Thursday, September 30, 2010

On A Roll


Second post in a single night.

I am back....

Yes, I am BACK!!!!!

I am on a freaking roll here.


So I thought 30 minutes ago before am distracted by being asked to go fix the pipe. Yes, have I not told you all before that I am the Mr. Fix It around here? At least in my humble adobe I am.

Anyway, so 30 minutes ago I have this inspiration to blog on a certain topic that I remembered is a good topic which would make a pretty good post true to BenardCometh Revelation's style. But after the minor distraction, somehow I just can't remember what is it that I need to blog about. Damn!!!!

Maybe it is the memory fades with age kind of thing and here I am thinking that I am still able to churn out post after post. Like a freaking post churning machine. Ahem~~~

Really, lately I am getting more and more absent minded or even forgetful. Maybe somehow I ate too much ants. Yes, ANTS. Here, we have an old saying that if you eat too much ants you will be very forgetful. The same saying along the line of if you eat too much chicken feet then your hand would shake a lot. That kind of saying.

But ho, that should be impossible loh. Do I look like a freaking ant-eater to you? Huh? Huh? Do, I look like this???

Picture unethically ripped from this website 
So bite me. I gave credit to where it is due already. =p

Wait, you all don't even know how I look like. Maybe I am a freaking ant-eater. A gigantic ant-eater who believed himself to be a human all this while. OMG!!!! Oh my freaking god!!!!! Then that would explain the absent minded and forgetful me. Maybe it is like metamorphosis or some evolution kind of shit. You know, the human form for 20 over years then suddenly changes skin and becomes a gigantic ant-eater. That also means that you all have been reading posts by a freaking gigantic ant-eater!!!!! -_-"

By the way, if you believe the above (the part where your truly am an ant-eater) then please get professional help now. Stop reading and seriously go and get some professional help. It is unhealthy. Go. Shu~~Shu~~~Shu~~

This is actually to compensate the awesome and kick ass post that I initially wanted to post but totally forgotten about what to post due to some minor disturbance. Honestly. It is on par with conquering the world kind of level. That awesome I tell you.

So there,

Just to tell you all that initially I have a great post but then somehow I can't remember what the post is all about after the minor disturbance. I blame the pipe.

So, Sumimasen.

That is all. 

Colours of Nature 2010 @ Borneo Highlands Resort

This is a long overdue post that has been in my draft box for quite sometime already. Time is a luxury that has been eluding me for quite some time already. Well especially during the June to November period of time. Wah seh, sounds like very busy like that... Ahem~~~

Anyway, without further ado. **Drumrolls**, hereby presenting the overdue post on the Colours of Nature 2010.

In case you don't know or just today visited BenardCometh Revelations (Hurray, an extra minion on top of the two existing loyal minions. Ahem~~~), yours truly have actually visited the Colours of Nature in year 2008 so it is called Colours of Nature 2008 that year. Go figure...

Anyway, here I shamelessly am pimping my old post for the Colours of Nature 2008. There are 3 parts altogether and with considerable amount of pictures. (Just don't ask why the name of the post is Borneo Highlands instead of Colours of Nature 2008. Somehow, at the time of writing the name Colours of Nature 2008 doesn't really strike out to me compared to Borneo Highlands. That is also the first time I went to Borneo Highlands Resort. Damn it, you tricked me into explaining why is the title different you evil evil human you. =p )

Before that, first thing first. What do you normally think of when you heard the Colours of Nature? Or let me put it this way, what is the first thing/thought that comes to your mind when you heard Colours of Nature? Don't be shy now, it is basically pretty safe to answer me in the comment box you know? The submit button doesn't bite. 

Yours truly thinks of something along the line of "Nature got colours meh?", "Colours? Wouldn't something like Greenery of Nature be better?, then again it is like saying I am a male and I pee standing...Stating the obvious that is. I know I know, even I myself surprise myself sometimes at the creativity of examples given.". Better stop here now before I go on and on and on.

A little bit of introduction aye?

The e-banner that was ripped from the website earlier on

From the Colours of Nature 2010 website, the Colours of Nature enters its third year being organised by Borneo Highlands Resort (BHR) to show to the public the magnificent nature environment at Borneo Highlands Resort. The Colours of Nature is conceptualised to bring flower and nature enthusiasts together, discuss common interests and cultivate the love for nature not only among the people of Sarawak but also everyone who are interested in nature and the environment.

The Colours of Nature 2010 is held in conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day where it will cover more than 50 acres of land set in the midst of highland greenery and forest preservation against the background of a spectacular natural landscape and scenic Mountain View. This year also marks Borneo Highlands Resort’s 10th anniversary since the launching in the year 2000.

The Colours of Nature 2010 starts on the 28th August 2010 to 16th September 2010 and is the time of the year where Borneo Highlands Resort is open to the public without prior reservations. If not, on normal days, one need to make prior reservations before going up or risk being disappointed by the rejection of entry at the foothill. For the general public to go up and enjoy the environment so to speak.

The ticket is RM30/adult for a foothill return transfer and RM15/children for a foothill return transfer. So guests/visitors buys the tickets at the foothill then proceed to wait for the transportation and then use the transportation to go to the plateau area. From the drop off point, there is a free shuttle to the Flower Garden on a first come first serve basis due to limitation of seats.

At the Flower Garden, another RM20/adult or RM10/children if you opt for the highlands tour that brings you to the Kalimantan Lookout Point, to Flower Nursery, a bit of Organic Farm, and finally the drop off point.

So lets the pictures do the talking aye? Quite a lot of pictures so might loads a bit slow.

 The path to the drop off point near the plateau area

 The Plateau Car Park aka Drop Off Point

 The Resort Transportation - Borgo (One time fits around 16 only)

  The Resort Transportation - Tuk Tuk (One time fits around 10 only)

 The Path to the Flower Garden

 Family horse at the plateau

 Kiddy Horse and Mama Horse at the plateau

 There are bicycles for rental also at the plateau

 Little kid, are you lost???

 Horse Dung aka Horse Shit aka Tahi Kuda at the plateau

 The lookout tower at the Flower Garden - Misty all around

 The Flower Garden

 Another part of the flower garden

 View of the Flower Garden

 Path to vertical garden with lady shoe orchid hanging down

 Our National Flower - Hibiscus

 Path of stone

 Small stream

 Small Stream again

 Water Lily in a pond near Rabbit's Park

 Yellowish Plant

 Bamboo Bridge inside the herbs garden that links to the Chinese Tea House

 All herbs inside Herbs Garden are with labels

 Also can see the Eagle flower aka BHR Sakura

 Mini Hanging Bridge

 Gazebo at Swan Lake

 Swan Lake View

 Purple Flower

 Path to the Kalimantan View

 View of Kalimantan Side

 Woot...3281 feet high~~

 Panorama View of Mount Penrissen at the Kalimantan View Point

 Flower again

 Eagle Flower aka BHR Sakura's Petal

 Random Branches

 Centipede or is it millipede?

 Banana kind of plant


 Fu-La-Wer again

 Fu-La-Wer yet again

 Fu-La-Wer yet again and again

 Orchid lah~~

 Still Orchid lah~~~

 Praying Mantis

  Fu-La-Wer yet again and again and again

 Here Kity Kitty kitty~~~

 Lettuce at Organic Farm


 View of the Plateau area from Flower garden

 View on the way down

 View on the way down

View on the way down

There you have it. The pictures taken during the Colours of Nature 2010 at Borneo Highlands Resort. This is an annual event. So every year, you can go up without reservations. Just buy tickets or if you are feeling adventurous can also drive your own car up. Ahem~~~

Ja ne~~~