Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Wound

Please be warned that the following contain graphics that may or may not make you lose appetite. Any occurrence of such said condition will be solely at your own risk.

Another point to note. The following pictures are from unknown author hence proper credit can't be addressed. I am a firm believer of giving credits to where it is due. Ahem. Legal plagiarism yo. So, credits to the owner. Ahem.

This series of brown recluse spider bite wound pictures has been in circulation for quite sometime already I think but since I just got it so I assume there are still lots of you who have not seen the pictures.

First of all, ladies and gentlemen. This is a brown recluse spider or so it says in the email.

Brown Recluse Spider

Looks like your ordinary house spider eh. Now kids, don't go and get yourself bitten by spiders and hope that you will become Spiderman or something. That is wrong. Even if that is possible, you are better off to go and get bitten by Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. They are not the richest men for nothing ya know.

Alright, back to the post. Brown Recluse Spider bite wound. It is possible that the pictures are doctored or even the wounds are created artificially. After all with today's technology and visual effects, almost anything is possible.

It would be quite impossible for someone to sacrifice one of his or her limb just to experiment and to show how does a bite wound looks like. Right? That is just not sane.

Here, the pictures. Judge for yourself.

Day 3 Wound

Day 4 Wound

Day 5 Wound

Day 6 Wound

Day 9 Wound

Day 10 Wound

There you have it. The supposedly brown recluse spider bite wound. Lost your appetite yet? Don't say I did not warn ya. Ahem.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

It is Christmas Eve.

What are your plans?

Caroling all night long?

Countdown with lots of booze?

Whatever your poison/preferences, BenardCometh Revelations wishes all of you a happy and blessed Christmas. Stay safe, Stay Sober. Ahem.


Christmas is not the time for you to wait for Santa Claus and demand gifts. That includes demanding gifts from your parents you greedy brats.

And Christmas is no excuse for you to get wasted at some local pub/bar in an alcohol infused frenzy.
(Though I have no objections to that. Amen)

Christmas is actually celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

There you have it, the truth.

Not some over commercialized hocus pocus.

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way........

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Installing New Fonts How To

Oh well,

As simple it may seems, there are still people asking me how the heck one install fonts, extra fonts that they found or downloaded from the Internet.

Thus, this post comes into existence. Tadahhhhh!!!!!

Why install new fonts? Simply for the fact that one can have those decorated fonts installed for their own preferences. Or maybe one found the ultimate font that outshines, outperform, and out-whatever-you-prefer the default fonts. One font to conquer em all so to speak.

However, please remember to always use professional fonts for professional use. I am sure you do not want to use decorated fonts in your resume and send for job applications, do you?

Anyway, back to the post. How to install new fonts in your computer/pc/laptop. Please bear in mind that this how-to is aimed for Microsoft platform since all of those who asked are using Windows. Ahem.
(If you want to install fonts in other operating systems. Ask and maybe thou shall receive. =p)

First of all, please go and get the fonts that you want. You can't possibly install new fonts without the new fonts now, correct? -_-"

Proceed to the control panel which normally is located at Start>Control Panel. You will see a new window that lists all the components inside the control panel. Locate the Fonts component and double click to access the fonts folder.

Control Panel


You will see all the fonts that your system use in that folder. The fonts may seems alien to you but fret not as you will not deal with em directly.

Fonts Folder

Proceed to File>Install New Font and a new window will pop up. Browse to the directory where your fonts are located and click on the fonts that you want to install. Once selected, click OK and the font will be installed. Repeat for other new fonts.

File > Install New Font

Browse to the fonts

Installing the Fonts

Congratulations for successfully installing your new fonts. Now go try out your new fonts. Go.

Simple right?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

F for Fish

Recently I noticed that different areas of a mall's car park in Kuching are labeled with alphabets followed by numbers such as F3 with illustration that suppose to illustrate the alphabets. For example F for Fish.

