Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretzels Stick Sweetness

Well, not exactly THAT sweet but just right.

Nagaraya Sweet Mini Pretzels

The Nagaraya Sweet Mini Pretzels is one of my favorite snack aside from the Panda.

sugar coated

Surprisingly, the sugar coated sticks are crunchy with a hint of sweetness although there are considerable amount of sugar in the packet.

Nagaraya sounds Japanese but it is made in the Philippines. A product of the Philippines.

Aside from the sugar coated type, there are also chocolate coated type. Yay for variety.

Nagaraya Sweet Mini Pretzels

choco coated

Happy playing eating the "sticks"


  1. Where u buy those?! I want.. Yum~!

  2. there are some japanese pretzels in Spring. yum yum~~ ;)


  3. liew: Erm, I don't quite remember.. I think I bought it at the Spring Ta Kiong.

    levian: Is it?


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