Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anchovies Egg Omelette

Preparing and making food for yourself as fast as possible is vital to survive in this harsh cruel and fast paced world. Alright, maybe I have exaggerated a bit but the point here is making yourself something to eat which is simple and fast is an added skill when you are left to fend for yourself.

So, when you are in a rush and everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can try out the BenardCometh's Anchovies Egg Omelette. It's simple, fast and nutritious. Ok, maybe not really the nutritious part but its fast and delicious. That is the point anyway.

Lets look at the ingredients needed for our Anchovies Egg Omelette cooking lesson today, shall we?


Two eggs
Corn Flour

First of all, we need to prepare the anchovies and wash em. Clean the little fish to prepare it for stir-frying. Heat up the pan on the stove and put some butter in it. Yes, I like to cook with butter rather than oil and yes I know it is very fattening and unhealthy.

So, you health freaks can substitute butter with some vege oil or some organic oil is you prefer. BenardCometh will stick to the manly, macho, unhealthy, fattening way thank you very much.

Clean Anchovies

After the pan heats up, throw the anchovies in and stir-fry it until it's golden brown. Let the anchovies be for a while and start to crack your two eggs, the chicken eggs mmmmkay and beat the eggs with a fork or a spoon.

Then proceed to our some corn flour into the egg mixture and give it another round of good beating until it mix well. You can try to add milk instead of flour as it gives a different taste and texture.

Stir-fry anchovies

Add flour to the eggs and mix em up

Mix em well

You have not forgotten about the anchovies right? Take em out and then but some butter in the pan again. Normally I do not wash the pan as I want the anchovies taste to be in it also but it is a matter of preferences.

Proceed to pour the egg flour mixture into the pan and let it be for a while until u can see that the lower part are forming and hard-ish but the upper part, the top are still liquid-ish.

Top is still liquid-ish

Throw the cooked anchovies from earlier on top and spread evenly and continue to cook in low heat. When it is cooked, fold the egg omelette in half and you are done. Although the presentation could be improved but don't judge a book by its cover remember?

Fold in half

Ready to serve

Yum Yum

There you go, Anchovies Egg Omelette. Simple, Fast, and Delicious.

Enjoy your egg omelette.

Happy Omelette-ing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This post will feature another local fruit since after the King of Fruit and Queen of Fruit, the commoner fruit also must not be neglected. I suppose.

Langsat have a cool scientific name, well most scientific names are cool. Anyway, Langsat's scientific name is "Lansium Domesticum". Probably you can try the name at your local fruit market seller.

Something like, "Hello, how are you today? Do you have the Lansium Domesticum? You know, the Lansium Domesticum **while gesturing the ball shape with your two palms**. Give me a kg of Lansium Domesticum yah?" **still gesturing the ball shape with your two palm**.
Oh yeah, do that and you risk being hit by a slipper or even a broom. Better still, you might even be thrown some "Lansium Domesticum" at your face.

Back to the focus of this post. Langsat aka the "Lansium Domesticum". The fruit is almost round oval-ish and has light yellowish to brownish skin. There are around 4 to 6 segments/slices of white transculent flesh inside a langsat fruit. The taste is sweet and juicy.
Now, let me show you how to master the ancient technique of opening langsat fruit to get to the flesh. With a little practice, you can easily master the Two-Finger Langsat Opening technique. Again, chicks dig those who knows some ancient marital arts kung fu, so to speak.

First of all, get some langsat. Make sure the langsats are not black or grey in color. If you see colors like that, the langsats are rotten. Dont consume.


Now, the first step is to put a Langsat between you index finger and thumb finger and when you are comfortable with the grip, squeeze the langsat with your two fingers slowly until the skin peels open and you will see the white flesh inside.

Pick up a langsat


Congratulation, you have just learned the Two-Finger Langsat Opening technique and with practice you shall master the long lost ancient technique. Time to enjoy your efforts. The langsat's flesh waiting to be consumed.

Langsat Opened

A slice of the flesh with the hint of the seed inside

What does the seed looks like? After you eaten the flesh then you will see the seed. Like the one in the following picture. Be prepared to be grossed out.

Langsat Seed

There you have it. Langsat aka Lansium Domesticum.

Enjoy your Lansium Domesticum.

Happy Lansium Domesticum-ing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali 2008 Petronas Advertisement

Deepavali is a festival celebrated by all Hindus globally which is also known as the Festival of Lights since there will be many colorful lights lit on that day. Aside from that, maybe it is called the Festival of Light that indicates the triumph of light, the good over the evil.

