Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bear Me

I have submitted my resignation letter last Friday. Am giving 3 months notice because there are responsibilities that I need to settle and not to mention to give the management time to find my replacement. I am very the responsible wan.

It is suffice to say that the current job doesn't really offer much career development and experience. Apparently the management does not view human resource as important till to the point it is neglected. That is the main reason for the abnormally HIGH turnover of employees I suppose.

Yours Truly just realized that this year is a leap year. Which means only happens once every 4 years. Which means there are 29 days in February. Which means it is so totally uncool for those who are born exactly on 29th February because you only get to celebrate your birthday once every 4 years.

Wait, on a second thought, being born on 29th February is not as bad as it seems. Well, you only age a year every 4 years. Lets say you are 28 years old now, so technically you are only 7 years old because of the leap year. How cool is that? Yeah, keep on telling yourself that.

Celebrating birthdays once every 4 years can be a very unique experience. I mean, you get to have 4 years presents accumulated and given to you at once. Now, who doesn't like getting presents and getting a lot at once? Aside from that, it is REALLY very unique and special because even the New Year celebration is once a year and your birthday is like once every 4 year. How special is that rite? So, anyone reading now are born on 29th February? Care to reveal your experiences? Feelings?

Alright, that is totally random. Suddenly thought about that and feel the need to pen down or in this case type down. Today's post does however have something to do with present/gift. Before that, I vaguely remembered there's this quote or saying that goes like "Yesterday is a something something and today is a something something that is why it is call Present" somewhere along that line.

Anyway, eons ago I received a present from a friend. I was told that the present have striking resemblance to me which is also one of the reason it was bought for me. It's a teddy bear.

So, presenting the so called teddy bear that looks like me.

The Bear Me

So, now you know clearly how do I look like. Just come over and say hi if you see someone that looks like that. That is IF according to my friend that I look like that.

But I have to argue that although I am fat big-boned and wear spectacles, I do not look like that. Really. Honestly.

I am more "hansamu"/"hensem" (handsome) ok?


  1. Is that green booger coming out of the bear's nose? Heh.

  2. the bear has running nose...hehehe...

  3. That is my tagline lol.
    Yesterday is History.Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a gift.That’s why we call it the Present

  4. ahaha !! cometh looks like that !! i'm gonna pounce you every time i see you. :D

  5. Congratulations on quitting your job!

  6. For those who are born on 29th feb:

    28th feb
    Friend: Your bday is around the corner right? Happy Bday!!
    Bday guy: Yea, one more day and it'll be my bday.

    when clock strikes 12am, 1st march
    Friend: Happy Bday!!!
    Bday guy: Belated bday u mean? U missed my bday by a day.
    Friend: *lost and confused* WTF?

  7. wat the? wat's the green stuff??

    guess wat? my office another addition from sibu, hahahah


  8. joyfulchicken: I definitely don't have that...=p

    caca: yeah...

    keeyit: Now I know...Thanks.. =p

    levian: Be gentle ya when you pounce.. I am very fragile... =p

    runawaycat: I do not...

    宝茹: Woh, and that is happy? Wait... well, in a way..

    3POINT8: Hahahah, I imagine that would happen...

    yipguseng: Woh, cool..Got vacancy for me? =p


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