Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Learning English in Kuching

***Updates: Don't contact the phone number as Mr. Daniel is not working there anymore***

***Updates: Go ahead, contact the stated contact number if you want to know more***


First, I am not paid to post this so it is not considered paid post. I agreed to post this up to help out. See, I am a nice guy after all.
Second, money is not always the most important thing you know. Yeah right, keep on dreaming.

Anyway, some of you might know the reason why I enabled moderation on this tiny blog of mine. However, I think my level of English comprehension is not too bad. I mean, at least some of you can understand what I am trying to say in each post right? Am I right or am I right? Yep, you don't really have a choice here.

That aside,

Me is think me ingeris is not beri bad.

Me ingeris can speaking like england england.

Me got aso the kuahlification aso.

You is not believe?

Me pass the JLPT Level 4.

Ha, how is that for me ingeris kuahlification?

Me speaking ping pang hiang worrr.

Speaking ingeris is easy easy water lah.

Ar? You is say JLPT not ingeris kuahlification?

JLPT is not ingeris kualification is wha kualification?

Sii the JLPT is Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Sii, it is in ingeris so it is ingeris kuahlification loh.

Don't think me BTC wor. Me WTC wor.

BTC and WTC aso don know?

Boh Tak Chek and Wu Tak Chek lah.

So, if you are at the same level as me, like what I demonstrated just now, you do know that you desperately need some help right? Like hell, it would be painful to even listen to someone who talks like that.

Anyway, me is no medicine help liao so it is useless for me to go improve me ingeris but I also still want the best for those who still have undefined bright future ahead of them but unable to show their potential just because of their poor mastery of the lingua franca.
(Correct me if I am wrong but I think the lingua franca in the world now is English? or wait.. is it Foochow?)

That is why, yours truly am helping posting this.

-----Directly quoted---

Interested to master English?

Here at Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya (Kuching) Cambridge Language Centre, we offer English courses for kids, teenagers and adults alike. We maintain our quality by teaching you until you fully understand. We are affiliated to CES Group, Singapore.

1. Cambridge syllabus
2. Flexible timetable
3. Cambridge University Press English textbooks.

Enrol now to get these promotions! (While stocks last.)

1. Free textbooks (Cambridge University Press)
2. Unlimited sessions

For more information or if you would like to set an appointment, please contact:
Daniel Ng
016-851 5010

-------End of quote----------

Got a Poster tim

(please note that the "tim" is just an expression, local slang yo)

mastering english in kuchingwant to master English?

Psssttt, if any of you really did go and try it out. Try to "survey" and see if there got any "eye cleaner" or not. The ones that can "wash eyes" with, then I might just be interested to go learn and improve me Ingeris.


  1. at least i understood yr ingelish.

  2. "Me speaking ping pang hiang worrr." haha, i sure had fun reading through that paragraph of erm .. words. :P i don't think i can do it, you're good !! XD

  3. johnny: Oh, thank the lord that you understand..=p

    宝茹: No comment is good.

    levian: Thanks thanks.. I try hard to improve me ingeris...=p

  4. Your profile details, the "have" should be "has". No offence.

  5. Anonymous: None taken. A good example of constructive comment... =p

    Anyway, I am sure you would understand if I just leave the "Have" there instead of changing to "Has".

    Somehow, the "Have" have a nicer ring to it rather than "Has". =p

    But thanks for the comment.


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