Saturday, October 27, 2007

Check Your Google Page Rank

As shown above, BenardCometh Revelations now officially got Google Page Rank 3. Yes, you did not hear or see it wrong, Google Page Rank 3.

All this thanks to the not-so-many BenardCometh Revelations loyal readers.

Thank You

Doomo Arigatoo Gozaimasu

Terima Kasih
(Bahasa Malaysia)
Xie Xie


Xia Lia
Mmm Goi Sai

Kam Sia



(Korean, sounds like hokkien if pronounced without the -hamida)

Now, I don't really know what does Google Page Rank do or how the rankings are calculated but I heard that the higher the better for reasons that is beyond me.

Normally I would not be bothered to check stuff like this but when I went to Loon Design, I can't resist the urge to test it myself. Anyway, Loon also got himself a Page Rank 3 which personally I think he deserve higher than that.

He is the kind of person who have talents but normally doesn't have much confidence in what he is doing so initially this blog (the first version is using wordpress) is created to encourage and gives confidence to what he is doing.
(Not that I have much confidence anyway)

Once he got started, he finds that it's all in him all this while. What he needed is just that little nudge to discover what he can do.

Alright, enough praising or else I risk myself of being mistakenly seen as gay. =p
(Not that I have anything against gays or lesbians- To each, his or her own preferences I say)

So, ever wondered what is the Google Page Rank for your blog or website?

I added the Page Rank Checking Tool below for your convenience.

Happy Checking.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service.


  1. Hi dude, haha..i am not gay at all. lol... thanks for your mention here. Yup, I really think I deserve a PR 4 but I think it reduce to 3 because of the paid post or links selling ads in my blog.

    However, I do not care anymore, as it is PR 3 now, I will keep doing my work there in Loon Design. I am designing the new layout for Loon Design and it will be a comic category there. Well, I still will write paid post (need money to pay bills, life is hard..) I will also share some idea or views in design field. I think a noob designer's idea is always fresh and surprises :P don't know yet.

    I take this blog as my personal design blog.

    Yup, I find out where should I go already. The tutorial blog will be launched after this as a pure tutorial blog. It will be no blog advertising but I will sell banners my self if the traffic is good.

    I do love to work in team or partner of 2. I enjoy teamwork :)

    Thanks dude!

  2. Ouch! I got a rating of 2 only...Sob

    Btw, love this post! In fact, I love all your post! Really useful stuff!

  3. congrad dude... Getting PR3 already... soon hope you will get PR4 or 5 in the next update...

  4. lol me also pr3 liao haha... well congrats to both u guys! :D and yurp i think that google's ranking thingy is pretty complicated too, but well at least now wif pr3 we get more chances to paid posts at PPP. :)

  5. I also have PR 3 also... I wonder what is the relevant of this. Muahaha... why lately you keep talking about ur amount of readers? Hmmm... maybe you need to change your strategy.... I suggest

    Stripe and pose sexy for your blog. Wukakakaka

  6. Congrats to you..
    More opportunities for you to earn extra then...

  7. LukXiuFung: It is always good to have targets. All the best man...

    As for me, PR3 or not, I wouldn't care that much anyway. =p

    3POINT8: Woh, thanks. Any criticisms feel free to say it loud. =p

    Nobody is perfect ya know...

    iCalvyn: Well, I would only do posts when I am free. (Or during the time that I am relaxing from doing all those assignments.)

    Anyway, get higher PR got what benefits actually? =p

    conan_cat: Oh, getting higher PR can help in earning more from PPP?? Cool. Ganbatte then...

    I don't do paid posts though... Normally I would just review stuff that I happen to have or the pictures I took myself... =p

    So, anyone want to send me stuff for review?? heh heh heh

    Princess Eileen: That makes two of us. I also don;t see what relevance to that.

    Woh, strip naked??? With my fatty body, it would scare all away...(Been going to gym but see no results...=p)


    keeyit: Oh, by opportunities you mean PPP? I am not doing PPP also. =p. Not that it is not good. It is just that I find paypal too troublesome... Lazy homosapien I am..

  8. "With my fatty body, it would scare all away..."

    Hahahaha...really made me laugh~~

    Congratulations on your new PR! Yay! Celebrate, celebrate! :D You should chia! :D Many loyal readers to thank~~ hehehehe...

    I never really checked mine out until Kailoon mentioned it last time. What are the benefits of a higher PR?

  9. mine is 3 too. what exactly does it mean ?? *puzzled*

  10. 宝茹: I am also not that sure what are the benefits of a higher PR... but from the comments, apparently they can have higher pay for paid postings.

    levian: Beats me. But I guess the higher the better if according to the rankings...I suppose....

  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog improved to PR3 too!!! Wah.. a lot of us had improved PR. ^_^

  12. yes, really glad to hear that although I am just 0 rank. Congratualtion, you have put an ffort and you deserve that.


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