Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Clam-ish Experience

Yours Truly have always loved to eat clam. Or is it oyster? Those local oyster-ish and clam-ish thing. I believe in Cantonese it is called "Si Ham". However, I might be wrong. Just might. =p

Anyway, the clam that I am referring to is this.


Now, I am going to show you a simple way how to prepare this simple dish. Get some clam/oyster/si ham. (Obviously you will need this ingredient.)

First, you will have to boil the clam in hot water to "force" the shell to open. Then, after that cool it down with cool running water. You will notice that the clam would open its "mouth".

"mouth open"
(depth of field yo)

After that proceed to open the shell and pick out the clam meat. It seems tedious but have patience my young padawan. Then you will eventually get a whole lot of clam meat.

open the shell

remove the meat

clam meat

From there, heat up your wok/pan. Pour some olive oil and add in some cubbed garlic and stir-fry until the smell is good. After that add in some sliced big onions and thinly sliced ginger. Lastly add in the clam meat and stir-fry it for a while, then add some soy sauce and pepper. Stir-fry for a while and you are done.

And the result would be something like this.

clam dish

Happy Consuming Eating.


  1. How come u can take the photos nicely?? not to mention the scenery, but dishes especially this clam things....the photos had beautifully capture the "clam" ...no kidding, reli need to learn from you di..=P

    Anyway, i dun like to eat clam coz doesnt taste good~

  2. you're making me hungry !! haven't eat them for quite a while, now i miss my clamy .. clammies for dinner tonight !! i love having them cooked spicy !! :D *drooling all over the place*

  3. I only eat clam in curry mee.. else I cant as sakit perut le

  4. *drools*
    Why don't they have this in aus?

  5. et3rnal-: Thanks Thanks.... And all the photo I take using my old powershot A70. Now if only I ghet my hands on DSLR.... =p

    Wah, very delicious loh... =p

    levian: Spicy is the way to go.... Spicy all the way..... =p

    keeyit: Oh, might be that it is not cooked properly?

    3point8: They have other type of oysters.... =p


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