Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Malaysia Latest Oil Price

As of this post, effective midnight, the petrol and diesel will be cheaper at the pump. Previous decrease in oil price in September and now a further deduction of 15 sen for RON97 petrol, 10 sen for RON92, and 20 sen for Diesel.

Hence, the latest oil price in Malaysia effective midnight would be:

RON 97 : RM 2.30 per litre
RON 92 : RM 2.20 per litre
Diesel : RM 2.20 per litre

Hmmm, although the world's oil price decrease significantly, the price at the pump in Malaysia are still considerably high. The ratio seems not right but maybe that is just me. Maybe everyone else are extremely happy about it. Ecstatically happy.

By the way, having small reduction is better than no reduction at all. So, enjoy the new pump price.


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