Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coconut Affair

Coconut is one of my favorite food/drink.

It's cheap, tasty and have the cooling effect some more especially during hot weathers.

Wait, it used to be cheap. Now, it's around RM3 per coconut. I think it used to be around Rm0.50 per coconut. Oh well, with the inflation that keeps on increasing it would be weird to get things at the same price as before.

Anyway, like I said. I like coconuts.


After unsuccessful attempt in creating a masterpiece, I resort to brute force of hacking and slashing at the coconut thus creating a less than desirable coconut. Can't really blame me though. I am the amateur here....Hello~~~~

brute hacking and slashing

Results of brute hacking and slashing
Uneven "cuttings"

Put straw and Voila
Coconut ready for consumption

After draining it dry of its juice, hack the coconut into two to get to the flesh part.

Suppose to be split in the middle
Well, nvmlah as long as can get the flesh

Use a spoon to "carve" out the flesh for consumption

There, done with the violation consumption of the coconut.

Those who never tried before definitely need to try if got the chance.

Those who tried it already, drink more. It's good for you. BenardCometh says so. Well, at least he thinks so.


  1. C O C O N U T
    Come sing with me!
    C O C O N U T

  2. Coconut at other country such as Thailand is very cheap...

  3. i like the picture of the coconuts with straws. it looks fabulous. =)

  4. hahhaha, really amateur way of breaking the coconut with brutal force :P better than me, i totally dunno how, maybe js straight away smash it and all the water spill out :P

  5. coconut~~ so long didnt drink coconut di...=P

  6. nothing like a coconut on this hot weather! :)

  7. kaklong: Except that the coconut shell looks too mutilated. :P


  8. 3point8: Lets hold hands now...

    keeyit: Yeah, so I heard

    kaklong: That makes the two of us. =p

    yipguseng: Brute force way to go..

    -et3rnal-: Go and have some...=p

    quachee: Yep

    宝茹: Shhhhhhhh...=p


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