It is a good method for remembering aside from helping the kids to learn their alphabets. How considerate. However, there is just one small problem that will be mentioned later.

Some of the labels that I manage to take picture of are:

C for Cow

D for Dinosaur

E for Elephant

F for Fish

Oh yes. F for Fish.

There is just one small problem that is very misleading. Especially for small kids. Ahem.

That is a whale.

A WHALE is not a FISH.

(OMG, I am so nerdy....)

Remember now kids, a whale is NOT a FISH. A Whale is a MAMMAL.

F for Fish should be illustrated like the following:

F for FISH

p/s: Oh yeah, I am very the artistic one. Oh well, you get the idea.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Retrain Jobless Grads

Just read the news on the government spending RM70 million to retrain jobless graduates. GRADUATES.

Quoted from theStar Online.

The Government has approved a RM70mil grant to retrain 10,000 unemployed graduates, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam.

He said the grant would be used to train them in skills like communication, language and creative thinking.

“Some have good qualifications but their hurdle is language. So, we want to train them in English,” he said.

“We want to make our unemployed graduates more marketable,” he said.

What the !@!#!#!$!%$!%!% ???

Why waste more money on retraining those unemployed GRADUATES. They are GRADUATES from universities meaning that they should already have the skills and knowledge needed in their respective fields less the experience.

Oh, wait. The retrain is just to train and brush up their English. In that case, that is PERFECTLY alright. NOT. That is NOT alright.

Why keep on spending money to retrain the unemployed graduates when better measures can be taken? Fix the problem at the root would be the sensible approach. For example, train them WHEN they are in the universities instead of retraining them again AFTER they graduate.

And the RM70 million, of which I am sure will increase from year to year if the retraining program continues, can be used for other beneficial purposes instead of AGAIN retraining the graduates on things that they are suppose to have learned or trained in universities. They ARE in universities are they NOT?

Hence, measures should be taken to ensure that the soon to graduate graduates must be properly trained ALREADY in their universities and NOT to waste money on retraining them after they graduate. Correct?

There is also one more reason why the retrain is not really a good idea compared to the measure to train them WHILE they are still in universities. After the retrain, would they be able to use or master the English language? Probably not because they have been learning English for like 15++ years up to their tertiary studies and what makes you think that they will be able to do so with the retrain? Suddenly magically they will somehow kah?

The retrain might even be a half-hearted attempt to get the graduates to go through the process of training without any proper passing standards and giving them completion certificate as long as they follow the training from the start till the end.

If that is really the case, I am not saying that is the case but IF that is the case where the graduates passes the training without any proper measurement standard then it will all be for nothing. Back to square one.Ahem.

Haiya, my bad for forgetting one small thing. Recession mah. Have to stimulate the economy mah. The retrain will enrich some "appointed" training centers mah then they can employ more people and the people can have money to spend. So, the government spending will also stimulate the economy in order to improve the economy mah. Win Win situation mah. Ahem.

So inconsiderate of me. I should have known better. My bad. For the good of all lor.

That is all lah. I have to go and sit at the corner for self-reflection as punishment. Ohm Ohm Ohm.

The above post is not meant to criticize and condemn the actions of the government but more to suggesting alternative measure that might prove to be useful or better in order to help. "I yam very helpful wan.".
(Ahem... Have to cover ka cheng..... Better Cover Ka Cheng aka Not to be in deep shit..... Ahem)

Seriously, ensuring that the future graduates be trained and receive proper standard measurement before they graduate would be a good idea instead of retraining them after they graduate. For the already graduated graduates then no choice lah, bo pien. Train them lor.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ditch Internet Explorer Already

Are you still using Internet Explorer as your default browser to browse the Internet?

It's about time that you try other browsers such as FireFox and Chrome.

I would recommend Firefox though. Heck, anything is better than Internet Explorer.


Well, if you have no knowledge about the many bugs and flaws that infests Internet Explorer, this is another reason why.

Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer are being urged by experts to switch to a rival until a serious security flaw has been fixed.

The flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer could allow criminals to take control of people's computers and steal their passwords, internet experts say.

Microsoft says it has detected attacks against IE 7.0 but said the "underlying vulnerability" was present in all versions of the browser.

Other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, are not vulnerable to the flaw Microsoft has identified.

"In this case, hackers found the hole before Microsoft did," said Rick Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro. "This is never a good thing."

As many as 10,000 websites have been compromised since the vulnerability was discovered, he said.

Said Mr Ferguson: "If users can find an alternative browser, then that's good mitigation against the threat."

So, What are you waiting for?

Why are you still using Internet Explorer?

Change now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Enter The Kitteh

Cats, Kittens, Felines hates me, I don't know why. But it seems that I have fate with cats since there have been few encounters with em such as described in the previous post.
Recently I encountered an extremely cute kitteh and it seems to develop a liking to yours truly which is quite surprising given the history I had with felines.

So, what to do when a kitteh develop a liking to you?

Why, manipulate the kitteh of course as LOLCat or in this case LOLKitteh and make it into a short story.

Can I Haz Food Plz
 Pretty Plz?
 Give Me!!!!! Damnit!!
 I Iz Sad
 I Ignore You
 Grrr, I iz Angry

There, end of manipulation.

Now, excuse me cuz I have a kitteh to torture I have something of utmost importance to do.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am in Sibu

Sibu Kampua


Some might have noticed that it has been sometime since I last updated or maybe not.

Yay, I am in Sibu now. Actually have been in Sibu since Wednesday (10/12/2008).

Not that I don't want to update but it is kinda hard to find any decent wifi in Sibu. Free ones that is. Internet connection should be free. That is what I believe.

Anyone knows of a decent place where an Internet hunger addict such as yours truly can get his daily dosage of the Internet? In Sibu that is.

Don't even get me started with dial up. Dial ups should be phased out by now, seriously.

I must be crazy for saying this but suddenly I missed Slowmyx Streamyx. Compared to dial up, Streamyx is heavenly. Please don't flame me before you tried dial up and compare it with streamyx. Ahem.

For the uninitiated, yes you broadband babies/generation out there. Dial up is where you dial up to the Internet using a 56k modem with the phone line plugged in that emits sound like teng teng teng ting ting tong teng ting ting tut tut when connecting.

And also don't deconnexion me, deconnexion can smell my fragrance ass for all I care. What is the use of providing so called FREE service when the service is like shit? Oooops, pardon my french. Should be service like faeces would be more appropriate and even that is giving them lots of credit.

Again, for the uninitiated, deconnexion is a WiFi service that aims to over the whole town and ultimately covers whole Sarawak so to speak. Fail.

All this talk bout giving FREE WiFi here and there but failed tremendously in the connection department. Free Yes, connection No.

Wait till WiMax comes and kick your smelly butt then baru you know.

Ahem, I think I better stop ranting.

Back to the topic.

Yay, I am back in Sibu.

Now, excuse me while I go hunt places that offers decent WiFi connections and perhaps post next time about the best places to go for the WiFi if you are in Sibu and need to be connected to the Internet badly.

P/S: I am currently at Cuppa Kopi Roti at Pedada enjoying my badly needed dosage of Internet while enjoying my lunch.

P/S/S: Note that the kampua is not the authentic kampua. Authentic kampua is served with pork oil (literally speaking) and bbq pork. Yum Yum

Those who are in Sibu and need some decent WiFi can go to Tanahmas Hotel near the Sibu GateWay or the WiFi at Cuppa Kopi Roti is good also. Aside from the two places, I heard the WiFi at Italian Coffee ain't too shabby either.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Married 1 Year Beaten 9 Times

This is interesting.


