Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st year Working Anniversary

Yep, as the title goes. Today is my first year working anniversary. Here, previous post on working life.

Last year today, I started my working life after graduated with a Bachelor in Multimedia Technology.

So, what have I accomplished for the past one year since starting my working life?

....................Lets see......................

Tricked myself into furthering my studies in a whole different field.

Less alcohol indulgence almost none.
(Due to the fact that no great "kakis" here if compared to my university days- You know who you are. =) and of course the work and the studies also contributed a bit. )

Made quite a few new friends
(I am a friendly guy... I think)

Gained around 15 kg. Yes you heard it right. from 80kg to 95kg
(That is why I am trying to go to gym at least twice a week. =p)

The milestone have got to be the creation of this blog which enable me to even write about my first working anniversary
(And of course getting to know all of you)

Found out the true harsh reality of life in Kuching. The working condition in Kuching is not as ideal as I thought it would be.
(Salary wise of course...=p)

Paying for my own insurance policy
(And a couple of bills also)

Bought myself a HP laptop and a whole lot of accessories to compliment it
(Yes, the Phoenix. =p)

Learned that things doesn't always goes as what expected
(Yeah, what's new)

Learned that there is a lot of things than just working

Learned that there might be people who doesn't get your principles and way of life
(Woah, Yours Truly Zen thingy- Be afraid, be very afraid. =p)

That is about all that summarize it.


And oh, there is this promotion waiting. I have mixed feelings about that but lets just see what will happen. =p

Happy 1st year working anniversary to me

***From the comments, it seems that promotion is seen as a GOOD thing. Well, it can't be denied that promotion generally IS good but in my case as I said, I have mixed feeling about the promotion and for reasons that I can't tell. Lets just say promotion is not necessarily IS a good thing.

Although of course, by the promotion there is this whole new responsibility and addition of workload that I am more than willing to do IF that is what I need to do.

As the Dharma that dictates how one should act and react. ***


  1. Aisehhhh... the photo... wukakaka... PROMOTION *cross fingers for ya*

    You did a good summary though... I should have do some recalling too!!

  2. Happy 1st year working anniversary! Hehehehehehehe...:P

    Wah! Gained so much weight! Working life did that? :P

    So when is the promotion announcement?

  3. promotion??
    WoW! Some good news that is!
    Congrats congrats!

  4. thanks 4 dropping by my little blog.

    anyway, congratulations for making it through your 1st year of work.

    i should be celebrating my 1st decade of working life next year.

    anyway, wish you all the best in the many years ahead. :-)

  5. it also my 1st year working anniversary but in this 1st year, i oledi change 2, 3 jobs di..current job is my third job di, hopefully wont change again...=P

    Wow, promotion???!! tat's cool...very cool..just one year oledi get a promotion??~~ u must do well future got future~ hehehhee...=P

  6. Princess Eileen: Woh, that bad huh my picture till need to cross finger to wish me luck... =p

    I have low self esteem u know.. =p

    Yeah, recall recall...Yours should be more interesting...

    宝茹: Thanks, yep gained that much weight all thanks to working life... =p

    3POINT8: Well, not really. =p

    Angie Tan: Thanks for visiting too. =p

    LukXiuFung: Yeah man, time waits for no man...or woman.. =p

    -et3rnal- : All the best for you then, just change again if you find that it is not to your liking. U will spend most of your time working, so might as well make it a pleasant one.. =p

    Promotion not always a good thing also..and this not yet confirmed as I actually am thinking it over.

  7. Why do I have a feeling I know what you mean about the promotions? Hmm...must be too much dramas. Which is good. Anyway, just take whatever that's coming your way!

  8. well...let's just hope the promotion will turn out well :)
    Good luck!

  9. runawaycat: Glad that you know what I am thinking... =p

    CaCa: Well, looking at the situation...Lets hope so.. -p


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