Friday, May 30, 2008

Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup

Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup or if translated to English would be Aup Hill Jubilee Park. That doesn't sounds right. Lets just stick with Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup shall we?

The Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup is located at Sibu which is around 15 minutes drive from Sibu town depending on your speed.

Originally a mining pool area which later converted into a recreational area. There are some recreational facilities, hanging bridge, and even burial ground for the natives.

Bukit Aup is actually considered a sacred place by the natives and is associated with good spirits. There used to be rituals performed for well being and prosperity. Basically, it is believed that those who set foot at Bukit Aup are blessed.

However, I still remembered that there are quite a big gossip about ghosts appearing in the pictures taken at the Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup a while back. Way way back. Some sort of cheap publicity stunt perhaps.

Heck, even the local newspaper publish some of the so called pictures with ghost in it reportedly taken at Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup. Back then I don't have a camera yet let alone a digital one, so did not manage to go and test it out.

However, this time around I did manage to take some pictures of the area aside from some pictures of the food eaten at the canteen. See for yourself if there are any "irregularities".

Bukit AupPond area

Bukit Aup FishFish in the pond

Bukit Aup CanteenCanteen

Bukit Aup CoconutCoconut

Bukit Aup Kompia MeatKompia kiap meat

Bukit Aup RojakRojak

Bukit Aup Stairsway up

Bukit Aup Going Upstill on the way up

Bukit Aup Hanging BridgeHanging bridge

Bukit Aup Ritual Placeplace for rituals to be performed?

Bukit Aup Topgoing to the top

Bukit Aup Viewview from the top

Bukit Aup Stairs Lotsstairs- a lot of em

Bukit Aup Gardengarden path

That is all the pictures taken at Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup.

Oh, there is one final picture that I am quite reluctant to show.

As I passed the swings, suddenly the swings moved. Thinking there might be something "out of the ordinary", a picture is taken of the swings.

Bukit Aup Yours Truly=p

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles Part 2

***Continuation from Part 1. This is the last part of BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles***

After saving the world part, Yours Truly continues his driving journey to Sibu.

There's this one stretch of road repairs in progress.

Rocky Roadlousy road1

After 5 minutes,

Rocky Road1lousy road2

After another 5 minutes

Rocky Road again-_-"

The bumpy drive results in the urge to let go "excessive" water, so to say. Hence , Yours Truly being the civilized person he is, search frantically for rest stops/toilets along the way.

So, the moral of the story is NOT to drink a lot of water when you are going on a "quite" a long journey. Especially if it is a bumpy ride.

But fate is being cruel as there are no rest stops/toilets can be seen. All along the way, all he can see are some plants and a whole stretch of road.

Long winding Roadlong stretch of road

Normally Yours Truly am a very law abiding citizen and always follow the speed limit, however desperate times call for desperate measure. He speed as fast as possible and yet he come across the similar view.

Long stretch of roadlong stretch of road again

All hope seems to be lost when suddenly Yours Truly noticed that there is something wrong. His spider sense kicks into action as he sensed that there are faint fragile cries for help. That is when he does an emergency brake and comes to an instant halt.

Searching around, he found the source of the faint fragile cries for help.

Dying plantsPoor withering and dying vegetation/plants

Yes, the source is from the drying, withering and dying vegetation/plants due to the scorching heat and lack of water.

Dying vegetationPoor drying & dying vegetations/plants

Being the kind and helpful soul and not to mention that green vegetations/plants all this while have been contributing to us by giving us fresh oxygen, Yours Truly am determine to contribute back to the vegetations/plants.

Hence, without further ado, Yours Truly using lightning speed reflexes started to "water" the poor dying vegetations/plants. There are enough for the surrounding vegetations/plants as the flow is akin to the Niagara Falls due to the over limit accumulation earlier on.

This truly shows the example of the phrase "one stone kills two birds" where yours truly can relieve himself and at the same time helps the poor dying vegetations/plants with one action.

