Thursday, May 15, 2008


Been really busy. Have to settle my things and handover to the company. I yam beri responsible wan mah.

Two more days to go and after that will be measuring floor I guess.

(If you don't get the measure floor part, just leave it as it is. I have poor sense of humor I know.)

Might just measure floor aside from planting grape, if you get my drift. However, will be doing some freelancing and consultation I guess.
(Planting grape = Penanam Anggur = Penganggur , it's Bahasa Malaysia for unemployed. =p)

Aside from that the new semester going to start soon. Just registered for the new semester of my studies. After this semester, only left one last semester to go for me to complete my research paper before I graduate. ***crossing my fingers***

Anyway, this is going to be a short post.

The End.
(Short leh, I did say it is going to be short)

Doesn't seem right to just end with words.

Here, a poster done by yours truly using Photoshop. It's a simple poster so no flaming yah. =p

Spread Love not Hate.

Ah Hoe
(He is single by the way if anyone is interested)


  1. Fuuu~~~~~

    Anyway, nice poster! Loved the black&white concept

  2. How do you start freelancing and consulting work?


  3. keeyit: Thanks

    3point8: Thanks

    宝茹: Erm, before this I do conduct some trainings and from there I get to know some people. At times when there are projects to be done they would need consultation or even people to manage few parts of projects.

    Things like that. =p


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