Saturday, March 22, 2008

ACER laptop memory module aka RAM upgrade

After the stolen laptop case, it is time for replacement. Got myself a second hand ACER Aspire 5502. Upgraded the RAM. Pheonix, you will be remembered. And the bastard thief, know that you will be cursed for eternity. May you live forever.

One of the downside of owning a laptop is the lack of upgrade options. The most upgradeable stuff would be the hard disk drive and the memory module (RAM).

Normally it is not advisable to do the upgrades yourself unless you know what you are doing. For the basic upgrades for laptops such as hard disk drives and RAM, it is quite easy to do.

Yours Truly am going to show how to upgrade the memory module(RAM) on an ACER Aspire 5502 laptop. Basically all laptop have the same general component structure so it will be the same with any laptop.

The ACER aspire 5502 comes with a 512MB DDR2 RAM (2 pieces of 256MB DDR2 RAM) due to the nature of the dual channel that can be utilized.

An overview of ACER Aspire 5502. Flip over to the back and you will see the following. Like I said, most of the laptop have the same general component structure.

component structure

Identify the location of the component that you want to upgrade. First thing first, before you start to tinker with your laptop, it is always advisable to remove the battery. Refer to the following picture.

remove the battery

After removing the battery, get a suitable screwdriver (normally the philips head screwdriver) and unscrew the screw on the memory module(RAM) section. When you open the lid covering the section, you will see the original RAM installed inside. Remove the RAM by lightly pushing out the side panels. The RAM will pop up and in a slanted position (around 45 degree) and then proceed to pull the RAM out.

lightly push the two panel to the side

the RAM will pop up slanted (around 45 degree)
then proceed to pull the RAM out

After that you will see that normally there will be two RAM slots where you can add higher capacity RAM in.

The ACER ASPIRE 5502 can only support up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, hence I bought 2 pieces of Kingston 1GB DDR2 RAM. (to make full use of the dual channel, remember?)

2 pieces of Kingston 1GB DDR2 RAM

Insert the RAM one by one starting from the bottom slot. Just insert it around 45 degree into the slot and after you are sure it is firm, push the RAM down to fasten it. Insert the RAM like the following picture before pressing it down directly to fasten it.

inserting the RAM before pressing it down to fasten it

There, you are done with the installation/upgrade of new memory module(RAM). Remember to put back the lid and screw back the screw. Insert back the battery and power on your laptop. Go to the system properties and you will see that the total memory on your laptop now is 2GB. Congratulation, you have successfully upgraded your laptop RAM.


(sounds familiar?)


  1. oh man...2gb RAM
    I also want!
    Currently i'm on 1gb RAM, and i want more!!!
    I can only look at your pic with envy

  2. everyone can upgrade...please..everyday i have to see this slogan O_O


  3. 3POINT8: Well, you can always add. The price of RAm getting cheaper nowadays.

    yipguseng: How come??? Everyday you upgrade stuff? That is way cool...

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  5. pakpong: Yes, it is a good laptop series at its time.

    Please refrain from putting links of unrelated stuff. Will be deleted.


  6. thanx dude..i'm having problems with my laptop. thinking of changing the ram..
    2GB RAM..
    what's the latest price for 1GB RAM?
    what about the hard disk?

  7. Thanks young dude for helping an old dude!

  8. £¡D€kz.CoRP : I am not too sure on the RAM pricing. Maybe you can check at your local store for em.

    Alan: No prob dude. Glad it helped.

    Yuan: Thank you. I think it is great too. =p

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