Sunday, October 12, 2008

PKR Anwar New Deadline to Change Government

A new deadline after the not so glorious previous deadline. Hmmm, would there be another deadline after this? And another? And another?

Seems like someone trying to bluff their way in but that is just me. I am a pretty straight-forward person and IF I have the means or the power or the numbers to back me up, I would not really missed the first deadline in the first place as if there are yet another deadline after another deadline then I believe the people would have grown weary of waiting and for sure it would be like the "Boy who cried Wolf" case.

Then again, it might be somekind of strategy you say? Oh, well at least one thing is for sure and that is yours truly definitely am not qualified to be in politics. Am too straight-foward and honest and with integrity and always believed that the good shall prevail/triumph over the evil. Guess I am a little bit too naive and definitely would be slaughtered in the political scene.

Anyway the new deadline is in DEC, as posted on Malaysia Today in the article "Malaysia's Anwar sets new Dec deadline to seize power".

Quoted directly from Malaysia Today:

Anwar has insisted he had won over enough defectors from the government to form a new administration. But an earlier self-imposed deadline of September 16 passed and his calls to recall parliament for a confidence vote were denied.

The former deputy premier's move to set a new deadline by the Eid al-Adha festival, which falls on December 8, comes after Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi announced this week he will not stand in a party election next year, effectively handing over to his deputy Najib Razak.

"We have built our base to go forward, if it (taking power) does not happen this week or next week, it can possibly happen before Eid al-Adha festival," Anwar said late on Friday in comments reported by the mass-selling Berita Harian newspaper

"On the way it will be done, I can't say. We will choose the peaceful way," Anwar, who was touring the northeastern state of Kelantan, said. 

There you have it, September 16th, the first deadline passed just like that. Now, what will happen on December 8th? Who knows, we will have to wait till then to find out. Peaceful way mah.

BenardCometh Revelations have no political party preferences but hope that whoever becomes the government would make Malaysia stable and prosperous. For the love of the country and her people.

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