Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fish Deep Fried and Eaten Alive

Alright, so this might be old news to some but I just saw it on Youtube. Before proceeding, if you are one of em PETA or animal/fish.insect lovers then this might not be suitable for you.


So, people always say fresh ingredients makes delicious dishes regardless how simple is the preparation. Correct?

Hence, you get people who try to eat em poor bastards while em poor bastards are still alive. Sounds like the time where I heard people eating monkey brain with alcohol while the monkey is still alive. But that is a story for some other day.

Today's menu would be fresh live fish deep fried and ready to be eaten while still alive.

The Preparation of the Fish for deep fried and eaten alive:

Preparation for the fish to be deep fried while still alive

Next up is the people enjoying the deep fried fish while the fish is still alive.

Deep Fried Fish eaten alive

There you have it.

How do you feel actually?

I am curious.

Come, tell me now.

Don't be shy.


  1. Feels like gimmick to me. Not that I don't believe the fish still moving, but the concept of it.


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