Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello Panda

Went to Choice Daily and saw Hello Panda. Suddenly felt the urge to buy and eat of course as it has been quite sometime since I last tasted Hello Panda.

What is Hello Panda? It is not a Panda saying hello but a type of Japanese biscuits which apparently is quite popular. Manufactured by Meiji Seiko, each biscuit/cookie is filled with fillings such as milk/vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. (The 3 fillings that I tried before).

Milk Filling (Rm3.50)

Chocolate Filling (Rm3.50)

Printed on the biscuits are cartoon panda, of which you might be able to guess where the name comes from. Have a look yourself from the pictures.

Panda Cartoon on biscuit

The milk and chocolate fillings that I had is pleasantly tasty and there is no oily after taste like some other biscuits. Makes a great snack with the finger sized biscuits. The only problem would be that one packet is definitely not enough as there are only a handful of the biscuits in one packet.

The Fillings

I noticed that there is a hole in every biscuit.
(The followings is what I think why is there a hole in every biscuit. It may be true or it may not be true.)
**Suppose that is how they inject the fillings into the biscuit. Might be that at first, the biscuits are called Panda but it is not that well received/sold hence they thought of giving it some fillings. In the process of testing the filling, they just inject the fillings in one of the biscuit and instantly say "HELLO PANDA" to define the newly acquired taste. Wanting to maintain the taste, from then onwards the biscuits are manufactured exactly like how it is discovered- By injecting fillings into the biscuits.**

Notice the hole?

The biscuits itself is quite sweet so eating too much would not be that good. Other than that, once in a while when the urge kicks in, it would be alright I think. To hell with that, I will eat as much as I want to.
(That explains why my weight keeps on increasing)

Hmmm, seems like I am doing free advertisement but to share good thing is good MMMKAY.

There you have it. Hello Panda Biscuits/Cookies


  1. I love like hello panda too, but i'l only get it when I tired with all the usual snacks like pringles, mister potato, and the likes..

  2. Hehehhee.... Let me see that day only people said he hit 25 liao wor.. wukakaka... but I LOVE TO EAT this kind of stuffs too! Yup, and I ate this before :P

  3. there are a new movie name kung fu panda coming soon is this june...

  4. i like the red color packaging, the paste is chocolate wan :D

  5. No, actually it's a panda saying hello, hahahahaha...you just think it's not. :P

  6. yummy yum!! I LOVE this alot!!!! haha

  7. I din try this Hello Panda before.. And also din know that how these biscuits look like.. Hahaha.. now I know..

  8. those printed pandas on top of the biscuits are saying hello indeed. gonna give it a try. hehe. ;)

  9. ehhh, u like Hello Panda biscuits too???? Me also love to eat Hello Panda....too bad that sibu dun have but i have bought many boxes from KL on my trip there...hehehe~~


  10. 3point8: Hohohoho, too much of something is not good also..except for money.... hahaha

    eileen: Ooopsss....well come to food no age boundary one.... =p

    icalvyn: I heard about that too

    yipguseng: That is actually brown in color...heheheheh..sort of..

    宝茹: Ohh... I see.... =p

    wendy: yeah, give me 5

    keeyit: Yeah, now you know. =p

    levian: Try try....

    et3rnal: woh, serious... now you can buy in Kuching.... =p I think Ta Kiong in Sibu might sell this also....

  11. dood yer stoopid you no have strawberry flava of panda cookies supreme


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