Thursday, November 15, 2007

Laptop Stolen

***Updates with pictures***

The Pheonix kena stolen and yours truly am very very sad and extremely tulan at the moment. It contains all my important data which in no way I can recover back.

So people, remember to do backups for every important data that you have every now and then. Things happen and it is most likely that it can't be avoided.

All those works I have inside my laptop, those thousands of pictures of past memorable moments, those slides that I prepare till wee hours for presentations, all those journals that I find for my research paper and also the draft of my research paper. All gone. Kaput.

So, I am offering a reward of RM500 of any information that leads to the recovery of my laptop. I am based in Kuching and if any of those stolen goods buyers are reading, please negotiate with me regarding the matter.

Heck, I just need the DATA, the HARDDISK. You can keep the laptop for all I care. I just request that I have my data back and the reward will still be RM500. Take the laptop, I don't need it. I just need the harddisk.

So please help out a poor and sad guy here, will ya?

***Note- If any of you are laughing at this point, you are being sadistic you know? Taking pleasure from other people's pain. SADISTIC is the word. (but if you have information or can recover my laptop back then laugh all you want. I would be more than happy to laugh together with you)***

The details regarding my laptop are as follows:

HP COMPAQ V3000 series

Serial number


Stolen at a place near 3rd mile and Saberkas

Additional info
The laptop is stolen without the battery and the power adapter
(The battery I left at home and the power adapter is not stolen together)

(Any information that leads to the recovery of laptop or even only the harddisk)

***Updates: It seems that RM500 is a small sum to some but that is what I can afford right now.
How much can you get anyway if you sell a stolen laptop with no battery and power adapter. Rm10? Rm50? or even Rm100?
The stolen good buyer would take the chance that the good is stolen good and pay you rm100 the most from what I heard. In fact, you will be lucky if you get rm100 for stolen goods.***

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  1. dang, tough luck !! can't imagine it happening to me. most probably half dead. *sweat*

    come out, come out, wherever you are ..

  2. omg!!!! how can this happen!!!???

    F*CK that one who stole it!!!

    really sorry to hear that. I can feel what you felt now. All those

    god bless you....wish you can get it back very very soon!!!

  3. OMG.. sorry to hear that !
    I understand your feeling now as my sister laptop also being stolen at UPM. Really damn it !!

  4. Oh my, that's so bad. I feel your lost. Imagine I lose my laptop with all the data and memories of photos inside... yeah, I should backup. I sincerely wish you get back your lappie. Good luck ya!

  5. Orhh sorry to hear that...when it happen? and how it will get stolen?? tat is reli frustrating ~~ somemore dont hav a backup...

    ermmmm is at my room~ hehe..nolar, tat laptop same with mine one but the specification is different..urs is amd, mine is intel..

  6. ouch!! losing a laptop is no laughing matter.
    If i were to lose my laptop, I probably go crazy!!

  7. So sorry to hear that.
    Didn't know kch nowadays also like tat.
    I should take extra care when i back to Kch.

    Wish you will find back the laptop soon. God Bless You

  8. wow, if i am the thief, i will take back for you and get the reward...

    kidding la~ i don think the thief stupid like me

    by the way, this v3000 series are good laptop.

  9. levian: Thanks for the support. Appreciate it.

    LukXiuFung: Yeah, things happens. Will do a complete post on what happened after the whole thing passed.

    Thanks man, for the support

    keeyit: All those important data... Arghhhh

    Princess Eileen: It is very IMPORTANT to do backups often

    -et3rnal-: If you the one who had it. Then nvm lah... I wont mind.. =p

    But...the story very long. As I said, I will make a complete post on the matter once everything passed.

    3POINT8: Most of the time it is the data inside that is the most important... BACKUP often!!!!!!!

    johnny: Oh, you from Kuching? Cool.

    宝茹: Suppose it is just my luck

    iCalvyn: If they really do that I would be very very happy...Even if it is just the harddisk.

  10. Yo Benard.. Check this out!!

    Will tell few active members n MODs to be aware of this, hopefully they able to trace it if that guy trying to sell it online.

    Meanwhile, you can post on other forum as well. (e.g. Hardwarezone MY)

    Good luck!

  11. brother, yours is a laptop, while today i just lost my friend pendrive...

    eventhough it's uncomparable, laptop vs pendrive, but... i think the feeling is the same gua~~~ just mine can be replaced by $$, while urs... sakit hati ooo...

    hopefully it can be recovered...

  12. I'm so sad!!! =( I wish you will find it..

  13. Anonymous: Thanks for the post. Appreciate it.

    Ed: Backup!!!!!!!

    kaklong: Hopefully.....hopefully...


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