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Supposed it is enough for posts regarding Love even though one can never have too much Love. (What is Love anyway to begin with). Previously talked on topics such as Love or Money, What is Love, and Types of Love.

This post will be about Anger. Have you ever regretted your actions or the words spoken in anger? Have you ever done something that hurt others in blind rage and anger or uttered some inappropriate words in anger? Have you ever done all of that and feels uncomfortable or regret afterwards?

There is this story which I find very enlightening and it just hit me in a way I never felt before. More than often, people just do whatever they feels doing at that point in time without thinking of consequences.

Lets move on with the story shall we?


The Story

Once, there is this guy who has a very young daughter (around 4 to 5 years old).

One day, this guy buys a new car and is very excited with it and the daughter shared the joy seeing that her father is happy.

One afternoon, after the guy finish washing and polishing the new car, the curious daughter went to have a look at the new car.

Previously she saw her father busy wiping the car with something that she doesn't have any idea of. (She is a small kid, remember?)

Being the curious kid, the daughter tries to imitate his father with the hope of helping out. However she used the wrong tool, a metal brush which causes a loud screeching sound and of course scratched the car.

The father rushed to the car and when he saw the scratch on the car, with anger and fury he slapped his daughter and proceed to take a metal wire all the way scolding and pulling (drag) her.

With the metal wire, he bind his daughter's hands and tie it to the window panel. After that he left his daughter standing at the window with her arms raised above her head and her hands tied together to the window.

After some time, the father finally cooled down and realized that it has been 5 to 6 hours already that her daughter been tied to the window and left standing.

The father rush back only to find that the daughter has fainted and the hands becomes blackish bluish in color. Without realizing it because of the anger, he uses to much force and tied the metal wire too tight causing the blood to stop circulating to his daughter's hands.

The father quickly rush his daughter to the hospital only to find out that it is too late and that the hands have to be amputated or else if delayed, the whole arms have to go as well.

And so, the procedure of amputation begins.

Fast forward one year

The father drive back home with the car just freshly out of the car garage. The car has a new paint job and looks a good as new. The father felt very proud of it as the car still looks as good as new.

The daughter saw her father and the new paint job, approached the father

and says

"Dad, you have replaced the paint of the car and it looks very nice. Very new"

The father replies

"Yes dear, it does look as good as new doesn't it?"

The daughter further proceed to ask

"Dad, now that the car paint have been replaced"

"When are you going to replace my hands?"

The daughter shows her father the amputated hands


With that, the story ends.

So, how is the story? Have you all learned something from the story?

At times, it is going to be too late and it is useless to regret something that is done in harsh, in anger.

Never ever act in anger as it will cloud your judgments and most of the time you will live to regret it if you do.

Even if you are angry or angered, let it cool down first before making any decision or action that you might regret later.

What do you think?

What is your opinion regarding the story?

Have you ever done something in anger only to regret it at a latter date?


  1. Hey, is truth, think twice before speak. Sometime our words really hurt ppl feeling


  2. totally agreed with what lukxiufung pointed out here..

    Nothing can replace whatever we had said or did to someone or somebody to compensate them..

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... the story is soooo saddd.. i pity that girl very much T_T

  4. what a sad story. Why the dad not in prison?!?!?!? I dunno but now I am in anger reading this story. Cometh, can you just stick being Dr. Love instead???

  5. OH-MY--

    I'm going to put a different perspective to this story--

    When I read, "When are you going to replace my hands?",

    a gust of wind blew, and I suddenly felt shivers~~

  6. "Dad, Whe are you going to replace my head"...
    宝茹, is tis ur feeling??

  7. So, we are suppose to be wary of our anger right?
    Hmm...I remember reading an article from yahoo news a couple of months back. It mentioned that angry employees tend to be more productive! [They have this theory saying that most angry ppl are firm to the belief. And they more likely to fight for their right!]

  8. LukXiuFung: Yeah, lots of people are blinded by anger which clouded their judgement...

    babyfiona: Yep, definitely. However, there are still a lot of people who cannot control anger./.. including yours truly..=p

    kaklong: Ya, sad isn't it.....

    Princess Eileen: Actually, the purpose of this story is to give give awareness that anger needs to be controlled.

    I am no Dr. Love...heh...not qualified enough.. =p

    宝茹: Definitely not a ghost story...heheh return my hand~~~~~ =p

    JiMmee: Heh, not in a scary way lah...

    3POINT8: That is when anger is controlled then it can be used for positive purpose... =p... I think..

  9. if it's just a story... THANK GOD

    if it's a real story, i tell you i can cry moons haha.

    a very, very sour story, really. thinking of the dad that just taken away two hands from the girl just because of his anger. really, you lose your sense and logic and everything else when you're angry. never let that happen, please.

  10. its so sad how things turned out .. irreplaceable things especially. i totally agree on having a "cooling period" while being overwhelmed by anger. the least we hurt others the better, right ?? n definitely less regret. ;)

  11. jimmee: that's super creepy...

    cometh: Hehehe...sorry, my mind thinks weirdly~ :P

    It's definitely a sad story, but I really could not stop the thought~~

  12. conan_cat: Yeah, it is to make people aware that such thing might happen.

    levian: Yes, making decision with you are calm is the best

    宝茹: Don't worry, I am sure most of us also thinks that way... =p


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