Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This post will feature another local fruit since after the King of Fruit and Queen of Fruit, the commoner fruit also must not be neglected. I suppose.

Langsat have a cool scientific name, well most scientific names are cool. Anyway, Langsat's scientific name is "Lansium Domesticum". Probably you can try the name at your local fruit market seller.

Something like, "Hello, how are you today? Do you have the Lansium Domesticum? You know, the Lansium Domesticum **while gesturing the ball shape with your two palms**. Give me a kg of Lansium Domesticum yah?" **still gesturing the ball shape with your two palm**.
Oh yeah, do that and you risk being hit by a slipper or even a broom. Better still, you might even be thrown some "Lansium Domesticum" at your face.

Back to the focus of this post. Langsat aka the "Lansium Domesticum". The fruit is almost round oval-ish and has light yellowish to brownish skin. There are around 4 to 6 segments/slices of white transculent flesh inside a langsat fruit. The taste is sweet and juicy.
Now, let me show you how to master the ancient technique of opening langsat fruit to get to the flesh. With a little practice, you can easily master the Two-Finger Langsat Opening technique. Again, chicks dig those who knows some ancient marital arts kung fu, so to speak.

First of all, get some langsat. Make sure the langsats are not black or grey in color. If you see colors like that, the langsats are rotten. Dont consume.


Now, the first step is to put a Langsat between you index finger and thumb finger and when you are comfortable with the grip, squeeze the langsat with your two fingers slowly until the skin peels open and you will see the white flesh inside.

Pick up a langsat


Congratulation, you have just learned the Two-Finger Langsat Opening technique and with practice you shall master the long lost ancient technique. Time to enjoy your efforts. The langsat's flesh waiting to be consumed.

Langsat Opened

A slice of the flesh with the hint of the seed inside

What does the seed looks like? After you eaten the flesh then you will see the seed. Like the one in the following picture. Be prepared to be grossed out.

Langsat Seed

There you have it. Langsat aka Lansium Domesticum.

Enjoy your Lansium Domesticum.

Happy Lansium Domesticum-ing.


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