Monday, August 30, 2010


Desperately for air~~~~~

Come middle October should be able to take a long needed and deserved rest.......

Should be able~~~~~

A side note....

I dropped my D90 at around 4ft high on a tar paved road. 

Yes, the clumsy me freaking dropped my beloved D90 on the freaking tar paved road!!!!!!!!!

What kind of an idiot does that???/

This kind apparently....

But thank the heavens for letting it live......


Here, some beautiful sceneries for me to relax after going through the terrible ordeal. And maybe can help you relax and be amazed with the beauty of Mother Nature.

***Alright, so maybe my photo taking skills might be lacking which resulted in the inability to show the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature to her greatest extend........Sumimasen...Moto Moto Benkyoshiteiru***


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kuching Food Festival 2010

It is actually called Kuching Festival 2010 but since there is a lot of food porn going on over there so hence it is called Kuching Food Festival. Sort of.

Anyway, this year's Kuching Festival ended already last week. One can almost get any Kuching food they want over there conveniently located at one place.

Like any other sane glutton out there, yours truly went to the Kuching Festival 2010 not once but twice. Ahem.

Less with the words and on with the pictures. You illiterate you..... 

 People Mountain People Sea

 People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea

  People Mountain People Sea


 Or Chien

 Squid Balls **Thinks so**

 Squid Balls Maker

 OMG, Paul the Octopus~~ Is that you??

 Singing and Dancing...Ahem

 Got Garden show somemore

 Got Wishing Well Somemore... Dun play play

 What'cha looking at???


 Taken on the way back **Not to advertise brand mmmmkay**

Taken on the way back....

That is all.

Kuching Festival 2010 aka Kuching Food Festival 2010.

Darn, all the kilos I gained.

Kuching Festival is evil.....


Monday, August 16, 2010

Kapit & Sibu Short Trip

***Alright, so after a long research and head scratching session for the first DSLR I am going to get, I settled on a Nikon D90. Hence, the Nikon D90 world managed to claim yet another user to their collections on users. Ahem. If you must know, before this I shoot on a Canon Powershot A70 and Canon Ixus. Canon fanboys/girls who are shouting blasphemy right now, you have to admit it that at the current price range and the models available, Nikon D90 kick arse. -End- ***

Yours Truly went on a short trip to Sibu & Kapit a while back with his new toy, anxious to produce some masterpieces but alas that was not meant to be due to the shortage at the skill department. Ahem. Needs lots of experimenting, kinda overwhelming by the diverse stuffs that can be played with. Before this used a compact point and shoot camera mah. Just point and snap.

Now, it is like figuring out which controls/settings to put under different environment then make few shots then adjust to the desired settings then make the shots then have to find time to filter and post process it. Just a general overview lah.

Anyway, some photos of the trip aye?

Sibu Bak Kut Teh

BBQ Fish

Harimau *Ahem*

BBQ-cued Fish

BBQ-cued Fish

Catfish being prepared to be BBQ-cued

Fish Skewed

Chicken Feet

Dim Sum


That is how you check the gender of fish

Fishing Gear

Fish Pond

Ha Kau



Fish Pond

Pork Tripe


Sibu Wharf

Shot taken inside the Express Boat

Sugarcane Lemon Drink

Oil Fried Ghost aka Yew Char Kueh

So, there. That is all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waktu Imsak, Berbuka Puasa and Happy Ramadhan 2010

Alright, so I am late this year compared to last year.

Normally I would be posting this up before Puasa started. Forgive me for not doing so this year. I have pressing matters at hand, so to speak.

Anyway, for the uninitiated it is the time of the year where all muslim started to fast. It is RAMADHAN month. Yep, they fast for a whole month.

Like last year, I am looking forward to the Ramadhan Bazaar  or the Pasar Ramadhan. That is where all the glorious food will be at. All conveniently located at one place. One can literally eat till you drop providing you have the moolah of course.

So, back to the focus. The Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for year 2010.

Here, the schedule for Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa for Zon 8: Kuching, Lundu, Bau, and Semantan.

Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa 2010 for Zon 8 : Kuching, Lundu, Bau, & Semantan

Rest assured that this is the correct schedule because it is taken from JAKIM website. So it should not be wrong. Right? If JAKIM is wrong then I also dunno liao.

Anyway, for the rest of your area if you are not from Zon 8, you can refer to the full schedule for the Malaysia Waktu Imsak and Berbuka Puasa 2010.

And oh,


To all my muslim friends~~~