Revelation's style. But after the minor distraction, somehow I just can't remember what is it that I need to blog about. Damn!!!!

Maybe it is the memory fades with age kind of thing and here I am thinking that I am still able to churn out post after post. Like a freaking post churning machine. Ahem~~~

Really, lately I am getting more and more absent minded or even forgetful. Maybe somehow I ate too much ants. Yes, ANTS. Here, we have an old saying that if you eat too much ants you will be very forgetful. The same saying along the line of if you eat too much chicken feet then your hand would shake a lot. That kind of saying.

But ho, that should be impossible loh. Do I look like a freaking ant-eater to you? Huh? Huh? Do, I look like this???

Picture unethically ripped from this website 
So bite me. I gave credit to where it is due already. =p

Wait, you all don't even know how I look like. Maybe I am a freaking ant-eater. A gigantic ant-eater who believed himself to be a human all this while. OMG!!!! Oh my freaking god!!!!! Then that would explain the absent minded and forgetful me. Maybe it is like metamorphosis or some evolution kind of shit. You know, the human form for 20 over years then suddenly changes skin and becomes a gigantic ant-eater. That also means that you all have been reading posts by a freaking gigantic ant-eater!!!!! -_-"

By the way, if you believe the above (the part where your truly am an ant-eater) then please get professional help now. Stop reading and seriously go and get some professional help. It is unhealthy. Go. Shu~~Shu~~~Shu~~

This is actually to compensate the awesome and kick ass post that I initially wanted to post but totally forgotten about what to post due to some minor disturbance. Honestly. It is on par with conquering the world kind of level. That awesome I tell you.

So there,

Just to tell you all that initially I have a great post but then somehow I can't remember what the post is all about after the minor disturbance. I blame the pipe.

So, Sumimasen.

That is all. 

Colours of Nature 2010 @ Borneo Highlands Resort

This is a long overdue post that has been in my draft box for quite sometime already. Time is a luxury that has been eluding me for quite some time already. Well especially during the June to November period of time. Wah seh, sounds like very busy like that... Ahem~~~

Anyway, without further ado. **Drumrolls**, hereby presenting the overdue post on the Colours of Nature 2010.

In case you don't know or just today visited BenardCometh Revelations (Hurray, an extra minion on top of the two existing loyal minions. Ahem~~~), yours truly have actually visited the Colours of Nature in year 2008 so it is called Colours of Nature 2008 that year. Go figure...

Anyway, here I shamelessly am pimping my old post for the Colours of Nature 2008. There are 3 parts altogether and with considerable amount of pictures. (Just don't ask why the name of the post is Borneo Highlands instead of Colours of Nature 2008. Somehow, at the time of writing the name Colours of Nature 2008 doesn't really strike out to me compared to Borneo Highlands. That is also the first time I went to Borneo Highlands Resort. Damn it, you tricked me into explaining why is the title different you evil evil human you. =p )

Before that, first thing first. What do you normally think of when you heard the Colours of Nature? Or let me put it this way, what is the first thing/thought that comes to your mind when you heard Colours of Nature? Don't be shy now, it is basically pretty safe to answer me in the comment box you know? The submit button doesn't bite. 

Yours truly thinks of something along the line of "Nature got colours meh?", "Colours? Wouldn't something like Greenery of Nature be better?, then again it is like saying I am a male and I pee standing...Stating the obvious that is. I know I know, even I myself surprise myself sometimes at the creativity of examples given.". Better stop here now before I go on and on and on.

A little bit of introduction aye?

The e-banner that was ripped from the website earlier on

From the Colours of Nature 2010 website, the Colours of Nature enters its third year being organised by Borneo Highlands Resort (BHR) to show to the public the magnificent nature environment at Borneo Highlands Resort. The Colours of Nature is conceptualised to bring flower and nature enthusiasts together, discuss common interests and cultivate the love for nature not only among the people of Sarawak but also everyone who are interested in nature and the environment.

The Colours of Nature 2010 is held in conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day where it will cover more than 50 acres of land set in the midst of highland greenery and forest preservation against the background of a spectacular natural landscape and scenic Mountain View. This year also marks Borneo Highlands Resort’s 10th anniversary since the launching in the year 2000.

The Colours of Nature 2010 starts on the 28th August 2010 to 16th September 2010 and is the time of the year where Borneo Highlands Resort is open to the public without prior reservations. If not, on normal days, one need to make prior reservations before going up or risk being disappointed by the rejection of entry at the foothill. For the general public to go up and enjoy the environment so to speak.

The ticket is RM30/adult for a foothill return transfer and RM15/children for a foothill return transfer. So guests/visitors buys the tickets at the foothill then proceed to wait for the transportation and then use the transportation to go to the plateau area. From the drop off point, there is a free shuttle to the Flower Garden on a first come first serve basis due to limitation of seats.

At the Flower Garden, another RM20/adult or RM10/children if you opt for the highlands tour that brings you to the Kalimantan Lookout Point, to Flower Nursery, a bit of Organic Farm, and finally the drop off point.

So lets the pictures do the talking aye? Quite a lot of pictures so might loads a bit slow.

 The path to the drop off point near the plateau area

 The Plateau Car Park aka Drop Off Point

 The Resort Transportation - Borgo (One time fits around 16 only)

  The Resort Transportation - Tuk Tuk (One time fits around 10 only)

 The Path to the Flower Garden

 Family horse at the plateau

 Kiddy Horse and Mama Horse at the plateau

 There are bicycles for rental also at the plateau

 Little kid, are you lost???

 Horse Dung aka Horse Shit aka Tahi Kuda at the plateau

 The lookout tower at the Flower Garden - Misty all around

 The Flower Garden

 Another part of the flower garden

 View of the Flower Garden

 Path to vertical garden with lady shoe orchid hanging down

 Our National Flower - Hibiscus

 Path of stone

 Small stream

 Small Stream again

 Water Lily in a pond near Rabbit's Park

 Yellowish Plant

 Bamboo Bridge inside the herbs garden that links to the Chinese Tea House

 All herbs inside Herbs Garden are with labels

 Also can see the Eagle flower aka BHR Sakura

 Mini Hanging Bridge

 Gazebo at Swan Lake

 Swan Lake View

 Purple Flower

 Path to the Kalimantan View

 View of Kalimantan Side

 Woot...3281 feet high~~

 Panorama View of Mount Penrissen at the Kalimantan View Point

 Flower again

 Eagle Flower aka BHR Sakura's Petal

 Random Branches

 Centipede or is it millipede?

 Banana kind of plant


 Fu-La-Wer again

 Fu-La-Wer yet again

 Fu-La-Wer yet again and again

 Orchid lah~~

 Still Orchid lah~~~

 Praying Mantis

  Fu-La-Wer yet again and again and again

 Here Kity Kitty kitty~~~

 Lettuce at Organic Farm


 View of the Plateau area from Flower garden

 View on the way down

 View on the way down

View on the way down

There you have it. The pictures taken during the Colours of Nature 2010 at Borneo Highlands Resort. This is an annual event. So every year, you can go up without reservations. Just buy tickets or if you are feeling adventurous can also drive your own car up. Ahem~~~

Ja ne~~~