Monday, March 31, 2008


Why Adultery?

Now, it is a common perception that only men commit adultery. However, that perception is flawed because women commit adultery as well. So, adultery is not specific to men but also women. Brings a new meaning to equality of genders aye.

Before we go further, a little bit of explanation on what exactly defines adultery. According to Wikipedia,

"Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse (including oral sex) between a married person and one who is not his or her spouse."

There, that clearly define what is adultery.

Done with the introduction, the question now is WHY ADULTERY?
(The following is purely what I think and not necessarily is the truth)

(A) For the FUN and EXCITEMENT of it.

Those who commit adultery thinks that it is fun and exciting to do the forbidden. Some enjoy the process of doing it and to them it gives them meaning to life.

(B) To find the long lost FEELING.

This might happen when there is no more sparks/fire in the relationship or marriage. Thus, they go out in order to find the long lost feeling that they once experienced. Where is the love. The forbidden is always addictive.

(C) Ignorant

Huh? What? It's wrong? It's forbidden? How come I did not know of that? I never knew that is wrong? (Well, you get the idea)

Anyway, earlier on I read some article from somewhere that for MEN, the reason they commit adultery is because of BIOLOGY/GENETICALLY IMPRINTED in them that they need to populate.
(Now guys, don't go and use that as reason you hear?)

The whole article talks about the reason for adultery in men and the most striking reason is that it has been the biological law since prehistoric times.

You see, during the prehistoric times, men need to populate as much as possible and there is no concept of marriage. It is almost impossible during the prehistoric times for a man to lay with only one woman for the rest of his natural born life due to the fact that they need to populate. To survive, so to say.

In order to ensure the survival of the species, men spread their seeds around to increase the probability that the generation will continue.

So, that trait/genetic imprint remains in the generations to come up until now.

Speaking in that manner, it would be also reasonable that women in the prehistoric times would not only have one partner for life. This is due to the men going everywhere and working hard to ensure that their seeds survives.

That leads to the conclusion that in the prehistoric times, both men and women are polygamous and does not have a specific life partner. Thus, that trait are brought forward from generation to generation.

Thus it is safe to assume that those who commit adultery are prehistoric apes, correct?
(If you follow the Darwin's Theory on evolution which dictates that human beings are evolved from apes)

Now, why do you think that men and women alike commit adultery?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Reasons Why Guys Should Not Go Near Babies

Got this hilarious pictures/illustration from email sent to me. Don't know who is the artist though. Credits to whoever you are for the pictures.

Untrained guys that's it. In the following pictures are reasons why "untrained" guys should not go near babies. Ever.

It's a comparison of do and don't when "handling" babies.

Reason 1
Guys are very particular/perfectionist

A drop on the skin is not enough.
Have to use tongue to test whether the milk is hot or not ok.

Reason 2
Guys are very thoughtful

Put in the cradle is not suitable, later catch cold how?
Have to put in the drawer mah. Better

Reason 3
Guys are very playful

Hold so near where got fun.
Have to throw as high as possible = FUN

Reason 4
Guys are very cheerful

Must make baby smile.
If baby won't smile, have to "force" baby to smile

Reason 5
Guys are very strong

Normal lift like that like a sissy.
No, just lift by the head. Strong.
Hugaa hugaa

Reason 6
Guys are very creative

Letting baby pet puppy carefully no use.
Have to do stuff like put inside the aquarium for baby to "bond" with Nemo.

Reason 7
Guys are very practical

Chew on the soft rubber no use.
Have to give something like a shoe with rubber soles. Longer lasting

Reason 8
Guys are very health-conscious

Pumping iron is the way to go.
The macho way to go

Reason 9
Guys are very effective and efficient

Drying using the drying machine faster, efficient and effective mah.

Reason 10
Guys are very considerate

The normal containment is not good.
Have to have a containment that has water and food mah.
Like a pet's cage.

Reason 11
Guys are very straight to the point

Why the hassle?
Just use finger to clear the nose.
Much faster and adds a personal touch.

Reason 12
Guys are very safety oriented

No need for baby seat.
Just use the seatbelt and you are good to go

Reason 13
Guys are genius and magical


Just because of the fact that
guys can

provide milk.

Genius no?
Magical no?

(alright, that is sooooo wrong)

That is why, never trust guys with babies. Especially highly "untrained" guys. Understand?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Clam-ish Experience

Yours Truly have always loved to eat clam. Or is it oyster? Those local oyster-ish and clam-ish thing. I believe in Cantonese it is called "Si Ham". However, I might be wrong. Just might. =p

Anyway, the clam that I am referring to is this.


