Monday, October 20, 2008

Durian aka King of Fruits

Previously the Queen of Fruits and now its the King of Fruits.

Durian is considered as the King of Fruits. Perhaps because of the thorny shell that looks like a crown? Probably because of the taste I would think. Its either you love durian or you don't. From what I know, durian is not too popular with 'ang moh'/ western foreigners due to the strong smell of the fruit and also the aftertaste.


The King of Fruits, Durian or the scientific name, Durio zibethinus is truly unique with a variety of types. The smell is definitely distinctive and commanding. Some are offended by the smell and dislike durian and never want to try durian. They are definitely missing out on one of the most unique fruit in the world. After all, durian is not called the King of Fruits for nothing.

I am sure a lot of you knows how to crack open a durian to get to its tender and appetizing flesh but for the sake of those who don't know, yours truly am going to show visually how to crack open durian yourself. After this post, you will be certified BenardCometh Revelations Expert Durian Opener.

Then, the next time you can even demonstrate your superior durian opening skills and feel extremely proud about it. One more thing, chicks dig expert durian opener. Oh Yeah, you devil expert durian opener, you.

First of all, prepare durian. Get a real durian with the spiky thorns and the fragrant smell not the fake plastic type for display. Here at BenardCometh Revelations, trainings and practices are done using the real thing not some sissy fake stuff. Grrrrr.

Get a knife and try to slit open an opening on the top of the durian. Try to be careful not to cut your finger along the process. The focus here is the durian not your fingers.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

After you successfully make an opening that is large enough for you to put your fingers in, throw away the knife as from now on, you will only need your bare hands. The macho way yo. Pull open at the opening and you will be able to open the durian.

Step 4

Step 5



There you have it, you have successfully open your first durian. Congratulations, now you are certified BenardCometh Revelations Expert Durian Opener. Feel proud of yourself, feel very very proud. Give yourself a pat on the back.

To continue to get the rest of the flesh, you will need to push the sections with both of your hands and you will get the durian flesh.

Push Down


Durian Flesh

We are not done yet, there is one precaution that is passed down from generation to generation. The old people says that DO NOT drink alcohol after you eat Durian or even eat Durian together with alcohol/liquor. It seems that doing so will harm your health. Anyone tested this before? Send the results to me if you have tried and I will immortalize you in this page. Cool or not?

One more thing, eating Durian will tend to make you get "heaty" and to cool down you need to take the husk/shell fill it will water and drink from the husk/shell. It will cool you down. So I have heard.

Fill with water and drink

If you want to try to plant durian, you can always take the seed after you have eaten and plant it. Remember not to eat the seed. Last I checked, the seed is not edible.

Durian Seed

That is all for this post.



  1. me want a bite !!
    me want lotsa bites !!
    you have beards eh. =p

  2. duriannnn~~~ Me also want to eat!!!
    too bad that i cant eat much or else all the pimples gonna break out again...~~

    ehhh, u got beards mehh~!! =P


  3. levian: Yep, I have beards... =p

    -et3rnal-: Yep, I got beards.... =p

  4. durian, durian, durian...
    i'm not keen about durian...hehe...
    must look cool~!


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