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Left Or Right Brain Personality Test

***Updates: I have just realized that I had posted similar post before. Thanks Katherine for pointing it out. (proves that you DO follow my posts eh. Thanks).
Darn, I think the age factor is beginning to creep up to me. You know, the memory fades with age thingy. Noooo, I am still too young to be old... Nooooooo~~~~
However, the previous post doesn't have pictures as example. Yep, I am trying to justify my mistake.. =p)***

Brains again. Looks like I am fascinated with brains. Anyway, there is this Left Brain or Right Brain Test post previously to test whether you use more of the left side or the right side.

(Some even commented that the picture is altered and that it is a trick to fool the eyes.)

So, this is a personality test that determine which type of personality you have. It might be accurate and might be not but just give it a try for the fun of it. =p

First of all, you will need to identify which side of the brain you use. This will be done in two parts and the combination of the results will show you which type of personality you have.

Hold your hands together, as if you were praying then look at your hands.
If you see

Left thumb is below the right thumb -----left brain
Right thumb is below the left thumb------- right brain

As you can see, my right thumb is below the left thumb
So, for the first part it is right brain
(I even do the labeling just in case some of you doesn't know how to differentiate, =p)

Fold your arms in front of you

Right arm above left arm------left brain
Left arm above right arm-------right brain

As you can see, my right arm is above the left arm
So, for the second part it is left brain

My combination is Right+Left

Now, what does that mean?

Based on 1+2 (the order is important), below is the interpretation of your personality:

Considerate, traditional, indirect type

Can instinctively read other's emotion, and respond friendly by natures.
Although not very into taking initiatives in moving forward, but this person will always take a step back in supporting others.
Stable personality and considerate, give others a being protected feeling.
But the weakness is they cannot say no; regardless how unwilling they are, they will take care of others.

Loves challenges, Straightforward type.

Once they decided on one thing, will take action right away.
Very curious, and love challenges. Dare to face dangers without thinking through (sometimes foolishly).
Their weakness is they don't listen to others, will filter in only what whey want to hear in a conversation, and very subjective.
However, because of their straightforward attitude, they tend to be fairly popular.

Dedicated, cold, perfectionist type

Very logical in all aspects.
The only way to defeat (or win over) him/her is through reasons.
Has a lot of prides, and feeling strongly about doing the right thing.
If they are your friends, they are very trustworthy.
However, if they are your opponents, they will be very tough to deal with.
Because they can be very 'anal' as a perfectionist, they usually leave a bad impression of being hard to deal with when first met.

Likes to take care of others, leader type.

Has a cool and keen observation ability to see through situations, yet still can be considerate in others needs.
Because of their cool and calm nature, and strong sense of responsibility, they tend to become head of a group.
Popular among people.
However, they may not be able to help themselves in meddling because they want to take care of others too much.
Very concerned about how others view them, and always on alert.

I am the Right-Left and that makes me considerate, very friendly, supportive, give people protective feeling, likes to take care of others. Cannot say NO? So, remember not to ask anything of me ya.... You know I can't say NO. =p
(If the test is true I mean)

So, how about you? What is your type? Is it accurate?


  1. I am right + right... muahaha... why dun u judge for me, cometh. You think it describes me well or not? But I beg to differ that I listen to people lor....

  2. I think you posted something about this before before before~~

    Or at least something similar. :P

  3. Princess Eileen : Hmmm, listen to ppl only when it sounds good to you? hehehehehe.... I wouldn't know. =p

    宝茹: Thanks for pointing it out...Guess the age factor really catching up to me then..=p

    LukXiuFung: IT is CHEST...CHEST... =p

  4. interesting...
    i'm right+right..kind of jg la..coz i didn't really listen to others..yeah..

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  6. Mine is left+right...but I'm not always very alert wor. Sometime I'm very blur leh. lol.

  7. WoW! Mine is Left-Right.
    Then again, I read the description for all combination. Those description are pretty general. Meaning, all those can be applied to almost everyone regardless of the outcome. Don't you think so?

  8. Hahahahaha~~~ dejavu~~~ :P

    3point8: You have a term for this right? Hehehehe...:)

  9. "proves that you DO follow my posts eh. Thanks"

    ~~You're welcome! ^_^

    "Darn, I think the age factor is beginning to creep up to me. You know, the memory fades with age thingy. Noooo, I am still too young to be old... Nooooooo~~~~"

    ~~I should probably start calling you Uncle...:D Uncle Cometh, Uncle Cometh...yup, sounds nice! :P

    "However, the previous post doesn't have pictures as example."

    ~~tsk, tsk, justification, hahahaha...:P

  10. hhehe..sorry, my english sux. Breast is for girl only? heehe...but urs big

  11. mArMaLaDe: So, it is accurate then? =p

    Aice Nice Concepts: Well, you can put it that way... =p

    Princess Eileen: Nooooooooooooo

    CaCa: Not accurate then... =p

    3POINT8: Might be true also but in my case i finds that it is not accurate heh... =p

    宝茹: I am still young...nooooooo

    LukXiuFung: Heh, broad chest... =p

  12. it is man
    i am just like you


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