Sunday, May 11, 2008

Li Wei's Art

Now this is interesting and quite fascinating.

The following pictures are not doctored digitally or modified using Photoshop. Its all Li Wei's Art.

Love at high place 1

Love at high place 2

Li Wei fall to Hong Kong

Li Wei fall to New York

Never say failure 1

On the Earth surface

25 levels of freedom

29 levels of freedom

A pause for humanity 1

Dream-like love

Ahead 2

There you have it. Such amazing pictures. Bear in mind that all the pictures are not doctored digitally.

So, head over to Li Wei's Art for more if you are interested.


  1. Amazing...but what is li wei's art actually?

  2. The one with the head inside the wall is really creepy.

  3. Holy~~~~
    How the freaking H he did that?
    This guy is freaking good!

  4. amazing,,
    some of photo funny,
    and i interested for the last phto..
    hahahha.. he bite the girl's dress..
    seems he did not want to let the girl go...:)

  5. cool art...should be somethings hold them in the air?

  6. -et3rnal-: Erm, it is art exhibition done by Li Wei? =p

    宝茹: Yep..agree.

    cbenc12: Some..yes

    3point8: True true

    eileen: Totally

    Marllyanna: Till death do us part thing I guess

    amei79: He has his own tricks I think


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