There is an interesting legend regarding the triumph of good over evil. Long time ago in the kingdom of Pradyoshapuram, there lived a demon called Narakasura who rule the land with fear. A lot of the people suffered hardship and life is terribly bad and harsh. Then come Lord Krishna who destroy the demon and the day Narakasura died becomes celebrated as Deepavali, the Festival of Light where the good triumph over evil.

Today is Deepavali. BenardCometh Revelations wishes all readers of Hindu faith a very happy Deepavali. May the light be with you always.


Again, Petronas make great advertisements during festivals like this. Here's Deepavali 2008 Petronas Advertisement.
Petronas Deepavali 2008 Advertisement
Happy celebrating!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Missing Favicon for Blogger in Firefox

I just noticed that my favicon suddenly gone missing and in its place is the Blogger orange favicon with a capital B. Not that I mind anyway since B also stands for Benard but I still prefer my old favicon.

Upon inspection, it seems that other browsers display the favicon perfectly even IE is behaving normally while only Firefox seems to refuse to display my custom favicon and seems to prefer the Blogger favicon.

Hence, after tinkering around, yours truly succeed in bringing back the BenardCometh Revelations favicon. At first, I thought that Blogger does not support favicons anymore and that Blogger wants all to have the orange B displayed but since other browsers can display it nicely then definitely there is something wrong with Firefox.

Thus, putting on the Sherlock Holmes cap, yours truly do a trial and error and move the favicon code to different position in the head tag. Finally, by putting the code just before the end of the head tag, the favicon appears. Imagine the joy of seeing the good old favicon again instead of the Blogger orange capital B.

Place the code just before the closing head tag
There you have it. How to restore your favicon so that Firefox can once again read em. Favicons are important mmmkay. 

For those who don't know what favicon is then head over to the Having Your Own Favicon post and learn how to make your own favicon.

Happy Favicon-ing... (If there is even such a word)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saliva Nests

Saliva Nests are actually Bird's Nests or Swiftlets Nest to be exact. This is because the only edible bird nest is from Swiftlets and it is made from the birds saliva. You heard it right, people eat birds saliva and it is very much in demand and quite expensive too.
The price depends on the type of the bird's nest and the price can go up to USD800++ for 30 gram of the saliva nests aka birds nests. Money in saliva yo.

The bird's nest is a Chinese delicacy that is suppose to have health boosting properties. The most common method of consuming the delicacy is by making it into soup which is commonly called the Bird's Nest Soup. 

Anyway, because of the potential money to be made from the birds saliva, locally there have been a lot of places where building are used to farm the swiftlets in order to get the nests. From what I heard, it is a lucrative business indeed as long as there are swiftlets going into your "swiftlets hotel" and make nests there with their saliva. Slurp Slurp. 

Recently there have been a crackdown by the local authorities regarding the farming of the swiftlets as apparently the farms at the commercial buildings are illegal and thus enforcement officers with their big bad attitude go and tear all the farm down  and in the process killing lots of these saliva producing birds and the eggs. So I have heard.

What is the purpose of this post you ask? Well, the purpose is just to show you the saliva nests in its full naked form. Unaltered and fresh from the farm. Before it is processed and stuff. Raw yo.
Thus, BenardCometh Revelations hereby presents to you, Saliva Nests aka Bird's Nests.

birds nests
Saliva Nests aka Bird's Nests
birds nests
Bird's Nests

There you have it. Saliva nests aka Birds Nests. 

Happy eating saliva and may you live forever.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Backup Your Blogger aka Blogspot Posts

Backups are important since there are unpredictable things that may happen which would lead to the loss of important data and information. As a Blogger/Blogspot user myself, I am sure that all you Blogger/Blogspot users want to be able to backup all your posts and comments to avoid any loss that might happen anytime, right?

That is why yours truly am going to show how to backup your Blogger/Blogspot the easy and fast way in this post. There are a few ways to do backups but by far the easiest and fastest would be using an ulitity called the Blogger Backup by Codeplex. The current version is V1.0.9.23. Download the Blogger Backup Utility and after download, extract the contents out to a new folder and you will see two installation file.

Blogger backup Installation File

Run the setup file and proceed with the installation. The installation are standard and just follow through the installation to complete it. You will need the .Net Framework also in order to use the utility. Download the .Net Framework if you don't have it.

blogger backup

blogger backup
Installation Destination

blogger backup
Confirm Installation

blogger backup
Installation in process

blogger backup
Installation Complete

After you installed the utility, run the utility at Start>All Program>Blogger Backup Utility>Blogger Backup Utility or at the place that you install it to.

blogger backup
Run the utility

You will see the following screen on start up. Click on the down arrow at the available blogs section and you will see the option that says Add/Update/Remove Blogs, click on that option to add your Blogger/Blogspot blog in order to prepare it for backup.

blogger backup
Start page

blogger backup
Add/Update/Remove Blogs

After you clicked the add option, you will come to the following screen. Here, you have two choices to choose from. The first is the option to log into Blogger to add your blog and the second option is the manually add or edit your blog option.

blogger backup

Since yours truly wants less hassle and I am sure most of you also want to do it the easy way, then the first option of logging into Blogger to add your blog is the best choice.

