Thursday, October 16, 2008

Revamped Maybank2U Rant

Perhaps it's the sign that I am getting older as lately I felt that there is a lot of things to complain/rant about.

Wait, that should not be right. I have nothing much to rant about as generally I am a very patient person. Anyway, in case you don't know yet and you are a Maybank customer, Maybank2U revamped their website already.

Maybank2U V2.0

Now, the thing is if something is improved or changed for the better, it should be BETTER then the previous version right? If not, what is the purpose of upgrading/improving/changing? Just for fun is it?

"Lim Peh" want to pay a bill also takes so long. Imagine, I log in at 3.30pm and now is around 4.15pm and still haven't completed the transaction yet. I might as well go and queue up at the mini post office nearby. -_-"

The redesign is swell and all but the thing to focus on is performance mmmmkay. A friend reminded me that today is the official launch of the new Maybank2U so there would be a lot of "Kay Poh" people who want to log in and look at new things hence there might be overload due to insufficient bandwidth or server load.

No, NO EXCUSES. Where is the scalability? "Mana"? It should be optimized for a LOT of people accessing it at the same time.

Aside from that, there seems to be problem to complete my transaction. Got error. Seems to me like it is still under beta testing and all users are the guinea pig.


Guinea Pig

And yes, "Lim Peh" itchy loh. Of all other days, die die also have to pick today to do the transaction. "Lim Peh" deserve it then. "Lim Peh" have given up and will wait till tomorrow to do the transaction due to the super duper fast and responsive Maybank2U V2.

There, done ranting.

BenardCometh Vocabulary lesson of the day:

"Lim Peh"
Translated directly means Your Father.
(Just another expression referring to self)

"Kay Poh"
Busy Body.


p/s: Still slow and unresponsive. The time now is 5:02PM. Where is the LOVE?


  1. Yeah, now they are using the old maybank2u login... =p


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