Monday, August 30, 2010


Desperately for air~~~~~

Come middle October should be able to take a long needed and deserved rest.......

Should be able~~~~~

A side note....

I dropped my D90 at around 4ft high on a tar paved road. 

Yes, the clumsy me freaking dropped my beloved D90 on the freaking tar paved road!!!!!!!!!

What kind of an idiot does that???/

This kind apparently....

But thank the heavens for letting it live......


Here, some beautiful sceneries for me to relax after going through the terrible ordeal. And maybe can help you relax and be amazed with the beauty of Mother Nature.

***Alright, so maybe my photo taking skills might be lacking which resulted in the inability to show the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature to her greatest extend........Sumimasen...Moto Moto Benkyoshiteiru***


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