However, I am still a bit skeptical about giving my username and password out just like that hence I changed my Blogger password to a temporary password for backup purpose only and change the password back once the backup is done.

For the first option, just enter your Blogger user ID and the password and click on the Log into Blogger and get Blogs button on bottom right. Wait for a while and you will see that your blog is listed.

blogger backup
Add Blog

Once you are done, then press ok to go to the main interface again. From the main interface, click on the available blogs option and you will see that your blog is listed already. Click on your blog to select it.

blogger backup
Select Blog

Once you select your blog, you will see that other options are opened that enable you to edit the settings. You can also see the information of your blog in blue. Edit the settings according to your own preferences such as the parameters for the backup and so on.

blogger backup

blogger backup
Save Post Format

blogger backup
Backup All

blogger backup
Backup according to the period

After you are done with the settings and are satisfied with what you want to backup then proceed to click the backup posts button and the backup process will start. You can see the progress of the backup at the right panel and also the progress status at the bottom.

blogger backup
Backup in process

blogger backup
Proceeding to the next phase of backup

blogger backup
Done backup

There you have it, you have now already backup your Blogger/Blogspot blog. Congratulation. In my case, I like my backup to be in individual file in its own file hence I selected that option. To check, open the folder at the destination you save the backup to and you will see the backup files. For example, my backup.

blogger backup
BenardCometh Revelations Backup

Again, please be reminded that backups are very very important as you will never know when accident happens. It won't be called accident if you know that it is going to happen, right?

Since now you know how to backup your Blogger/Blogspot blog, what are you waiting for? Get going on the backup that you have always wanted to do.

Happy Backup!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Durian aka King of Fruits

Previously the Queen of Fruits and now its the King of Fruits.

Durian is considered as the King of Fruits. Perhaps because of the thorny shell that looks like a crown? Probably because of the taste I would think. Its either you love durian or you don't. From what I know, durian is not too popular with 'ang moh'/ western foreigners due to the strong smell of the fruit and also the aftertaste.


The King of Fruits, Durian or the scientific name, Durio zibethinus is truly unique with a variety of types. The smell is definitely distinctive and commanding. Some are offended by the smell and dislike durian and never want to try durian. They are definitely missing out on one of the most unique fruit in the world. After all, durian is not called the King of Fruits for nothing.

I am sure a lot of you knows how to crack open a durian to get to its tender and appetizing flesh but for the sake of those who don't know, yours truly am going to show visually how to crack open durian yourself. After this post, you will be certified BenardCometh Revelations Expert Durian Opener.

Then, the next time you can even demonstrate your superior durian opening skills and feel extremely proud about it. One more thing, chicks dig expert durian opener. Oh Yeah, you devil expert durian opener, you.

First of all, prepare durian. Get a real durian with the spiky thorns and the fragrant smell not the fake plastic type for display. Here at BenardCometh Revelations, trainings and practices are done using the real thing not some sissy fake stuff. Grrrrr.

Get a knife and try to slit open an opening on the top of the durian. Try to be careful not to cut your finger along the process. The focus here is the durian not your fingers.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

After you successfully make an opening that is large enough for you to put your fingers in, throw away the knife as from now on, you will only need your bare hands. The macho way yo. Pull open at the opening and you will be able to open the durian.

Step 4

Step 5



There you have it, you have successfully open your first durian. Congratulations, now you are certified BenardCometh Revelations Expert Durian Opener. Feel proud of yourself, feel very very proud. Give yourself a pat on the back.

To continue to get the rest of the flesh, you will need to push the sections with both of your hands and you will get the durian flesh.

Push Down


Durian Flesh

We are not done yet, there is one precaution that is passed down from generation to generation. The old people says that DO NOT drink alcohol after you eat Durian or even eat Durian together with alcohol/liquor. It seems that doing so will harm your health. Anyone tested this before? Send the results to me if you have tried and I will immortalize you in this page. Cool or not?

One more thing, eating Durian will tend to make you get "heaty" and to cool down you need to take the husk/shell fill it will water and drink from the husk/shell. It will cool you down. So I have heard.

Fill with water and drink

If you want to try to plant durian, you can always take the seed after you have eaten and plant it. Remember not to eat the seed. Last I checked, the seed is not edible.

Durian Seed

That is all for this post.