Sunday, December 21, 2008

F for Fish

Recently I noticed that different areas of a mall's car park in Kuching are labeled with alphabets followed by numbers such as F3 with illustration that suppose to illustrate the alphabets. For example F for Fish.

It is a good method for remembering aside from helping the kids to learn their alphabets. How considerate. However, there is just one small problem that will be mentioned later.

Some of the labels that I manage to take picture of are:

C for Cow

D for Dinosaur

E for Elephant

F for Fish

Oh yes. F for Fish.

There is just one small problem that is very misleading. Especially for small kids. Ahem.

That is a whale.

A WHALE is not a FISH.

(OMG, I am so nerdy....)

Remember now kids, a whale is NOT a FISH. A Whale is a MAMMAL.

F for Fish should be illustrated like the following:

F for FISH

p/s: Oh yeah, I am very the artistic one. Oh well, you get the idea.


  1. hahaha that's true. Is that at the spring or boulevard ar...that's funny

  2. wuahahaha
    It looks like a fish now!
    Don't do it on photoshop. Offer to correct their mistake and charge them for it. :]

  3. hahaaa....maybe the management meant 'F for Fswhale'? :)


  4. justinkc: That is at Boulevard.... =p

    Mysterious Blogger: True also ho... =p

    Ashley Two Fish: Oh, there is a Fswhale??? Cool...ahem


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