Monday, October 31, 2011

World of 7 Billion Population

Is your very own planet Earth.

Read somewhere that now the world have 7 billion population of humans running around.

Read somewhere that India is going to overtake China as the world's most populated country in year 2020.

Currently China is the world's undisputed Champion of the world in population.

China has one child policy while India doesn't have.

That should explain why China would lose out.

But being the highest population country is nothing to shout about.

Ok, maybe when during war time.

But there is just one problem with China one child policy.

The ageing population.

Yes, if the young is less than the old then something serious is going to happen.

At least it must be equal aye?

And not only in China that the ageing population is becoming a problem. Even in Japan.

Know what do I think?

There is money to be earned from the problem.

Yes, moolah....

Provide for the ageing population on a mass scale and you potentially becomes the world's richest man.

Then again.

One have to think on the fundamental question.

If we keep growing at this rate.

What will happen?

Pull a Noah's act once more?

But God promised that he would not use flood again. Remember?

Then again, yours truly will not be around to see what will happen is over population happens.

In the Lord we trust.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perfect Moment Lyrics by Martine McCutcheon

This is one of my favourite song of all time. Perfect Moment by Martine McCutcheon.

Below are the lyrics for Perfect Moment by Martine McCutcheon......

Don't thank me.

Thank Google. =)


PERFECT MOMENT - Martine McCutcheon

This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you
This is what God meant
This is my perfect moment with you

I wish I could freeze this space in time
The way that I feel for you inside…
This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you.

Tell me you love me
When you leave
You're more than a shadow
That's what I believe…
You take me to places I never thought I see
Minute by minute you're the world to me…

I wish I could frame the look in your eyes
The way that I feel for you inside…
This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you…

And if tomorrow brings a lonely day
Here and now i know I haven't lived in vain
I'll cry my tears in the rain and if love never comes again
I can always say I've been
to paradise skies in your eyes... in your eyes

Tell me you love me
The moment you leave
You're more than a shadow oh…
That's to believe

I wish I could keep….
You all of my life
The way that I feel for you inside…
This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you

This is my moment...
This is my perfect moment with you…
With you...

And~~~ A little bonus...... A MTV for you to enjoy.....

Martine McCutcheon - Perfect Moment

Monday, October 24, 2011

You can call me GOD


I am GOD

For I can do the impossible.

What seems to be impossible becomes possible with me.

At least that is what my boss think I am capable of.

Now, God. If you are reading this. You will know that I am only being sarcastic.

Just want to rant somewhere ya know?


Forgive me oh God for I have sinned.

Please forgive my boss for what seems to be a lapse of his mind.

Truly I can do what is expected if I can somehow control time.

Bend the very fabric of time so to speak.

Now that would be something.



Back to reality.

What to do when time is not on your side?

Tell your boss that you will have to prioritize that is what you can do.

Do the most important task first and leave others as it is until the time comes for them to be paid attention to by the almighty BenardCometh.

Yes, that is it.

Almighty BenardCometh.

There you have it.

For I have sinned yet again.

I pray for Thy forgiveness.

Is it because of ignorance that somehow one thinks that BenardCometh can bend time? The very fabric of time itself???

Or is it because one choose to be like an ostrich and refuse to see what is in front? Or even what is happening around?

Or maybe BenardCometh abilities have already way way surpass what he realised or perceived to be able due to his awesomeness and humbleness?

Oh man.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

Like now.


Done with the self glorifications and back to the rantings.

What? I heard you saying that you can always delegate.

Well, right now that is not an option.

Delegation will only happen and only will be efficient and effective if the delegator have the time to plan a delegation plan for delegatees.
***Damn, did I just created two new words??? Delegator and Delegatees???? Damn I am awesome.

And not forgetting the most important criteria of delegation is that you will need someone to delegate to.


No delegatees means no one to delegate stuffs to.....


Maybe I might as well create a time bending machine myself since I am THAT awesome.

Or even if I can't create a time bending machine not because of the fact that I cannot but more to I don't want to. Heaven's secret cannot be leaked ya know????

So, even if I can't create a time bending machine. I am pretty sure I can easily whip up something along the line of a cloning machine.

Yep, clone myself and let my clones do all the stuffs while I bask in the light of awesomeness that shines from each and every one of my clones.

Then for sure there is no time issues.

But how you ask? Cloning machine? Are you serious??? You asked.

Well, of course it is not like the Dolly cloning thingy.

Even if I can't get the parts for a cloning machine.

I am pretty sure I can study the ancient long forgotten ninja art that only recently been undiscovered.

Taiju Kage Bunshin No Jutsuuu!!!!!!!!!!


Now I am a freaking Naruto.

How awesome is that?????


That should be it for my rantings.

Suddenly I have inspiration to continue with my work.

The brain juice is flowing once more.

Damn, ranting does feel good.

Oh yeah.

***Don't ask why am I still doing my work at this hour..... At the rate I am going, maybe I am going to sleep at around 3AM.

Oh, silly me.

Can just go to sleep already.

Let the clones do the job.


Taijuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raftus Swinhoei - Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

Alright so, BenardCometh Revelations realised that he has strayed away from the core of this blog. To give revelations to all that is. ** Ahem

Anyway, here's a post to satisfy your revelations need.

Raftus Swinhoei aka the Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle is really a very very rare species of soft shell turtle that  are only found in Vietnam and China. 

Not the type that you always eat but if that continues, the ones you always eat also will be a rare species. Now you know why this Raftus Swinhoei aka Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle is nearly extinct. It is found in China for christ sake... You get it? 1.6 billion people?? Hellooo???

Anyway, it is estimated that there are only 4 living Raftus Swinhoei aka Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle alive in the world today. Yes, only 4. Imagine that. 

This turtle can grow up to 200kgs. Damn, that is even heavier than yours truly.

By the way, there is this legend about this type of turtle. 

They call it the legend of Kim Qui aka Golden Turtle or even Golden Turtle God.

Apparently this Kim Qui appeared throughout Vietnam history. Not so much of appearing in Chinese history though. Maybe because if it did appear, it would become dinner. So there.

Lets continue.

So, it was said to help during the reign of King An Dương Vương in the construction of defenses for the ancient capital of Co Loa and even help the King to make a magical cross-bow that somehow magically rain millions of arrows with one single shot. How cool is that?

This Kim Qui appears again during Le Loi time. Now if you dont know Le Loi, he is a peasant who later became hero god emperor of some sort. More or less the story of Zhu Yuan Zhang where a peasant/farmer becomes emperor.

So this Kim Qui, helped Le Loi by giving him a magical sword that helped Le Loi to rebel against Chinese army and establish the Le Dynasty.

After Le Loi done with the establising of dynasty of that sort, he returned the magical sword to the turtle. Heck, if he did not return the magical sword, you might see him walking around today. 

You know the immortality that comes with magical swords don't you?

Don't know?

Then that is another story for another day.

There you have it.

A revelation for ya all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Truth on Motivation

There is a very interesting video on the surprising truth on what really motivates us.....


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perhaps Another Phase

Perhaps it is time to begin another phase of my personal life and also career life.

Perhaps its time.

Perhaps it is destined.

Perhaps it is fate

Perhaps it is the opportunity of a lifetime



Dear God,

Show me a sign



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bible Studies - GOD


Do you believe that there IS a GOD???

p/s: No matter what religion you believe in, do share.


The reason why it says Bible Studies is becuse I am a Christian and hence it is called Bible Studies and not Koran Studies or other religious text for that matter.