Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, if all the two of you loyal readers noticed, there has been an acute shortage of posts from BenardCometh Revelations. Might also seems deja vu being that you thought you read the posts on how that there is a serious lack of update on this space again and again. Ahem..

But then again, have to emphasize that nowadays it is kinda hard to come up with things to post. Maybe it is the age thing. Or maybe I don't go around much already these days hence the lacking of materials to post. Yes, I can begin to sense the anti-social cells in me growing in an exponential rate. OMG~~~~~

Anyway, back to the focus of this post.

Like what all two of you have known already by now (being loyal readers and all), I go my hands on a D90 (but this clumsy idiot dropped it twice and even got hot green tea wet it before) and seems like it is built tough under all the circumstances it has gone through and yet still manage to be alive and functioning. Thank the heavens.

By the way, did I mentioned it is also called Ninety-Zai? Ahem... Yes, it has a name though I did not really specifically mentioned it whenever I use Ninety-Zai being big macho guy and all. Ahem~~~

So, I got my hands on a Nikkor 70-300mm lens to play around with and so far am liking it. Heck, the moon that I tried to capture with my kit lens (18-105mm) is like a speck of light, hardly any good I would say even if cropped.

Thus, with the 70-300mm I managed to capture some moon pictures that I have always wanted to take. Here, share the picture with the two of you. Being loyal and all. Just for you two.. Ahem~~~

The two pictures are cropped as even the 300mm cannot really zoom in that near. However, the cropped quality definitely is better than the Ninety-Zai kit lens.

There you have it.

Full Moon...


Arrrrr Woooooo~~~~


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