Now, I am going to show you a simple way how to prepare this simple dish. Get some clam/oyster/si ham. (Obviously you will need this ingredient.)

First, you will have to boil the clam in hot water to "force" the shell to open. Then, after that cool it down with cool running water. You will notice that the clam would open its "mouth".

"mouth open"
(depth of field yo)

After that proceed to open the shell and pick out the clam meat. It seems tedious but have patience my young padawan. Then you will eventually get a whole lot of clam meat.

open the shell

remove the meat

clam meat

From there, heat up your wok/pan. Pour some olive oil and add in some cubbed garlic and stir-fry until the smell is good. After that add in some sliced big onions and thinly sliced ginger. Lastly add in the clam meat and stir-fry it for a while, then add some soy sauce and pepper. Stir-fry for a while and you are done.

And the result would be something like this.

clam dish

Happy Consuming Eating.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ACER laptop memory module aka RAM upgrade

After the stolen laptop case, it is time for replacement. Got myself a second hand ACER Aspire 5502. Upgraded the RAM. Pheonix, you will be remembered. And the bastard thief, know that you will be cursed for eternity. May you live forever.

One of the downside of owning a laptop is the lack of upgrade options. The most upgradeable stuff would be the hard disk drive and the memory module (RAM).

Normally it is not advisable to do the upgrades yourself unless you know what you are doing. For the basic upgrades for laptops such as hard disk drives and RAM, it is quite easy to do.

Yours Truly am going to show how to upgrade the memory module(RAM) on an ACER Aspire 5502 laptop. Basically all laptop have the same general component structure so it will be the same with any laptop.

The ACER aspire 5502 comes with a 512MB DDR2 RAM (2 pieces of 256MB DDR2 RAM) due to the nature of the dual channel that can be utilized.

An overview of ACER Aspire 5502. Flip over to the back and you will see the following. Like I said, most of the laptop have the same general component structure.

component structure

Identify the location of the component that you want to upgrade. First thing first, before you start to tinker with your laptop, it is always advisable to remove the battery. Refer to the following picture.

remove the battery

After removing the battery, get a suitable screwdriver (normally the philips head screwdriver) and unscrew the screw on the memory module(RAM) section. When you open the lid covering the section, you will see the original RAM installed inside. Remove the RAM by lightly pushing out the side panels. The RAM will pop up and in a slanted position (around 45 degree) and then proceed to pull the RAM out.

lightly push the two panel to the side

the RAM will pop up slanted (around 45 degree)
then proceed to pull the RAM out

After that you will see that normally there will be two RAM slots where you can add higher capacity RAM in.

The ACER ASPIRE 5502 can only support up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, hence I bought 2 pieces of Kingston 1GB DDR2 RAM. (to make full use of the dual channel, remember?)

2 pieces of Kingston 1GB DDR2 RAM

Insert the RAM one by one starting from the bottom slot. Just insert it around 45 degree into the slot and after you are sure it is firm, push the RAM down to fasten it. Insert the RAM like the following picture before pressing it down directly to fasten it.

inserting the RAM before pressing it down to fasten it

There, you are done with the installation/upgrade of new memory module(RAM). Remember to put back the lid and screw back the screw. Insert back the battery and power on your laptop. Go to the system properties and you will see that the total memory on your laptop now is 2GB. Congratulation, you have successfully upgraded your laptop RAM.


(sounds familiar?)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Tagged by Nux. So I don't really have a choice here. Read forced. Afterall this is the very first tag I got from her. Woot, virgin tag. ;p

Here goes nothing.....

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~~End Copy~~

So, I am suppose to pass this on. Who else to pass if not the ones on my link list, rite?

So I will pass this tag to:


p/s: And to add a little bit of my opinion on the purpose of this tag. This tag suppose to:
1. Make your Authority Technorati explode. ( Oh, I seriously doubt that.... )
2. Increase your Google Page Rank. ( Ooo, Google PR... Don't Care)
3. Get more traffic to your blog. ( Yeah right, says who?)
4. Makes more new friends. ( Where? I don't see any...=p)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bird Watch

One fine afternoon while working diligently, Yours Truly heard a commotion outside the window. Upon investigating, the commotion is caused by some birds.

It seems that the birds are having a party from the looks of it. However, things turn sour and the birds leave one after the other.

As the saying goes, "A Picture is worth a Thousand Words" so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

The Birds

Birds starting to leave

A bird realize that someone is peeping

much persuasion
(Yours Truly can be quite persuasive at times)

Mr. Birdy agrees that there is more life. Life is precious and that there are more things to life than just partying pecking and flying.