The most embarrassing thing is that his wife does not consider face [personal honor] when hitting someone, several times fiercely slapping my face in front of my mother and brothers [close male friends].
That time she launched a kick at me, I instinctively raised my leg to block the kick. My wife hooked my leg, sending me toppling to the ground (tragically, a tooth was lost, afterwards replaced with a gold tooth), extending my hand to block, she used her forearm on my arm and twisted, I don’t know how, and suddenly my arm was twisted behind my back, a foot bends my leg, and I am suddenly kneeling on the floor.
This one point was very miserable, my hand twisted by my wife was dislocated, and I had to go to the hospital.
Using half the clothes drying rack, she fiercely hit my butt, the pain making me wail. With my friend there, I had to do something to redeem my face [honor], so I grabbed the remaining half of the clothes drying rack to hit back. Even more disastrous, my wife instantly grabbed my wrist holding the clothes drying rack, twisted it back and, my god, my hand broke. For several days on end I could not pull up my own pants after using the toilet.
Only afterwords did he find out that his wife enjoyed studying warfare since childhood, has terrifying kung fu, and that she could go fight four men by herself.

WTF? Beaten by own wife who happens to know some kick-ass kung fu? Sounds unbelievable if you ask me.

Don't even know true or not but damn funny the article.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avoid Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna

Yep, people please take note that IF you HAVE to EAT at Pizza Hut located at Jalan Song, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Earth, Solar System, remember NOT to order the Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna there.

I am not sure about other Pizza Hut eating establishments but I know for sure that the seafood lasagna at that particular branch is DEFINITELY not worth the price paid. And here I thought Pizza Hut is a franchise? Following the PROVEN system?

Where is the QUALITY control? Where? Mana?

Don't get me wrong. I always loved to eat at Pizza Hut which is exactly why I can make comparison between the seafood lasagna previous and now. What? Recession is it? Have to quality reduce is it?

Maybe if I am a first timer to Pizza Hut then probably I would think that, oh so this is the Seafood Lasagna at Pizza Hut and will never order again.

Now I feel a bit kena cheated but then again that is common in Malaysia I guess. Here, people even can get away with murder. Ahem.

Anyway, the pictures of the said Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna. Bear in mind that the pictures you are going to see below are taken just after the seafood lasagna arrived unaltered and untouched.

Seafood Lasagna? Where?

Can it be any thicker?

**Speechless** @ RM8.90

That is it.

I think it is about time I stopped going to Pizza Hut and maybe give Pizza Junction a chance. Pizza Junction is also located at Jalan Song near UPWELL supermarket. Might not have seafood lasagna BUT at least I will not feel cheated.

I think.

Anyone else experienced the same with their seafood lasagna at Pizza Hut? Reduced Size, Poor Presentation, and Ever so thick (sarcastically)

Or maybe it is just that Pizza Hut Branch at Jalan Song that produce such low quality seafood lasagna?

Hmmmmm. Anyone?

Alright, blame it on the recession then.

Yeah right.

RECESSION my fragrance ass.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Generation WE

The Movement Begins...

Well, this is quite inspiring.

I am considered Generation WE too since I fall into the qualifying age range.

Generation WE
Just one question.

How come it is called Generation WE when we are the generation millennium or the millennium generation? Supposed to be called Generation ME right?

But then again, that would sound self centered and selfish. Aha, that is why. -_-"

Anyway, I like the way the video are constructed together. A well done piece.





Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing

Cat's Eye Fruit is actually a longan fruit variety and locally is known as Buah Mata Kucing which is literally translated as Cat's Eye Fruit.

It is interesting to note that the longan name is actually derived from the chinese pronounciation which means dragon eye. However, since locally it is known as Cat's Eye aka Mata Kucing, I will still refer it as Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan.

Cat's Eye Fruit/Longan

Buah Mata Kucing

Please note that the Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing is not lychee fruit. Lychee fruit can be considered the big brother of Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan.