Now, BenardCometh Revelations do NOT condone the "watering" of any places as you like UNLESS when it is absolutely necessarily and only when it is a matter of live and death.
(Like in this case, the "watering" saves the vegetations/plants)

Even the heavens are touched by yours truly selfless act of kindness as not long after yours truly "waters" the vegetations/plants. It started to rain. The heavens also wants to "water" the vegetations/plants or so it seems.
(Hmmm, a new method of rain dance in the making. =p)


Raining 1heaven's way of "watering"

It is always good to have done good deeds. After all the things contributed to humanity by green vegetations/plants, it is only fair for Yours Truly to represent the humanity to contribute something back.

Feeling full of renewed vigor and enthusiasm, Yours Truly drive along effortlessly in his little/small battle car and in no time at all he come across the sign indicating that the destination is becoming nearer.


Yours Truly can almost "smell" Sibu air when he sees the Toll Plaza for the Lanang Bridge.

Sibu Toll Plaza
Toll Plaza

Toll PlazaGreen light means go

It costs yours truly Rm5.00 for his little battle car to use the Lanang Bridge. It does shorten the time of the journey compared to the time when there is no bridge and there is only ferry service to cross the river.

lanang BridgeThe Lanang Bridge

Lanang Bridge 1The way up

Lanang Bridge 2The way down

Reached Sibu finally. After a gruesome 5 hours drive from Kuching to Sibu. The prodigal son has returned. Again. After the previous visit.

What is the first thing to do when you reached your destination after a long drive?

Give your car a bath of course.

In this case, it's snow wash yo.

For my little battle car of course and oh, it costs Rm15 for exterior and interior wash. The snow wash is on the exterior and for the interior its some vacuuming and wiping with some white liquid substance.

CarWashLittle battle car has spa treatment yo

-The End-

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The BenardCometh Sibu Chronicles Part 1

*** So, Yours Truly am now in Sibu. The Moore’s Law kicks into action when I tried to online with a mere 56K line. Times like this I am really grateful with the existence of Streamyx. Thus, I have to shamelessly invite myself to a friend’s house and his Streamyx since there is no Starbuck here. Thanks Eddie***

On Thursday, 22nd of May 2008.
(Already say are chronicles mah, have to be detail a bit loh)

Yours Truly started to drive from Kuching to Sibu using his battle car. So, driving he goes in his little battle car determined to reach Sibu as fast as possible.

Along the way, he encountered a lot of obstacles in the form of slow moving cars and occasional suicidal bugs/insects trying to commit suicide by enthusiastically smashing their little body against the windscreen.
(May all of you poor bugs rest in pieces peace)

Suddenly after overcoming all those obstacles, yours truly came face to face with a slow moving lorry. With full speed, yours truly tries to overtake the slow moving lorry as it is excruciating painful to follow behind staring at a lot of asses pointing at him. What asses you say?

LorrySlow Moving Lorry

PigsLots of pork asses pointing at yours truly

Yours Truly will not be insulted this way. No way, NOT that day. Hence, he speed up and manage to overtake the lorry full of pigs.

Feeling very victorious, yours truly AM the king of the road. Then suddenly he saw:

Lorry 1Another Slow Moving Lorry

Pigs 1Another Lorry full of PIGS

Nooooooo, how can this be? This is a conspiracy of some sort for PIGS to take over the roads in Sarawak I tell you.

For the sake of humanity, yours truly definitely have to overtake the lorry. Normally he is a very law abiding citizen and will not just simply overtake cars.

However, for the sake of humanity, he has no choice but to overtake the slow moving lorry in order to prove to the PIGS that human are superior after all and don't ever have plans to take over the world.

Thus, that day Yours Truly managed to save the world from clutches of evil porks pigs without anyone knowing.

Part 1- The End.

Continues in Part 2.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cervical Cancer

***This public awareness service is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations for the benefit of all***

Do you know that Cervical Cancer is the SECOND most common cancer among Malaysian women?

Do you know that the Cervical Cancer is caused by a common virus that goes by the name Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?

Do you know that at least 50% of people who are sexually active will get genetial HPV?

