Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mobile Broadband Usage

***The following conversation happens in a Facebook chat which inspires Yours Truly to blog about it. Another blog post to cheat all your readers out there..... After so long.....

M: I cannot send mms lar. Not much of my friends uses whatsapp lar

B: Oh? How come? Can send some sms request to your provider for them to send you the sms settings what.

M: Already but my service provider sucks. Real time. I already call them to change from 1GB to 3GB lar.

B: Like that should be ok liao. Maybe got service interruption.

M: 1GB is not enough for me to use lar. Have to use 3GB. I only do minimal usage jek.

B: Oh? Is it? What you use your broadband for?

M: Oh, I just use for Whatsapp, Facebook, Surf net, Youtube, downloading songs, etc, etc, etc..... Why?? Why??? Why??? Why is not enough I also don't know.

B: -_-"

- End of Conversation - 

*** Names have been changed to protect the endangered species. And the chat might be modified a bit to spice things up but the essence is the same. Ahem. B is Yours Truly.