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Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 2

Morale values are very important ok. So, please don't just go and steal stuff mmmkay.

Part 1

Second part of the Three Characters Classic.

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昔 孟 母
xi meng mu
Previously, Mother of Mencius

擇 鄰 處
zhai lin chu
Selects/choose a neighborhood

子 不 學
zi bu xue
When her child won't learn

斷 機 杼
duan ji zhu
She breaks shuttle from the loom

竇 燕 山
dou yan shan
Dou Yan Shan (A name)

有 義 方
you yi fang
Has the right method

教 五 子
jiao wu zi
Teach 5 sons

名 俱 揚
ming ju yang
Each raised the family reputation

養 不 教
yang bu jiao
To feed without teaching

父 之 過
fu zhi guo
Is the father's fault

教 不 嚴
jiao bu yan
To teach without strictness

師 之 惰
shi zhi duo
Is the teachers' laziness

子 不 學
zi bu xue
If a child does not study

非 所 宜
fei suo yi
It is not proper

幼 不 學
you bu xue
If he does not study while young

老 何 為
lao he wei
How will he act when he is old

玉 不 琢
yu bu zhuo
Jade that is not polished

不 成 器
bu cheng qi
Cannot be used

人 不 學
ren bu xue
People don't want to study

不 知 義
bu zhi yi
Cannot know righteousness

為 人 子
wei ren zi
Being a child

方 少 時
fang shao shi
There is not enough time

親 師 友
qing shi you
He should invite teachers and friends

習 禮 儀
xi li yi
To practice etiquette/knowledge



Previously, the mother of Mencius chose/select a neighborhood to live in
and when her child would not learn, she broke the shuttle from the loom.
(Supposedly to show that it is useless to use the loom anymore- The loom used to weave clothes if I am not mistaken)

Dou of the Swallow Hills had the right method to teach his children as
he taught five sons and each of the sons raised the family's reputation.

To feed without teaching is the father's fault.
To teach without severity is the teacher's laziness.
(Something like teach a person how to fish instead of giving him fish always and have to teach well)

If the child does not learn it should not be left alone at that because
if he does not learn while he is young, what will he be when he is old?

If jade is not polished, it cannot become a precious item.
If a man does not learn, he cannot know what is his duty towards his neighbor.
(Jade is a precious thing but unpolished jade is not worth much hence applied to humans as if they do not learn they would not be useful)

When he is young, he should attach himself to his teachers and friends;
and practice ceremonial usages.
(Means that when they are young, they should follow teachers or someone with knowledge in order to learn from them)

To be continued in Three Characters Classic - San Ji Zing Part 3


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