Do you know that half of females diagnosed with cervical cancer are between 35 and 55 years old of which many were most likely exposed to cancer-causing HPV types during their teens and 20s.

Bet you do not know that Cervical cancer is abnormal cell growth in the cervix.

For those who thought cervix is some kind of food, you are seriously confused. Find some help. Quick.

The Cervix is the part of the uterus that connects the upper part of the uterus and the vagina.
(Don't even ask me what is uterus and vagina. You should have learned this in school. If you don't know, that means either you are not paying attention in class or you are just plain weird.)

Now, Cervical Cancer is a serious condition that can be life threatening which begins when a woman are infected with certain types of HPV and the immune system is not effective of which makes the normal cells begin to grow abnormally and turn into precancerous lesions.

So, what exactly is HPV?

It is a common virus that affects both females and males. There are more than 100 types of the virus. Most of the HPV types are harmless and symptom-less though.

There are about 30 types of HPV that are known as genital HPV since they affect the genital area.
(Of course lah, Genital HPV affect genital area and not other area. If not, it would not be called genital HPV now would it?)

Go google about it if you want to know more, long story short, HPV is bad mmmmmkay. HPV are also been linked to other rare diseases including vaginal and vulvar cancers. HPV may not show any symptoms which means you could be transmitting the virus without even knowing it. Yes, you who are sexually active.

Actually, anyone who has sexual activity involving genital contact could get genital HPV, EVEN if there is no sexual intercourse.
(How can that happen? without sexual intercourse? I will let your hyperactive imagination take over for now. I am sure you know what.)

Now, how do you know if you have HPV?

Well, you don't because HPV usually has no signs or symptoms and most people who are infected with HPV don't even know they have it. There are currently no proven treatment for HPV and for majority of people who have HPV, their body's immune system are enough to clear the virus.

However, serious HPV will lead to cancer and can be treated successfully if detected early. Which means that early detection is very very important.

Lets see the options to help prevent cervical cancer and HPV infection.

First, You will need to go for regular pap tests.

Second, Abstinence from all sexual activities.

Third, Maintain monogamous relationship with someone who has had no other or only few sex partners previously.

Fourth, Limit the number of partners you have and choose your partners carefully. The fewer partners your partner has had, the less likely he or she have HPV.

Fifth, Condoms may help reduce but is not fully protective against infection.

Sixth, Vaccination with HPV vaccine.
(I would think those who are sexually active would want to go for this. 3 doses for Rm1500 I heard)

P/S: Vaccination is available to prevent HPV infection and may reduce the risk of cervical cancer and HPV related diseases.

Ideally females should get the vaccine before they are sexually active aka virgins. The reason for this is that the vaccine is most effective in women/girls who have not yet acquired any of the HPV types covered by the vaccine.

Lastly, it is better to refrain from being sexually active with a lot of partners or IF **ehem** you really have to be sexually active, then before that get VACCINATED and do the proper prevention measures.


***End of awareness service by BenardCometh Revelations***




Monday, May 19, 2008

Here in My Home

Here in My Home is an anti-racism song and music video done by Malaysian artistes to promote unity.

It's a very nice and pleasant song. I am actually quite surprised with the degree of the music flow. It really kinda makes people want to just sing along.
(one thing for sure is that I will be listening to this song a lot.)

The best part is that you can download the song and music video and even the lyrics for FREE. It is after all done to promote UNITY.
(Just remember to NOT eat the damn guava. This is of great importance. Don't even think of it.)

All in the name of LOVE yo.

Spread Love not Hate

The Music Video

Here in My Home

Heck they even have cool banner. What are you waiting for? Click on the banner to go to the website.

free download
Malaysian Artistes For UNITY
(Well, this is the only banner that I liked among the few banners available)

Alright, now the question is "Who wants to send Yours Truly some LOVE"?

You know that you wanted to. Don't be shy now. =p

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Crimp Ethernet Cable aka Making Your Own Network Cable

Alright kiddies,

For this post, Yours Truly am going to show how to crimp Ethernet Cable or popularly known as just Network Cable. There are basically two types of Network Cable, the straight cable and the cross cable.

