Saturday, January 19, 2008

DOTA Allstars Latest AI Map

***Latest map update***
The latest non-AI would be DotA Allstars v6.59c and the AI would be DotA Allstars v6.59 AIPlus 1.52 Rev 1 download-able at the end of this post.

DOTA stands for Defense Of The Ancients which is a game widely played all over the world. It is not exactly a game by its own as it is only a map to be played on Warcraft 3- Frozen Throne.

Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne

However, DOTA players claim it as an obsession, a must, and to the extreme until it is considered a religion with individuals worshiping their own choice of heroes as GOD manifest. (as I said, the extreme cases)

Oh yes, I can imagine how the prayers will be like. Oh, Yunero. Grant us your agility and your healing ability. Deliver us from the NOOBS with your ever powerful Omnislash. In Yunero we pray.

Or even, Oh (insert your choice of hero here), Bless us this mighty fine morning with your (insert your choice of heroes skills/spells) so that we can be productive and become a PRO in our work hence showing MONSTER KILL performance and getting GODLIKE results. In (insert your choice of hero here), we pray. Oh yeah, definitely something like that.

Anyway, I used to play DOTA a lot during my university years and stop playing for quite some time already. Only recently, suddenly I felt the urge to play again. (once in while that is). So, what a busy mid-twenties need to do in order to play the game? Get a DOTA Allstars AI map of course and play whenever there is time.

For those who don't know, you can play with computer controlled heroes whenever you want with AI maps. AI is Artificial Intelligence in case you don't know.

To download the latest map, please click the following links:
(I think the followings are the latest maps. Hope so.)

There, done.



  1. Dota!!!! I love it but I hate playing with AI.. so tipu especially the insane one. we only level 3, they're already almost level 10. Huhuhu

  2. lolz, it's been ages since my last play DotA :P

    great game and highly addictive with players..if with AI, a while will get bored once u know their route and tactic..

  3. I din play PC games at all.. Hahaha..

  4. Dota, a very nice and hot game!
    I just tried few times only, because alot of heroes ( undeath, human, elf...)and hav to choose the right one. If randomly choose one, i only stand there and do nothing (very lauya player)hehehe

  5. i'm indeed curious with DOTA. the guys are sure going crazy all over it. "do you dota tonight?", "wanna dota after class?", "what time wanna go cyber continue dota later?" .. haha. now where exactly do i start ?? *blurred*

  6. but a warcraft 3 cd with frozen throne and you're on your way to play dota ^_^ hahaha... prolly dota is even famous than the original warcraft. huhu

  7. Hi, the latest AI is 6.49c AIplus. It's great! you can see it at Hope that can help :)


  8. Kaklong: Yeah, there are insane especially the AI+

    yipguseng: True also but there are AI that are just plain cheat...heh.

    keeyit: Well, PC games is bad mmmmkay.

    ShaSha: Hey there, well practice makes perfect. Just play when you are free. Try not to get addicted.. =p

    levian: If you wish to learn then you should have warcraft 3 installed with frozen throne. Then download the map and start playing.


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