Monday, October 24, 2011

You can call me GOD


I am GOD

For I can do the impossible.

What seems to be impossible becomes possible with me.

At least that is what my boss think I am capable of.

Now, God. If you are reading this. You will know that I am only being sarcastic.

Just want to rant somewhere ya know?


Forgive me oh God for I have sinned.

Please forgive my boss for what seems to be a lapse of his mind.

Truly I can do what is expected if I can somehow control time.

Bend the very fabric of time so to speak.

Now that would be something.



Back to reality.

What to do when time is not on your side?

Tell your boss that you will have to prioritize that is what you can do.

Do the most important task first and leave others as it is until the time comes for them to be paid attention to by the almighty BenardCometh.

Yes, that is it.

Almighty BenardCometh.

There you have it.

For I have sinned yet again.

I pray for Thy forgiveness.

Is it because of ignorance that somehow one thinks that BenardCometh can bend time? The very fabric of time itself???

Or is it because one choose to be like an ostrich and refuse to see what is in front? Or even what is happening around?

Or maybe BenardCometh abilities have already way way surpass what he realised or perceived to be able due to his awesomeness and humbleness?

Oh man.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

Like now.


Done with the self glorifications and back to the rantings.

What? I heard you saying that you can always delegate.

Well, right now that is not an option.

Delegation will only happen and only will be efficient and effective if the delegator have the time to plan a delegation plan for delegatees.
***Damn, did I just created two new words??? Delegator and Delegatees???? Damn I am awesome.

And not forgetting the most important criteria of delegation is that you will need someone to delegate to.


No delegatees means no one to delegate stuffs to.....


Maybe I might as well create a time bending machine myself since I am THAT awesome.

Or even if I can't create a time bending machine not because of the fact that I cannot but more to I don't want to. Heaven's secret cannot be leaked ya know????

So, even if I can't create a time bending machine. I am pretty sure I can easily whip up something along the line of a cloning machine.

Yep, clone myself and let my clones do all the stuffs while I bask in the light of awesomeness that shines from each and every one of my clones.

Then for sure there is no time issues.

But how you ask? Cloning machine? Are you serious??? You asked.

Well, of course it is not like the Dolly cloning thingy.

Even if I can't get the parts for a cloning machine.

I am pretty sure I can study the ancient long forgotten ninja art that only recently been undiscovered.

Taiju Kage Bunshin No Jutsuuu!!!!!!!!!!


Now I am a freaking Naruto.

How awesome is that?????


That should be it for my rantings.

Suddenly I have inspiration to continue with my work.

The brain juice is flowing once more.

Damn, ranting does feel good.

Oh yeah.

***Don't ask why am I still doing my work at this hour..... At the rate I am going, maybe I am going to sleep at around 3AM.

Oh, silly me.

Can just go to sleep already.

Let the clones do the job.


Taijuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!!!!!!!!

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