Things such as


One for the camera

Being a good guy is always not worth it. After all those efforts to persuade and take pictures of Mr. Birdy. The damn bird does not give it a damn. Not even a thank you but give shit for it. Literally shit I tell you.

bird poop

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Convert FAT32 to NTFS

Thanks to 3Point8 for asking and I realized the mistake. The full command for the conversion should be " convert [drive letter] /fs:ntfs".
My bad for forgetting to type in the convert part. Happy Converting then. The post edited.

For those who does not understand the title then it is highly probable that you will not be using this how to or do not even bother at all.
For the health freaks, they might think that FAT32 is something they have to avoid. And no, FAT32 does not mean that there are 32 types of FAT.
NTFS does not mean Need To Freaking Speed also.

Now, for those who understand at least what FAT32 and NTFS means, lets move on to the converting of FAT32 to NTFS.

First of all, check whether your file system is in FAT32 or NTFS. To do this, right click on your hard disk drive and click on properties.
The file system is FAT32

After you confirmed what type of file system you have and you still to convert to NTFS, then you will need to run command prompt. Go to START>RUN>type cmd.

Click on the Run

type in cmd and press ok

After that a window will pop up and you will see a black background window with white text. You will need to type in a string of command to enable the Windows built-in converter.

If the drive that you want to convert to NTFS file system contains operating system then you will need to wait for it to unlock in the next reboot before it can be converted to NTFS.

The command that you need to type in order to start the converter is

convert [drive letter] /fs:ntfs

In the following example I want to convert C: drive from FAT32 to NTFS so I need to enter

convert C: /fs:ntfs

After that you will be instructed to enter the volume label of which in this case my volume label is BenICHI and that is where my operating system is installed.

You will be prompted to reboot so that the drive can be unlocked to facilitate the conversion. Just follow through with the instruction and you are done.

conversion of a drive with Windows XP installed

If the drive you want to convert do not have any operating system installed then after the convert [drive letter] /fs:ntfs and enter the volume label name, you will be asked whether you want to force a dismount on the drive (Y/N) . You need to type Y and press enter to confirm dismount and just follow through with the process. Just close the command prompt window after the process is done.

conversion of a drive with no operating system installed

To reconfirm, go to your hard disk drive properties and you will see that the file system now is converted to NTFS.

The file system converted to NTFS

Congratulation on being successful in converting FAT32 to NTFS.

P/S I: Don't be a smart ass and try to use the command convert [drive letter] /fs:fat32 to convert NTFS to FAT32. It would not work. You can convert FAT32 to NTFS but not the other way around.

P/S II: It is always better to format your hard disk drive in NTFS rather than converting FAT32 to NTFS.

Done with the technical part. Let's do some revelations on why is it the need to convert to NTFS from FAT32 arise.

Before that a little bit of introduction with FAT32 and NTFS.

FAT32 file system is originally used in Windows 95 and is just an extension of FAT16 file system of which FAT32 improves the disk utilization. So, that means that FAT32 is better than FAT16 mmmmkay.

NTFS file system is introduced in the first version of Windows NT and is considered an upgrade from FAT32. So, that means that NTFS is a newer file system and anything new is considered better mmmmmkay.

Go ask Uncle Google for more info about file system and the types of operating system that is compatible with the file system.
(You do not seriously think that I will list out all those information here now do you?)

Basically NTFS offers increased security, better disk management, file compression and encryption compared to FAT32.

Lastly, few reasons why you should choose NTFS over FAT32.

1. If you have hard disk drive over 40GB in size choose NTFS.

2. If you want to accurately calculate the size of your hard disk drive choose NTFS.

3. If you want a more reliable and secure file system choose NTFS.

4. Microsoft recommended NTFS.

5. BenardCometh uses NTFS.

And no.6, the most important reason of all is that
6. Because BenardCometh says so.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 signs your manager is an ASS

I believe that most people would encounter situation where their manager is an ASS at least once at a point in their career. Correct me if I am wrong.

Now, how to identify whether your manager is an ASS? From the conversation I had with a considerable amount of people, I can safely list out 10 signs your manager is an ASS. So, normally if you see more than 1 sign 5 signs in the list in your manager then sorry to say that your manager is an ASS.

So, here goes the 10 signs your manager is an ASS.

Sign 1 : Gives unreasonable orders
This means UNREASONABLE orders. I know you know what I mean by that.