Now, yours truly shall show you the ancient secret method of opening the rind to get to the flesh. There are basically three methods you can use to open up the rind and get the flesh.

First method is the macho way to show your manliness by using just three fingers to open the rind and get the flesh.

First of all, pick up a cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing aka longan with your three fingers like in the following picture.

Pick up the fruit

Then, apply a bit pressure and press inwards and you will see a crack. If at this point you fail, don't lose hope. There are still two sissier ways that you can use. Nothing to be ashamed of. :p


Continue to apply pressure until you can peel off the cracked rind and you will get to the flesh. Congratulation on your success in mastering the macho manliness ancient secret technique. Give yourself a pat in the back.


The second method is a bit sissier method but still an ancient secret technique nevertheless. Majority can easily learn this techniques as it requires no talent at all. However, this is a forbidden technique that should only be used when you are unable to use the first method/technique mentioned above.

And remember that this technique should only be used in secret when there is nobody around so that your image will still be preserved. So, be glad that finally you will be able to taste the cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing flesh. Ahem.

First of all, grab a cat's eye fruit aka buah mata kucing aka longan with your two hands. Place it between your two hand fingers like in the following picture.

Between your fingers

Proceed to apply pressure and press inwards to crack the rind. Once cracked, pull apart the cracked rind and congratulations on mastering the second secret ancient technique. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Press and Pull

Cat's Eye Fruit/Buah Mata Kucing/Longan Fruit

Yep, that is how a naked cat's eye fruit looks like. Normally the thickness of the flesh varies and what you see above is actually the thinnest layer of flesh I ever seen on a cat's eye fruit. Hmmmm, bad selection I guess.

The black/dark thing is actually the seed. Now you know why it is called cat's eye fruit by the locals.
(Although to me, it doesn't really look like a cat's eye but what the heck, I don't really care about the name as long as it is delicious.)

This is how the seed looks like in its fullest naked glory.

The Seed

I almost forget to mention the third and the sissiest way/technique of opening the rind. This is because this technique show really not be used unless there is really no choice and that you cannot even use/master the second technique. The third technique is using a knife to cut open the fruit to get to the flesh.

If you REALLY have to use the third technique, please practice caution that absolutely nobody sees you using it. Your reputation is at stake here. Imagine being laughed at for eternity. :p

There you have it. Three techniques that can be used to open the Cat's Eye Fruit aka Buah Mata Kucing aka Longan Fruit.

Cat's Eye Fruit/Buah Mata Kucing/Longan Fruit

Enjoy your Feline Eye Fruit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 2008 Malaysia Oil Price

As of this post, today the oil price is reduced again. Hurray...

The new pricing for the oil are as follows:

RON97 = RM1.90 per litre
RON92 = RM1.80 per litre
Diesel = RM1.80 per litre

But then ho, the world oil prices already drop way more ho..

Well, maybe it is just me being ungrateful.

Shame on me.

All hail the........Ahem.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition Invitation

Malaysian Dreamgirl is an online reality show based on model search competition. Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 winner is Cindy Tey.

Now, Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 already started its auditions for the potential candidates to be the Second Malaysian Dreamgirl.

And guess what? Apparently somebody thinks I am the Dreamgirl material.

Malaysian Dreamgirl Audition

Oh, the excitement, the flattery, the adrenaline rush, the suprise, and "the pekataan yang sewaktu dengannya."

But, there is just one problem.

I am a very healthy male. A very healthy alpha male at that. Ahem.

However, there is always the option of turning myself into something like in the following picture just for the sake of the audition:

Source: Google Image

Yeah right. As if I will.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I am not exactly the William Hung material.


Side Note:

Malaysian Dreamgirl online show is actually quite interesting to follow. Now for season 2, one have to take note of the lessons to learn from Season 1.

Lesson 1: It helps if you are rich
Lesson 2: It definitely will help if you are rich
Lesson 3: Heloooo... $$$$$$$$$.

