Friday, May 30, 2008

Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup

Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup or if translated to English would be Aup Hill Jubilee Park. That doesn't sounds right. Lets just stick with Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup shall we?

The Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup is located at Sibu which is around 15 minutes drive from Sibu town depending on your speed.

Originally a mining pool area which later converted into a recreational area. There are some recreational facilities, hanging bridge, and even burial ground for the natives.

Bukit Aup is actually considered a sacred place by the natives and is associated with good spirits. There used to be rituals performed for well being and prosperity. Basically, it is believed that those who set foot at Bukit Aup are blessed.

However, I still remembered that there are quite a big gossip about ghosts appearing in the pictures taken at the Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup a while back. Way way back. Some sort of cheap publicity stunt perhaps.

Heck, even the local newspaper publish some of the so called pictures with ghost in it reportedly taken at Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup. Back then I don't have a camera yet let alone a digital one, so did not manage to go and test it out.

However, this time around I did manage to take some pictures of the area aside from some pictures of the food eaten at the canteen. See for yourself if there are any "irregularities".

Bukit AupPond area

Bukit Aup FishFish in the pond

Bukit Aup CanteenCanteen

Bukit Aup CoconutCoconut

Bukit Aup Kompia MeatKompia kiap meat

Bukit Aup RojakRojak

Bukit Aup Stairsway up

Bukit Aup Going Upstill on the way up

Bukit Aup Hanging BridgeHanging bridge

Bukit Aup Ritual Placeplace for rituals to be performed?

Bukit Aup Topgoing to the top

Bukit Aup Viewview from the top

Bukit Aup Stairs Lotsstairs- a lot of em

Bukit Aup Gardengarden path

That is all the pictures taken at Taman Jubilee Bukit Aup.

Oh, there is one final picture that I am quite reluctant to show.

As I passed the swings, suddenly the swings moved. Thinking there might be something "out of the ordinary", a picture is taken of the swings.

Bukit Aup Yours Truly=p


  1. coconut drink!!!!! I want!!!

    LOL, Aup Hill Jubilee Park
    Eh, sound kinda cool to me!

  2. this place look very nice, nice to snap picture...

  3. 3point8: Now you mentioned it, It does sounds a bit cool. =p

    icalvyn: Yeah. too bad doesn't own a dslr. =p

    mariposa: Yes it is.


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