Sign 2 : Live in the past
Keep on bringing past issues to compare with and keep on talking about the things in the past.

Sign 3 : No initiative to upgrade knowledge/skills
Always says that it is impossible to learn anymore due to the age factor and also the busy factor.

Sign 4 : Condemn everyone
Nobody can perform up to the expectation or everyone is not qualified enough except for self of course.

Sign 5 : Self pity
Keep on talking about self not being appreciated, lots of works, compensation not enough to gain sympathy.

Sign 6 : Talk rubbish
More like gibberish. Doesn't make sense most of the time as keep on contradicting with self.

Sign 7 : Back stabbing all colleagues (Even they are his family members and friends)
Yes, even own relatives and friends are not spared. Stab stab stab. At the back that is.

Sign 8 : Refuse to accept changes
Doesn't like changes even though the changes are for the best. Changes is seen as something unstable.

Sign 9 : Inferiority complex
Surprised? Yes, they also have inferiority complex where they HAVE to force on something to show power JUST to PROVE themselves. Don't ever want to listen or take suggestion as it is seen as reinforce the inferiority complex. And of course the scared being replaced by younger lower ranking staff.

Sign 10 : Self Worship
Lastly, worship self. Like Ohm Ohm Ohm, looks in the mirror and bow down to self worship. Meaning that assume that it is impossible for self to make mistake or error and that self is always right.

Mr. Manager Sir

There, done with the 10 signs your manager is an ASS. What do you think? Any more additions? Anyone want to refute the 10 signs mentioned?

Maybe you do not agree and think that managers should self worship and be an egoistic bastard? Well, you have your own reason I believe and for that I shall respect your reasons. You are crazy, quickly check in yourself in a mental asylum aka psychiatric hospital before you start to bite people.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Samy Vellu Farewell Song

Personally I would think that it is very mean to rub salt into the wound. But in this case a little bit won't hurt I guess.

Got this circulating in emails, I repeat, got it from email and I am NOT the author.

Seems that there is this guy who is unemployed and seeks employment.


Date prepared: 8 March 2008(12.00 am)

Personal Particular

Name: Samy Vellu
Age: 72
Sex: Male
Race: Please see my name
Correspondence address: Kementerian Kerjaraya, Putra Jaya.
( Not valid after 10 March 2008)
Contact Number: N/A

Highest Education

LCE @ Sijil Rendah Pelajaran Malaysia

Working Experience

As work minister for 30 years
MIC leader for 30 years


Increase Toll fee & set up new toll

Proposal to solve Parliament building water leakage issue-
(Project failed due to technical error, not my fault)

Proposal to Solve traffic congestion in Penang bridge by introducing Helicopter to lift the break down / accident car
( Project cancel due to technical error, not my fault)

Won in Election (Sg. Siput) for 30 years consecutive.
(Lost in 2008 election due to technical error, not my fault)

Personal Strength:

Good interpersonal skill – Able to communicate well & respect by all level of people.

Good problem solving skill – by denying all faults

Expected salary: Not important
(As long as I get a job…)

HINDRAF members
People of Sungai Siput

Yours sincerely,
Samy Vellu

There you have it. Help the fella will ya. Can retire already lah, leave it for the younger people.

Then someone even go and make a farewell song especially dedicated to him. Awwww, so nice.

Here it goes.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Filler Post

Know what is a Filler Post?

Ever watched anime?

Then you should be familiar with the term Filler Episodes which means episodes of the anime that does not really have any meaning other than to just fill up the time until the "real" episode comes out.
(More than often, this is another way they can make the anime longer and at the same time earn more.)

Anime is a term used for Japanese Cartoons. Don't ask me why but that is what it has been since the beginning of time and shall be called anime till the end of time.

Anyway, some of you might have guessed already what a Filler Post means. If you still do not understand then ask and you shall receive. There's this saying that goes "It is better to be a fool for 5 minutes than a fool forever".

So, here is it the Filler Post.

Yours Truly have created a simple banner for a player in an online text-based game.

The following is the banner.

Sekian Terima Kasih
(That is it, Thank You)

-Filler Post Ends-

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Please Pull Rope After Use

Went to dinner just now and found something amusing. Well, I am very easy to be amused.

Anyway, what is wrong with the following picture?


Lepas Pakai Tolong Tarik Tali
(Please Pull Rope After Use)
But ho,

Mana Itu Tali?
Tarik mana?
(Where is the Rope?)