Why? Simple ma, if the number of voters are still very low aka not-that-successful-marketing or maybe blame it on low-internet-penetration then those who are selected, not too bad looking, and have to moolah aka $$$$ to spend then stand a very good chance to be the Second Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Lets see a scenario. The total prize for the winner is around at least RM100K plus the potential career growth for those who wants to be in the entertainment arena which would worth more. But for the sake of example, lets say you have RM100K to burn/spend for the SMS votes. I am pretty sure you would win the show. Worth it ma. Right?

Providing that your closest competitor is not that popular that is. Malaysia's population is around 22 million if I am not mistaken. IF just 1% vote for you then it is a whopping 220K people voting for you which I believe nobody no matter how rich would want to spend the amount of money more than those 220K ppl would potentially spend. Correct?

Hmmm, even the side note is longer than the main post. This can't possibly be right. I think I better stop here.

Those who are interested to go for the Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Audition, by all means go and try your luck.

All the best and May the force be with you.

Monday, December 1, 2008

How To Set Photoshop Scratch Disk

Thought this might be useful to some.

Recently I am working on some large files with Photoshop that involves huge memory usage hence I decided to modify the Photoshop CS3 Scratch Disk to cater for the huge memory usage even though I upgraded my system memory to 2GB earlier on just in case.

Note that, if your memory allocation is not enough, more than often Photoshop will prompt an error saying that the scratch disk is full. Some just restart their computer and restart again. It works but troublesome.

Now, what is Scratch Disk? Simply put, a scratch disk is virtual memory. Photoshop uses the scratch disk/virtual memory when your system does not have enough memory/RAM to perform the operation needed.

By default, the scratch disk will be on the hard disk where you installed Photoshop. You can always change the scratch disk to any hard disk partition you want or even assign a second, third, fourth and so on scratch disk to be used when the primary scratch disk is full.

Always remember that it is good practice to assign your scratch disk to your fastest hard disk and have ample/lots of space available and remember to defragment often. Some of the guidelines to follow when assigning scratch disk are:

Scratch Disk should be on a different partition than the files you are working on for best performance.

Scratch Disk should be on a different partition than the one used for your windows swap files/virtual memory.

Assign your Scratch Disk to fixed drive/non-removable drive like hard disk and avoid removable drives.

Done with the introductions, lets move on to the focus on this post. How To Set Photoshop Scratch Disk.

First of all, open up your Photoshop. I am using Photoshop CS3 and the path to getting to your scratch disk should not differ much in older versions. Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance.

Edit > Preferences > Performance

After clicking on the Performance option, you will see a pop up window with the Performance section highlighted on the left and the settings for scratch disk on the right.

Scratch Disk Options

By default as you can see in the picture, the size of Scratch Disk is at 55% of my total RAM and there is an ideal range indicator also. The default scratch disk location is on the C: drive as my Photoshop installation is at C: drive.

You can see the list of partitions/drive you have and you can assign the scratch disk accordingly together with the size.

For me, I set my scratch disk at D: drive for 1078MB or 63% of my total RAM. Just enter the numbers or play with the slide to your satisfaction and click ok. There, you are done. You have just assigned/set your photoshop scratch disk.

I made a mistake with the assigning space of the scratch disk. You can't really allocate space for the scratch disk. You can only assign which partition to be used as scratch disk. My mistake. Thanks to the reader DivineAnarchy for pointing it out.

The slider is actually to let you decide how much RAM should be allocated for Photoshop when it runs. Normally better to leave it at default as the higher RAM you set for Photoshop, the slower other program that is running will be. Other applications needs RAM too you know.

Anything between 55% to 70% should be safe if you have 2GB RAM I think but its all up to you to decide.

Remember to correct me if I am wrong. I cant possibly be right all the time. I am not perfect you know. =p

My Settings

That is all. Simple, Easy, and Fast.

Try setting your Photoshop Scratch Disk now.

Go, hush hush.