Friday, November 5, 2010

Male and Female

Somehow I felt that this is a post long overdue.

Anyway, am on leave (Got quite a lot of leave to clear as am only allowed to bring 6 days leave forward to 2011, so trying to take leave every chance I get) hence the existence of this post. Sumimasen my two loyal readers, my bad. Ahem~~~

So, ladies and gentlemen and kiddies. Today's post is on Male and Female differences or maybe should be Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Yours Truly am actually quite experience in this matter so that qualifies me to actually give a piece of my mind and also on behalf of all boyfriends out there.

Before that, let me tell you one male and female differences that relates to this post. Female tend to think a lot. A hell lot of thinking going on in their brain contained in their little skull. This may and may not be a bad thing but when it comes to situation that is going to be mentioned in this post, it can be nerve wrecking and brain cell damaging. Men on the other hand, is a simple creature. Given the choice, they rather laze around enjoying life than go and think so much stuff. Thinking hurts. Hence, there are a lot of times when men just do nothing and stare into space in front or somewhere. Just staring and no thinking whatsoever. 

Female, the key phrase here is that men would just stare into nothingness/space just for nothing. There is a moment of blankness and zen if you would call it that. 
I am sure those boyfriends out there will at one point experience what I am going to mention here. Ever experience a situation where you just do nothing and stare to the open space o just do nothing and then your girlfriend comes over then look at you for a while and then the following conversation took place:

Normal Situation:
GF: "Honey La Ling (The word would change depending on individual, some might be called bear bear, love love, ling ling, ney ney and such), what are you thinking about?"

BF: "Oh, nothing. Not particularly thinking of anything. Why? Wat's up?"

GF: "Eeeee, Honey La Ling~~~~ Why don't you tell me what you are thinking?"

BF: "Look, I am not thinking of anything alright? Honestly..."

GF: "I felt that we are not communication enough here. There is just no communication Honey La Ling, why are you not telling me what are you thinking??? Don't you love me anymore???"

BF: -_-"

Here is what you should have done or said when you encounter similar scenario:
GF: "Honey La Ling, what are you thinking about?"

BF: "Oh, Darling..I am just thinking of how lucky I am to have met you. This is truly a match made in heaven"

GF: "Awwww, Honey La Laling...So Sweet....What you wanted to eat tonight? I make for you alright?"

BF: "Sweet~~~"

But have to beware that you cannot use the above story too many times as it will become ineffective. So you will have to think of other stories to tell the next time you just phased out and do nothing. 

What does it shows here? Girlfriends want their Boyfriends to lie to them. If you tell the truth they don't want to hear but if you sweeten a bit of white lie and lie directly to them, they would be happier. Sad but true. Female only want to listen what they want to hear. 

This a lot of thinking by female sometimes would turn into thinking too much which is actually quite frustrating or some may find it cute but believe me that it would be more to frustrating than cute..Alright?

One example would be like the followings:
(So, Female thinks a lot and Male don't really think right? So Female tend to have more dreams compared to men. Men seldom dream when they sleep. Female do, and that is when things get ugly)

GF: "Honey La Ling, How could you? I am so not talking to you for the next few days"

BF: "What? What have I done?"

GF: "You know what you have done. Don't make excuses.."

BF: "But But But......I really don't know what have I done to deserve this?"

GF: " You ignore me and went out with other girls last night, you bastard"

BF: "What the hell? When did I ever ignore you and went out with other girls?"

GF: "Yes you did, Last night in my dreams you did. Now apologise"

BF: -_-"

So, that is some of the examples. 

There are actually a lot of stories that can be tell for you female to understand men. 

But that should it for today.

Thinking too much hurts my brain.

Thinking mode off.




  1. This is funny....~ Lolz!!
    I admit that girls do think a lot ....~

  2. If ur girlfren not doing tat, u might need to worry either she is a HE or she do not care for you anymore.... LOL~~~

  3. But am not agree with "Girlfriends want their Boyfriends to lie to them".... A long term relationship requires effort.... Treat it as socialising lol...


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