Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tortoise Streamyx

Since last few days, Streamyx has been very very slow to the point it is practically crawling trying its best for data transmission. I am beginning to have the 56K modem feel like way back then. No, it is even slower than 56K. Imagine that.

In my frustrating and waiting for the pages to load, yours truly fire up Photoshop and created a simple banner. They might as well include it in their promotion campaigns to compliment their "On Best Effort Basis" policy.

Here, have a look. Don't you think they should get a tortoise as their official mascot? That would be swell.
(Oh ya, the tortoise picture is taken from google image. NOT illustrated by yours truly. Did some modifications to it though.)

So, Streamyx. I know that the best-effort-thing stands but at least provide a decent connection. And to think I am actually thinking of upgrading to 1mb after the call from you guys. The upgrade to 1mb line with just an addition of rm11 per month. Yeah, right.

Then again, don't tell me this is some kind of conspiracy to force people to upgrade to 1mb? If it is, then it is a pretty lame attempt. Anyway, I am hoping it is just some "upgrading" exercise like what they always says. Get on with it and give me back my speed ASAP. Thank You Very Much.

There, the end of my ramblings.

And oh, anyone else from Malaysia experiencing tortoise slow Streamyx?


  1. Hahahaha...what a productive way for you to spend your waiting moments. :P

    Internet connection here is not that very good too. I'm tired of complaining to their tech support.

  2. I'm having the same problem. Lately it has been slow more and more often

  3. Oh yea...With the rate streamyx is doing, I'm expecting my F5 button to be the first button to break down

  4. i'm experiencing it too. so so SO frustrating !! wake up already, msia !! *turning the table upside down while grunting*


  5. 宝茹: Its the same everywhere then...Sigh

    runawaycat: Aghhhhh... why why

    3POINT8: Get few keyboards as backup then... =p

    levian: Grrrrr...I feel the same...Grrrr


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