Told you already that I am easily amused.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Learning English in Kuching

***Updates: Don't contact the phone number as Mr. Daniel is not working there anymore***

***Updates: Go ahead, contact the stated contact number if you want to know more***


First, I am not paid to post this so it is not considered paid post. I agreed to post this up to help out. See, I am a nice guy after all.
Second, money is not always the most important thing you know. Yeah right, keep on dreaming.

Anyway, some of you might know the reason why I enabled moderation on this tiny blog of mine. However, I think my level of English comprehension is not too bad. I mean, at least some of you can understand what I am trying to say in each post right? Am I right or am I right? Yep, you don't really have a choice here.

That aside,

Me is think me ingeris is not beri bad.

Me ingeris can speaking like england england.

Me got aso the kuahlification aso.

You is not believe?

Me pass the JLPT Level 4.

Ha, how is that for me ingeris kuahlification?

Me speaking ping pang hiang worrr.

Speaking ingeris is easy easy water lah.

Ar? You is say JLPT not ingeris kuahlification?

JLPT is not ingeris kualification is wha kualification?

Sii the JLPT is Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Sii, it is in ingeris so it is ingeris kuahlification loh.

Don't think me BTC wor. Me WTC wor.

BTC and WTC aso don know?

Boh Tak Chek and Wu Tak Chek lah.

So, if you are at the same level as me, like what I demonstrated just now, you do know that you desperately need some help right? Like hell, it would be painful to even listen to someone who talks like that.

Anyway, me is no medicine help liao so it is useless for me to go improve me ingeris but I also still want the best for those who still have undefined bright future ahead of them but unable to show their potential just because of their poor mastery of the lingua franca.
(Correct me if I am wrong but I think the lingua franca in the world now is English? or wait.. is it Foochow?)

That is why, yours truly am helping posting this.

-----Directly quoted---

Interested to master English?

Here at Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya (Kuching) Cambridge Language Centre, we offer English courses for kids, teenagers and adults alike. We maintain our quality by teaching you until you fully understand. We are affiliated to CES Group, Singapore.

1. Cambridge syllabus
2. Flexible timetable
3. Cambridge University Press English textbooks.

Enrol now to get these promotions! (While stocks last.)

1. Free textbooks (Cambridge University Press)
2. Unlimited sessions

For more information or if you would like to set an appointment, please contact:
Daniel Ng
016-851 5010

-------End of quote----------

Got a Poster tim

(please note that the "tim" is just an expression, local slang yo)

mastering english in kuchingwant to master English?

Psssttt, if any of you really did go and try it out. Try to "survey" and see if there got any "eye cleaner" or not. The ones that can "wash eyes" with, then I might just be interested to go learn and improve me Ingeris.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bear Me

I have submitted my resignation letter last Friday. Am giving 3 months notice because there are responsibilities that I need to settle and not to mention to give the management time to find my replacement. I am very the responsible wan.

It is suffice to say that the current job doesn't really offer much career development and experience. Apparently the management does not view human resource as important till to the point it is neglected. That is the main reason for the abnormally HIGH turnover of employees I suppose.

Yours Truly just realized that this year is a leap year. Which means only happens once every 4 years. Which means there are 29 days in February. Which means it is so totally uncool for those who are born exactly on 29th February because you only get to celebrate your birthday once every 4 years.

Wait, on a second thought, being born on 29th February is not as bad as it seems. Well, you only age a year every 4 years. Lets say you are 28 years old now, so technically you are only 7 years old because of the leap year. How cool is that? Yeah, keep on telling yourself that.

Celebrating birthdays once every 4 years can be a very unique experience. I mean, you get to have 4 years presents accumulated and given to you at once. Now, who doesn't like getting presents and getting a lot at once? Aside from that, it is REALLY very unique and special because even the New Year celebration is once a year and your birthday is like once every 4 year. How special is that rite? So, anyone reading now are born on 29th February? Care to reveal your experiences? Feelings?

Alright, that is totally random. Suddenly thought about that and feel the need to pen down or in this case type down. Today's post does however have something to do with present/gift. Before that, I vaguely remembered there's this quote or saying that goes like "Yesterday is a something something and today is a something something that is why it is call Present" somewhere along that line.

Anyway, eons ago I received a present from a friend. I was told that the present have striking resemblance to me which is also one of the reason it was bought for me. It's a teddy bear.

So, presenting the so called teddy bear that looks like me.

The Bear Me

So, now you know clearly how do I look like. Just come over and say hi if you see someone that looks like that. That is IF according to my friend that I look like that.

But I have to argue that although I am fat big-boned and wear spectacles, I do not look like that. Really. Honestly.

I am more "hansamu"/"hensem" (handsome) ok?