Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Samy Vellu Farewell Song

Personally I would think that it is very mean to rub salt into the wound. But in this case a little bit won't hurt I guess.

Got this circulating in emails, I repeat, got it from email and I am NOT the author.

Seems that there is this guy who is unemployed and seeks employment.


Date prepared: 8 March 2008(12.00 am)

Personal Particular

Name: Samy Vellu
Age: 72
Sex: Male
Race: Please see my name
Correspondence address: Kementerian Kerjaraya, Putra Jaya.
( Not valid after 10 March 2008)
Contact Number: N/A

Highest Education

LCE @ Sijil Rendah Pelajaran Malaysia

Working Experience

As work minister for 30 years
MIC leader for 30 years


Increase Toll fee & set up new toll

Proposal to solve Parliament building water leakage issue-
(Project failed due to technical error, not my fault)

Proposal to Solve traffic congestion in Penang bridge by introducing Helicopter to lift the break down / accident car
( Project cancel due to technical error, not my fault)

Won in Election (Sg. Siput) for 30 years consecutive.
(Lost in 2008 election due to technical error, not my fault)

Personal Strength:

Good interpersonal skill – Able to communicate well & respect by all level of people.

Good problem solving skill – by denying all faults

Expected salary: Not important
(As long as I get a job…)

HINDRAF members
People of Sungai Siput

Yours sincerely,
Samy Vellu

There you have it. Help the fella will ya. Can retire already lah, leave it for the younger people.

Then someone even go and make a farewell song especially dedicated to him. Awwww, so nice.

Here it goes.


  1. HAHA funny :P
    But it's not very nice to do this. Lately there have been so many fake two-faced people I can actually feel the toxic building up. I'm so sick of this already. So so fed up.

  2. hahaha. the music rhymes !! it totally sounded like a music. *singing along* :D


  3. runawaycat: True... there are too many such hypocritical people.....

    levian: Yeah, not bad...Talented guy the author... =p


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