Friday, January 18, 2008

Nikon D40 vs Canon 350D

My trusty old Canon Powershot A70 is in the "camera hospital" again. Notice the again? Yep, the A70 has been in the "camera hospital" for a few times already and every time is because of the same problem. If I am not mistaken, the term for it is the Image Phenomena Due To CCD Malfunction which caused distortion, blank LCD and unable to power on just to name a few. Seems that it is caused during the manufacturing which explains that so far it is repaired at no cost. It is very irritating that the same problem always happen and I have to go to the service center over and over again, however the Canon customer service so far is good except for the keep on repairing part of course. That is why am trying to get a DSLR.

Yours truly am considering two brands of DSLR camera. The Nikon D40 and the Canon 350D for the fact that the two DSLR are within budget. Doesn't have the two DSLR so can't really make a comparison. Yes, budget does matter.

Wondering whether my old trusty Canon Powershot A70 can be traded in or not. If it can be done, then I will definitely go for the Canon 350D as it will be cheaper. Yeah, I wish. Hopefully this time around when my A70 is repaired it won't have the same problem again. If not, I will have to keep on sending it in for repair which really annoys me.

Anyway, back to the topic. Which one would be a better choice? Nikon D40 or Canon 350D? At the moment, I am leaning towards Nikon D40 because of the experiences I had with Canon.

Another problem is that I heard that there are no more stocks left for Nikon D40 and Canon 350D in Kuching. Phased out already perhaps. If that is the case, then looks like I will be not be getting any DSLR anytime soon.

So, the question now is Nikon D40 or Canon 350D? Any owners of the two mentioned cameras want to give comments? suggestions?

In your opinion, which one would be the better choice?


  1. "At the moment, I am leaning towards Nikon D40 because of the experiences I had with Canon. "

    Sounds pretty ironic to me. you mean, you rather work with a brand which you are not familiar with?

    wait wait....i reread the sentence again, and i think i know what you are trying to say now...
    ahaha, sneaky!!!

  2. i like canon and all my canon cameras don't have any problem. Maybe you can ask the salesperson to replace your camera with a new one. They should be able to since you said it is manufacturing defect.

  3. maybe u should consider the canon 400D?

  4. nikon are better for Still photographs, n canon better for Moving photographs. which do you take more ?? :)

  5. Some of my friends also have something against Canon's digicam too. They said it gets spoiled quite fast.

    I used Canon EOS 350D and 400D when I did photography some time ago. Personally, 350D is quite okay actually for the kind of price. 400D is better but I think it's more expensive. The kit lens is okay but if you have the budget, it's good to get the zoom lens and wide lens in the future. I used to use Sigma lens (which is cheaper) on a Canon DSLR and it works alright.

    Most pro photographers use Nikon...I'm not sure why, but some pro photographers use mid-range Nikon to produce very good photographs. It's a matter of skill and post-production editing, I think.

    You can use ACDSee Pro to edit the photos because they have good functions and batch processing...and it's faster than when using Photoshop or Digital Photo Professional (which comes in bundle with Canon's DSLR).

    You can take a look at what Nikon's DLSR can do at . She's using the kit lens that comes with Nikon's DSLR.

  6. 3POINT8: Heh heh heh..... Yeah...

    LukXiuFung: If I kena the numbers I sure buy geh..

    kaklong: Asked already but they say only during promotion then they might be able to do that. No promotions now.

    Justine: Hey there.... not within my dame loh..

    levian: Hmmmm.. I think I take more of static objects...occasionally moving objects.... =p

    Caca: Thanks for the suggestion. I use photoshop for all editing needs... =p


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