The straight cable is normally used when you want to connect your computer/PC to a hub/switch/router and the cross cable is normally used when you want to connect your PC with another PC directly.

Since yours truly thinks that most of you would be using the straight cable, he would just focus on the making straight cable part.

The things that you will need to have:

RJ45 connectors
(obviously needed as connector)

RJ45 crimping tool
(This is a 4 in 1 Crimper- RJ45 crimp, Tel cable crimp, wire stripper, and cutter)

Ethernet cable/Network cable
(Doesn't take a genius to know that this is essential)

Now, lets go on with the steps on how to crimp/make your own Ethernet/network cable.

First, use a scissor or a knife to cut the end of the cable in order to get a straight cut. After that, you need to cut the outer rubber layer or also known as the jacket using the wire stripper and you will see four pairs of wires. Each pair has a solid and striped color each of orange, green, brown, and blue. Arrange them according to the following picture.

The 4 pairs of wires

After that, separate the wires and you will have eight individual wires. Arrange nicely and use a knife or cutter or scissor to cut the wires neatly in a straight line horizontally.

obviously not straight and neat enough
(heck not even arranged properly)

However, before you cut, it is better to arrange the wire into the correct sequence. The color sequence to follow when the wire is facing you like the picture above starting from the left:

Striped Orange,
Striped Green,
Striped Blue,
Striped Brown,

When you arrange em properly then get one RJ45 plug with the latch side facing down and guide the wires into the plug. Make sure each wire go in its own channel and push the wires as far as it would go.

Insert the wire inside to the end

Now, remember your crimping tool? With the wires pushed into the plug, fit the plug in the crimping slot. Stable the cable with one hand and use the other hand to squeeze the crimping tool hard. You will heard a click that indicates the plug is fasten onto the cable.

The first hole from the left is the crimping slot for RJ45

fit in place

press down with a bit force
(may the force be with you, my young padawan)

And you are done with one side of the cable. Flip the cable around and start on the other end which would be assembled exactly the same for straight cable.

However, if you HAVE to make a cross cable then you will have to follow the following color sequence.

End 1
(from left)

Striped Orange,
Striped Green,
Striped Blue,
Striped Brown,

End 2
(from left)

Striped Green,
Striped Orange,
Striped Brown,
Striped Blue,

After you have arrange the wires at both end according to the sequence and crimped em, you will have your cross cable.

Completed. Now you know how to make straight cable and cross cable.

And oh, you will want to test the cable first just in case the wire doesn't go in the correct channel.

There you have it. Network/Ethernet cables DIY

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Been really busy. Have to settle my things and handover to the company. I yam beri responsible wan mah.

Two more days to go and after that will be measuring floor I guess.

(If you don't get the measure floor part, just leave it as it is. I have poor sense of humor I know.)

Might just measure floor aside from planting grape, if you get my drift. However, will be doing some freelancing and consultation I guess.
(Planting grape = Penanam Anggur = Penganggur , it's Bahasa Malaysia for unemployed. =p)

Aside from that the new semester going to start soon. Just registered for the new semester of my studies. After this semester, only left one last semester to go for me to complete my research paper before I graduate. ***crossing my fingers***

Anyway, this is going to be a short post.

The End.
(Short leh, I did say it is going to be short)

Doesn't seem right to just end with words.

Here, a poster done by yours truly using Photoshop. It's a simple poster so no flaming yah. =p

Spread Love not Hate.

Ah Hoe
(He is single by the way if anyone is interested)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Li Wei's Art

Now this is interesting and quite fascinating.

The following pictures are not doctored digitally or modified using Photoshop. Its all Li Wei's Art.

Love at high place 1

Love at high place 2

Li Wei fall to Hong Kong

Li Wei fall to New York

Never say failure 1

On the Earth surface

25 levels of freedom

29 levels of freedom

A pause for humanity 1

Dream-like love

Ahead 2

There you have it. Such amazing pictures. Bear in mind that all the pictures are not doctored digitally.

So, head over to Li Wei's Art for more if you are interested.