Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Cooking is never my forte. The type of food that I can make is limited to those that can be fried and instant noodle type.

However, suddenly I got this urge to cook something for dinner. Something NOT fried. It is one of those spontaneous stuffs that most people do now and then. (I think so, at least I am)

Cooking shouldn't be that hard and being hungry helps. There is this book that I saw somewhere that says anyone can cook.

Heck, if a RAT can do it, for sure there is no problem for me.
Yes, I Chef Benard.

So, this chef decide to make spaghetti which is called the Cometh Cheese Mussel Spaghetti.

Lets go on with the preparation, shall we?

Cometh Cheese Mussel Spaghetti


The Pasta
(Of course you need this to make spaghetti)

Tomato Puree
(Needed to make the sauce)

Minced Beef
(One of the ingredient in the sauce)

Minced chicken meat
(Ingredient for the sauce)

Button Mushroom
(Ingredient for the sauce)

(Ingredient for the sauce)

(This will be used as the toppings)

(I use slices of cheese. I think there are other types of cheese to use but I just simply grab as long as it is cheese)

**note that the ingredients are random and not given much consideration when picked- not a good cook remember?**

(How I do it)

First of all, boil some water in a cooking pot/pan

Then when it boils, add some salt in order to make the pasta tastier

The pasta should be ready after 13 to 15 minutes

While waiting for the pasta, prepare the sauce

Use the tomato puree and heat it over small fire in a cooking pot

Prepare some garlics and stir fry the minced beef and minced chicken meat
(I am carnivorous)

Beef first, then chicken meat, then the mushroom
(add some black pepper powder)

After it smells nice, pour all of it into the cooking pot containing the tomato puree

Make sure the fire is not too big, make it just enough to heat the sauce

Boil the oysters and mussels until they are cooked

After that, put the oysters into the sauce

Stir fry the mussels with cheese
(Amount of cheese depends on the cook- i used two slices)

Mussels with cheese

After that, the pasta should be done already

Drain the water and put the pasta into a bowl

Put cheese into the sauce and stir a bit until it melts

Then pour the sauce onto the pasta

Arrange the mussels on top


Cometh Cheese Mussel Spaghetti

Alright, I agree that it does not look that nice or tasty but believe me it does taste good.

There is this drink that I tried, Soy Bean drink. This V-Soy is damn nice. I am going to stick to this type of soy bean drink from now onwards.

Talking about drinks, there is this time during one of my spontaneous urge, I made the Banana Choco Walker Delight. (Am I creative with the naming part or what... =p)

That is it.


  1. Hey, I think I taste it before. Look so familiar...In the menu of a restaurant in PJ...

  2. You cooked? Add that into your resume... not the job one... Hahaha... at least u can put this particular project into it... I can cook spaghetti. Wukakaka

  3. wow, cool!!! you can cook~~ hehehhee...i also know how to cook spaghetti~ *wink* *wink* (hehe, not showing off orhh~ ) But ur sauce looks very red to me..with the minced meat n all that, reli looks like bloody human flesh to me~
    nice try~!! =P

  4. Yeah, I was just about to comment on the very red sauce~~

    It's--so red!

    But if it tastes nice, I can let go of the color, hehehe...:P

  5. LukXiuFung: I take that as a compliment? =p

    Princess Eileen: What, I look like I can't cook is it? =p

    -et3rnal-: The tomato puree that i bought is really red. =p

    宝茹 : the IF word is not in equation here. It IS tasty and delicious. =p

  6. doesn't look nice ?? gosh. the cheesy mussels looks so darn Nice to me !! *drools* :D

  7. Is it? thanks... I thought they doesn't look that nice cuz no decorations or something.. =p

  8. Seldom see man cooking,Oh no, I forget most of the good chef are man.

  9. Erm, I am not exactly good at cooking... =p.

    But definitely I am a man... =p


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